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Remembering ‘Silent Hill 3’s’ Generous Sewer Fairy

This is a bit of a random pull, I know, but Silent Hill Week inspired me to return to Silent Hill 3. This series is brimming with strange unlockables, easter eggs, and bonus content — a startling majority of which I’ve forgotten how to find — but one of my favorites is the third game’s Sewer Fairy. Her colorful, ethereal presence is a strange thing to see in the game’s gritty, dangerous world. If you’re honest with her, she’ll gift you with a gold and solver pipe. They’re largely useless, but for me, the opportunity to meet a mystical spirit is the real reward.

If you never played Silent Hill 3, or didn’t meet the Sewer Fairy when you did, feel free to watch the video I have waiting after the jump. I’d also love to hear what your favorite weird moment from the series has been (so far).

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