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New Head Of Xbox Says It’s “Gaming First” For Xbox One

When the Xbox One was originally unveiled, it was obvious Microsoft was positioning their new console as an all-in-one device with video games taking a backseat to the platform’s myriad other uses. That’s since changed, though video games still haven’t seen the push they did on the Xbox 360, or the PlayStation 4.

Now that Phil Spencer has been appointed the new Head of Xbox at Microsoft, he says it’s his goal to lead the Xbox team with a focus on video games.

“Xbox is a gaming brand and [Microsoft] took the person who was at the head of the gaming franchises to lead the Xbox team,” Spencer told Polygon. This decision “really shows a commitment” to games on the now four month-old platform.

“With me you’re going to get a focus on gaming first and a best platform to play games on,” Spencer added. “It’s not a focus we ever lost but it’s one I’ll be accentuating at Microsoft. It’s really going to be a gaming-led focus with Xbox and my new role allows us to execute on that.”

A fresh perspective is desperately needed at Xbox. The Xbox One has been outsold by the PS4 by a factor of close to 2 to 1 worldwide and Sony has only amped up their own “gaming first” philosophy by signing on more indie developers — there are over 1,000 licensed indie devs developing for PS4 right now — and continues adding to the already extremely valuable PS Plus membership. Microsoft is losing touch with their core fans, gamers, and it’s having a detrimental effect on the console’s success.

I hope Phil Spencer can get them back on track, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • lilmarkuk

    hah this is funny because its a bit too late…it should hav ebeen gaming first before they gave the xbox one pretty bad specs compared to the ps4 hell it cant do most games in 1080p so it wont have along lifespan

    even developers have said they struggle to get their games running how they want hence most have to stick with 720p upscaled lol

  • Polsdofer

    I don’t give two fucks about sales but i know that PS4 has out sold Xbox One but hasnt Xbox One made more than PS4 since they charge $100 more?

    • Adam Dodd

      Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Neither Sony or Microsoft are making money off their consoles right now, but that’s common for hardware manufacturers (unless you’re Nintendo). The goal is to build an install base and take a lost in the short run so they can make that money back by licensing software (the games) on their platform.

      And the Xbox One is $100 more because the Xbox One is more expensive to produce than the PS4. Plus there’s that whole Kinect thing.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I don’t think Xbox will have any problems with getting more systems sold. Just because they sell less systems than the PS4 doesn’t mean the Xbox One is a failure, you know what I mean? It’s already more successful than the Wii U so that should count for something lol. And we still haven’t got the numbers in from when Titanfall was released. For all we know, the consoles could be neck and neck.

    • Adam Dodd

      The Xbox One definitely isn’t a failure, it just stumbled a bit coming out of the gate. It’s only four months old, so there’s plenty time for Microsoft to remedy the issues that still plague it. If Spencer can shift the focus toward games, that’s a big step in the right direction.

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