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‘Routine’ Dev Considering PS4 Version, Controller Support

Lunar Software’s 80’s flavored lunar horror exploration game Routine made our list of 2014’s most exciting horror games for a reason. A few, actually.

For one, it looks great. The 80’s style gives it an almost Alien feel. Its developer promises it will be an unforgiving game that gifts you with a single precious life, which you should do your very best to cherish and protect from whatever it is that’s hunting you through the game’s abandoned lunar outpost. Routine will also feature deadzone aiming, a non-linear world, and no HUD or health packs. Your only option is to run, lest you find yourself looking at a game over screen.

In an update posted on their website earlier today, Lunar Software detailed a few decisions they’re considering. The first is controller support, the second is the “small” possibility that Routine will come to the PlayStation 4, but only after it arrives on PC.

For Xbox One owners, sorry, but it looks like you’re not invited to this shindig.

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