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In ‘Narcosis’, No One Can Hear You Scream (Mostly Because You’re On The Ocean Floor)

They say the ocean is one of the last mysteries left for humanity. We’ve only explored about 5 to 7 percent of the ocean floor, and that number gets even smaller in the deep ocean. This means there’s plenty of room for mysteries, like the Bloop, still out there waiting to be discovered. Apparently, there are plenty of horrors too.

The indie horror game Narcosis follows an industrial diver who has been stranded on the ocean floor. The developer is taking inspiration from games like Silent Hill, BioShock, and Amnesia — it sounds like sanity could be as valuable a resource as oxygen — as the diver struggles to find a way back to the surface. The game started out as a school project, and now it’s being turned into a fully realized game that will be detailed at GDC later this month. Screens after the break.

If you prefer your images moving, below is a trailer for the game. It’s from 2012, but it gives a decent idea of what the developer is going for.

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