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Final Fantasy VII Getting Limited 2LP Vinyl Release…Only In EMEA Territories

Often hailed as one of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time, Nobuo Uematsu‘s Final Fantasy VII is getting a limited 2LP vinyl release from Square Enix itself. Featuring 29 selected tracks, the vinyls will be picture disks with two of the most iconic images from the game: Cloud standing in front of Shinra Tower and Sephiroth standing in the middle of flames. The release is available only in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and costs €49.99. You can snag your copy here.

I bought the 4CD OST when I was younger and I somehow misplaced it and it kills me. I may have to find a way to get my hands on this. Anyone live in Europe willing to ship it to me? Please?

Track list:
Disc 1
The Prelude
Opening – Bombing Mission
Tifa´s Theme
Let the Battles Begin!
Turks´ Theme
Under the Rotting Pizza
Fight On!
The Chase

Disc 2
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
Farm Boy
Electric de Chocobo
In Search of the Man in Black
Rufus´s Welcoming Ceremony
Gold Saucer
Cait Sith´s Theme

Disc 3
Cosmo Canyon
Cid´s Theme
Win/Place/Show Chocobo!
Words Drowned by Fireworks
Forested Temple
Aerith´s Theme

Disc 4
Shinra´s Full-Scale Assault
The Highwind Takes to the Skies
Birth of a God
One-Winged Angel
The Planet´s Crisis



  • doomas10

    It is truly incredible! I also loved the soundtrack for Advent Children. Nobuo Uematsu is beyond with the one wing angel theme!

    • JonathanBarkan

      It’s amazing how powerful his music is. The guy wrote music that 100% got stuck in my mind. Absolutely incredible.

      • doomas10

        Dude, I know 😀 His combination of thrash/progressive metal with choir and strings is just beyond awesomeness. I would like to see him live as apparently he performs with his band “the black mages” live!

  • GreigShelob

    I got mine this afternoon. The price is a bit steep for what it is, but as there’s only 1200 in the wild I had to get it.

    Brilliant tunes.

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