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[Random Cool] Creating the ‘Alien: Resurrection’ Ripley Clones!

People dog on Alien: Resurrection, even though it’s actually a pretty crazy movie in the scheme of things. One of the most bizarre sequences is when Ripley discovers a room solely dedicated to cloning her, which puts on display all sorts of horrid mutations of the tormented protagonist.

studioADI takes us back to 1996, when the film was in production, and shares with us the making of the Ripley clones that brought the franchise star back from the grave.

For nearly every film, once designs are approved by production the chosen designs then move on to be sculpted in clay. Here is a special look back at the sculpting phase of Alien: Resurrection and the Ripley clone aborations ADI created for the film,” explains studio ADI.



  • Lemonade

    I think this already was a “Random Cool”.

    • lilmarkuk

      that’s what I am thinking, im almost sure I saw this video on here before lol

  • Lemonade

    I wish the movie focused more on Ripley and Call’s relationship. If I was in charge at Fox I’d have them change it so that we know Call is a robot from the start. And these two beautiful beings, who are so alone in the universe, can go on this self-discovering adventure.

    Would much rather have that, with some alien attacks thrown in for good measure, instead of “Let’s get from one end of the ship to the other!” simpleton plot. I would’ve much rather had more scenes like Clone Discovery, Ripley’s First Encounter With Call, and the Chapel Scene, and less slimy monsters and overt gore.

    So basically, the same template as Prometheus. Some cool monster stuff, but have that stuff be incidental as opposed to the, and I’m taking a page from Lindelof’s book here, “the bricks upon which the foundation is built”.

  • Sick_skwerl

    That’s goddamn impressive

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