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Vehicles And Bases Coming To ‘DayZ’ In Next Six Months



Dean Hall recently held a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) where he discussed upcoming content we can expect to see gradually make its way to the game, as well as a few choice words on the “competition.” First off, the new content. Developer Bohemia Interactive is keeping busy with tons of new content they have planned to release over the next six months, including vehicles, hunting, camping, and base building.

“Vehicles will be done based on the architecture we are doing for items/weapons now (i.e. attachments),” Hall wrote. “So it’s in progress really. We are replacing the physics system for items (throwing, etc…) and this new middleware will be used for vehicles also.” Hall wrote. More after the jump.

When asked whether or not Hall saw similarly themed games like Rust and Project Zomboid as competition, the short answer is no.

“I don’t see Rust, PZ, as competitors,” Hall said. “I also think DayZ has already ‘won’ anything it needed to. Now we just need to make it a good game. It doesn’t need to sell any more units, it just needs to improve. Then that means we have a good reputation to make good future games.”

The standalone has sold well over a million copies already, and that’s for a pricey ($35) game that’s still very much unfinished. Clearly, people don’t care so much about its current state, and it looks like Hall knows this and is more focused on making DayZ the best it can possibly be.

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