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Report: Sony Developing Game Related To ‘H1Z1’ Hoax

Remember that H1Z1 hoax that briefly took over the Internet way a few years back? It was clever, if maybe a little inappropriate. It started when a particularly savvy individual used a fake BBC domain to report on a new strain of the H1N1 virus (called H1Z1) which reanimated people after they died, temporarily leaving them in an aggressive state. It was a fun prank that freaked out a lot of people before seeing a quick death as the Internet moved on to something new. Now, much like the H1Z1 virus, it may be reanimated soon.

On January 10th, Sony Online Entertainment filed a trademark for “entertainment services, namely, providing an online multiplayer, role playing, real time computer game for others via the Internet and local area computer networks”. Is SOE developing an online game inspired by the H1Z1 hoax, and if this is real, how excited are you for the possibility of another zombie game?

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