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Remembering ‘Silent Hill 3’s’ Generous Sewer Fairy

This is a bit of a random pull, I know, but Silent Hill Week inspired me to return to Silent Hill 3. This series is brimming with strange unlockables, easter eggs, and bonus content — a startling majority of which I’ve forgotten how to find — but one of my favorites is the third game’s Sewer Fairy. Her colorful, ethereal presence is a strange thing to see in the game’s gritty, dangerous world. If you’re honest with her, she’ll gift you with a gold and solver pipe. They’re largely useless, but for me, the opportunity to meet a mystical spirit is the real reward.

If you never played Silent Hill 3, or didn’t meet the Sewer Fairy when you did, feel free to watch the video I have waiting after the jump. I’d also love to hear what your favorite weird moment from the series has been (so far).

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  • MaryMaria

    Embarrassingly, I’ve never beaten SH3… I like it a lot, and I will get to it, but I just haven’t, yet. I’ve heard of the sewer fairy before and I love that the designers put fun stuff like that into such a dark series. You just have to have a good sense of humour about it.

    Not the scariest or weirdest moment, but I remember playing Silent Hill 2 with some friends and I passed the controller on to someone else who hadn’t beaten it before. We got to the hospital roof and I know what’s going to happen but she didn’t… Walking around, scared out of her wits and then out of nowhere, Pyramid Head himself pops out and my friend was totally freaking out, meanwhile I knew it would be fine and there was nothing she could do, hahaha. Good memories playing these games with friends.

    • Adam Dodd

      I fully support torturing friends with Silent Hill 2. 😉

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