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2K Mum On ‘BioShock’ Vita Following Irrational’s Closure

Yesterday, Irrational Games studio head Ken Levine shared some unexpected news — that the studio behind the renowned BioShock franchise is no more. It was a decision made so Levine could pursue a new, and admittedly very exciting, creative endeavor with the goal of bringing gamers a digital game with a “focus entirely on replayable narrative.”

As Levine moves on with the remaining Irrational team, BioShock fans are left wondering about the future of the series.

Unfortunately, while 2K is unlikely to stop making them, they don’t have much to say right now.

Back in 2011, a PS Vita exclusive entry in the franchise was announced, with nary a word on it since. It was planned to be built from the ground up for Sony’s handheld console, but nothing but a logo was ever shown. When asked for comment, a 2K rep told CVG there is no update to share on the status of the game.

Is it still in the works or has it been canned? I’m hesitant to lean either way. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

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