16-Bit 'Dark Souls' Looks No Less Terrifying - Bloody Disgusting!

16-Bit ‘Dark Souls’ Looks No Less Terrifying

As we all patiently wait for Dark Souls II to arrive next month and punish us for not having the skill required to fearlessly meet its dungeons and the horrors contained within, artist Dave Rapoza is busy wondering what the series would look like if it was a 2D platformer. I think Dark Souls would fit perfectly into the unforgiving era of 16-bit platformers. More after the break.

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  • TheDeadman19

    Dammit I want. . . 1 Month and 8 days.

    • Adam Dodd

      What? No minutes/seconds? You’re clearly not a true fan.

      • TheDeadman19

        I’m assuming you always count down in your head.

  • Slasher716