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Review: “Ghosted” # 7

Trick gets a little help from his friends, Jackson gets more than a little pissed off, and Williamson introduces a fantastic new supernatural threat for our criminal team of miscreants. The uncanny world hits Jackson hard in “Ghosted” # 7 with the disembodied return of fan favorite character the second arc hits full stride and doesn’t show signs of letting up.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Williamson
ART BY: Davide Gainfelice
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: February 19, 2014

The creative blend of crime and horror doesn’t let up for the second arc of “Ghosted.” Thanks to the incredible inclusion of Trick things for Jackson actually get seedier. The most unsightly portions of the criminal underworld are exposed and the new members of the gang aren’t quite prepared. We’re briefly introduced to The Brotherhood of the Closed Book: a group of mask toting bastards with a haunted temple for a lair. Jackson’s lost among it all. He finds himself in the middle. Torn between not giving a shit, and finishing the job he set out to do.

The real star of issue is the return of Anderson. It’s no spoiler since it’s right there on the cover. How she ultimately fits into the larger narrative is anyone’s guess, but for Jackson she’s a token of his past. She is there namely to torment but Williamson shows that she’s not all bad. It’s a fantastic device that keeps the possibilities for this series nearly limitless.

Gainfelice’s art slides into this criminal underworld with style to spare. His thick line work makes for bold characters. When shit hits the fan and it does often, his work really comes to shine. There is a lot of energy in his panels that translate really well to both the horror and the action. Anderson’s first appearance is handled magnificently. It begins terrifying only to leave a footnote of her beauty. The whole book has a delicate balance and incredible pace that matches Jackson’s razor sharp wit.

Newcomer Skinner gets some great character beats that complicate his relationship with Jackson. He’s not quite as detestable as he was last month. While Trick is useful but completely untrustworthy, I found myself doubting everything that came out of his mouth. A great dynamic ripe with conflict keeps the character interactions interesting.

The final act of the issue twists Jackson’s fate into another horrifying situation with seemingly no escape. It’s a beautifully dark tease for the shit that is yet to come, and manages to surprise by taking the story in a completely new direction.

“Ghosted” continues to deliver on the promise of its premise in new and interesting ways. This second arc is another fun spin on the horror genre with a near perfect fuse of crime elements. It manages to breath new life into both genres and creates something entirely new and totally enviable. It continues to be my favorite horror comic on the stands and with each passing issue only proves to be more captivating.

Rating: 4.5/5 Skulls.



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