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‘Prometheus’ Sequel Will Be More ‘Alien’-y!



The second in a planned trilogy is finally gearing up for production…

TheWrap reports some exciting news Monday evening as 20th Century Fox has tapped veteran scribe Michael Green – who worked with Ridley Scott on a new Blade Runner – to rewrite Prometheus 2, originally penned by Jack Paglen (Transcendence).

Shooting is scheduled to begin this fall with a release of March 2016 in the cards. It currently doesn’t have an official title.

Prometheus served as an ‘unofficial’ prequel to Scott’s seminal 1979 sci-fi movie Alien, and the sequel that Green will write aims to be much more “alien-y” and in line with the terrifying tone of past films in the franchise, says the site.

Additionally, the sequel is expected to feature multiple ‘David’ androids, which means there will be more than one Michael Fassbender on screen at the same time, according to an individual familiar with the project.