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Review: ‘A Voice In The Dark’ #3

Larime Taylor continues to explore the depths of a depraved mind in the pages of “A Voice In The Dark”. The series has been great so far and things are finally starting to get heated as we inch closer to the action.

WRITTEN BY: Larime Taylor
ART BY: Larime Taylor
PUBLISHER: Image/Top Cow
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: January 15, 2014

Issue #3 of the series finds Zoey Aarons picking the pieces after the fallout from her first radio show. Here she walks a tight rope trying to balance between the tragedy that occurred and being thrust into a completely new environment at college. Zoey is stuck trying to process everything that has transpired, bond with new roommates, and keep her thirst for bloodshed at bay. The issue ends on a massive cliffhanger that will pave the road for the next few issues and does a great job of establishing the tone of the series.

Characterization is obviously Taylor’s strong suit and this issue plays into his wheelhouse. Taylor really takes the time to let the reader glimpse inside the mind of each of his characters so that their unique personalities leap off of the page. He has taken the time to really go in-depth with Zoey and her split personality in the three issues so far, so that when the action does finally happen it has maximum impact.
“A Voice In The Dark” continues to be a showcase for Larime Taylor and he’s doing everything he can to steal the spotlight. “A Voice In The Dark” is now three issues in and if the final page of this issue are any indication then there are big things coming down the pipeline. Readers should definitely take note of this series.

4/5 Skulls



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