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This ‘eXistenZ’ Controller Should Come With Complimentary Wet Wipes

This one-of-a-kind controller is just as unique as the one we’re giving away, though I’d venture to say that it’s roughly twice as gooey. It’s the work of Vicky Knoop, a San Francisco based artist who came up with the idea after watching David Cronenberg’s body horror film eXistenZ. I love the controller, even though part of me wonders how many matches of Halo 4 it will take before it becomes sentient and tries to merge with my consciousness. Pictures after the jump!

See how it was made over at Instructables.

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  • huntermc

    She’s the same one that did that cool The Thing twisty face cake the other day. Also very cool, and disgusting!

  • Pav

    Looks like after St Paddy’s Day crap hehe…

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