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Indie Horror ‘Paranormal’ Haunting Android, Possibly iOS

Matt Cohen’s Paranormal Activity inspired indie horror game Paranormal was easily one of the scariest games I played last year. Its randomly generated haunts lend it an element of unpredictability that more horror games would benefit from, and its ambitious upcoming expansion, The Town aims to take everything to a whole new level.

If you’re like me, you may sometimes suffer from a craving for bite-sized horror — something for when you’re on-the-go. It looks like we’ll have another way to scratch that itch, as Cohen has announced he’s bringing Paranormal to Android — and possibly iOS — potentially later this year. Screens after the break.

We’ve seen several established horror franchises tackle the mobile platform, and it almost always results in a lesser experience compared to its PC and console based brethren. Dead Space is an example of a competently made mobile horror game, while Silent Hill: The Escape adds little to the beloved series. It sounds like Paranormal will follow the former.

“My intention is to not dumb down the gameplay just because of the mobile platform. A common mistake, in my opinion.” Cohen told me over Twitter.

If you’d prefer to stick with PC, Cohen’s goal is to eventually bring the mobile version to PC, complete with improved visuals, as free DLC for those who own Paranormal on Steam or Desura.

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