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Review: ‘Bedlam’ #11

When “Bedlam” first came onto the scene I was a big fan of the direction of the book. It was a fresh take on the psychotic serial killer persona and the horror elements within it were well mixed with mystery and suspense. Unfortunately I feel as though Nick Spencer has really lost his way with this book and has completely 180’d the story from its first arc.

WRITTEN BY: Nick Spencer
ART BY: Ryan Browne
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: January 22
PRICE: 3.50

Formerly known as Madder Red, the insane serial killer, Fillmore has made an effort to become a rational and helpful man. Working with police the suspect of being a mastermind behind a brainwashing epidemic has been tracked to a school. Now with everything out in the open and a final confrontation underway Fillmore needs to choose between his present self and his supressed past.

Though the writing itself is well done the story has lost a lot of its spark that was prevalent in the first story arc, this whole brainwashing premise that Spencer is shoving down the readers throat just doesn’t compare to his first story line or the history of Madder Red. The most enjoyable part of these books are the flash backs that lead off each issue giving us more insight on Madder Red and his nemesis The First. The presence of the man with pixilated face that even Fillmore can’t distinguish is a great idea but just doesn’t resonate with me personally.

When it comes to the art, the effort put forth by Ryan Browne is commendable. It’s an incredibly sketchy style that, mixed with a less realistic look. The man is talented, there is no doubt there, but sometimes the sketchiness gets a tad excessive and takes away from the illustrations. The colouring by Jean-Paul Csuka is awesome. An incredible array of colours within the same panel that is juxtaposed with other panels which only have one colour throughout it.

“Bedlam” has slowly gone from the top of my reading list to the bottom. Hopefully the ship will be find its course again so I can jump back on the boat.

2/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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