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Review: ‘Dead Body Road’ #2

A darkly vibrant crime thriller, “Dead Body Road” #2 layers the mystery with hard-hitting twists and slick humor. You’ll be quoting the tough guy dialogue by the time you’re through with the issue. The “Dead Body Road” series is a hot dose of adrenaline to the system.

WRITTEN BY: Justin Jordan
ART BY: Matteo Scalera
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: Jan. 22, 2013

Tired and frightened, Rachel is on the run from two well-armed hired goons, who are having second thoughts about keeping her alive The hired goons have trapped Rachel in the corner of a nearly empty diner. With no weapon in hand, Rachel sits trapped in a small booth with the two thugs. who have their guns pointed right at her. Rachel keeps her mouth shut as she hides something valuable from the two. What none of them realize is that someone else is directly on the way to the diner. Cage is seeking revenge against the men who killed his beloved Anna. No one will be spared alive when Cage is through with all of them.

Writer Justin Jordan mixes the high octane drama with his own brand of pulpy humor. Though the hired goons may sound like two ordinary dumb thugs, their eagerness for violence makes them deadly. The two goons are just itching for Rachel to make a mistake, so they can pull out their guns and start shooting at her. They are willing to murder the waitress working at the diner, even though she is an innocent bystander.

What I really enjoy about Jordan’s narrative is how the suspense is built around one single location. Jordan has to keep the tension flowing and escalating at the right pace as Rachel sits confined in a booth with the two goons. How is Rachel going to get out of the room alive when she is completely surrounded? One of the goons even reminds Rachel that there will be no cavalry rushing in to save her. Rachel may look like a damsel-in-distress but Jordon has a neat little twist waiting for readers.

I particularly liked Matteo Scalera’s character design for Rachel. If you notice, the colors to her shoes match with her striped shirt. With the aid of Moreno Dinisio’s color scheme, Rachel looks the part of a blonde bombshell, but she has actually lived in the seedy underbelly for far too long. In order to appear tough, Rachel wears a leather jacket and has piercings near the top of her nose, between her eyes.

Through wide shots, Scalera’s depicts the western landscape with a vast desert, where the sun is always scorching. The isolated diner sits out in the middle of nowhere, by the side of a lonely road. Scalera hits the reader hard with his portrayal of graphic violence, especially when guns are drawn. Towards the climax, there is a Mexican standoff that will get the heart racing as every major character starts blasting away.

Making great use of its location and gritty characterizations, “Dead Body Road” #2 flows with pulsating energy in just about every page. I can’t wait to see how Cage continues his wrath as the “Dead Body Road” continues.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by Jorge Solis



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