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‘Frozen State’ Dev Diary Details Tweaks, New Features



The extremely promising top-down indie horror game Frozen State might not have seen the success it deserved with its crowdfunding efforts, but that isn’t keeping its developer from continuing work on the game.

I’m admittedly a little late on covering this dev diary — the first of many, I hope — in it, we get a look at some of the tweaks and additions they’ve made to the game. Among them is an updated camera, which can be rotated and zoomed in our out, depending on how much of this barren, frozen wasteland you’re interested in seeing. They’ve also implemented a neat effect where frost accumulates on the camera over time. More after the jump!

If you’re still not sold on Frozen State, let me introduce you to Jim, the zombie pig. He enjoys long walks in the frozen Russian wilderness, stalking unsuspecting prey and haunting your dreams.

You’re welcome.

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