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Check This Band Out: Mire



If you’re a fan of Tool, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Dead Letter Circus, and similar sounding bands, then you should be pointing your ears towards Montreal, QC band Mire, who just released their new album Inward Outward as a Name Your Price offer on Bandcamp. The band’s latest album features 10 tracks that were based on the band’s personal experiences ranging from the study of cognitive science to a military stint in Afghanistan.

Vocalist JP LaChapelle comments, “Interpreted through our fingers, tongued and toe tips, this album which we’ve been working on for 2 years at totally different points in our lives, demonstrates the fan of emotions of 5 individuals’ experience. The craft is the loom into which our soil-tending, sun-vising and pest-warding efforts bear fruit. Love for the fate of man and the anger to defend it. Overwhelmed with a sense of innate creativity, we all curb our nature to the structures put in place for our short lives; whether building an enterprise, community or institution of any kind. MIRE’s decided to make music. Filtered as pure as possible, our passion rendered this product. Our maiden album expresses the plight of an impeached animal nature, faced with the philosophy of man’s fate run through questionable funnels. Throughout our creative process, we’ve experienced different stages and shed skins. The 5 colors we shine combine through the prism of ‘Inward Outward’ to produce the first of MIRE’s own hues. Being able to walk one’s own path is its own reward and we five musicians feel incredibly fortunate to have seized the chance to create this album. That’s what we celebrate every time we hear it.

Head on below to listen to the new album as well as watch their video for “Limitless Pt. 2”.

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