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‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ Is Coming To Xbox One And PS4



If you’re unfamiliar with Murdered: Soul Suspect, all you really need to know is it’s essentially L.A. Noire, only with ghosts who wear bad fedoras. Okay, no, that’s not fair, but I stick with the opinion that Ronan’s fedora was a bad idea.

Murdered: Soul Suspect follows detective Ronan O’Connor, who finds himself trapped in limbo after being murdered during an investigation. In an unfortunate twist of fate, his fedora followed him into purgatory. Ronan must make full use of his unique skill set to locate his murderer before he’s lost in limbo forever.

When this game was originally announced, there was no word on whether or not it would make its way to Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles. Today, we have confirmation that it will be coming to both.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is slated to release in June for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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