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[ECCC ’14 Video Interview] Joshua Williamson Talks the Nature of Evil in ‘Nailbiter’

Horror comics master Joshua Williamson (Ghosted) sat down with Bloody Disgusting this past weekend at Emerald City Comic Con to talk about his new series from Image comics, “Nailbiter.” It follows a detective who enters into the abyss of serial killers: the small town of Buckaroo, Oregon. The series begins with the capture of Edward Charles Warren – The Nailbiter, resident and one of the sixteen serial killers the town has spawned since 1969.

Now, the FBI Agent who cracked the case has disappeared, and his friend Nicholas Finch is determined to find out what happened. Finch travels to Buckaroo in search of his buddy but begins to uncover the real mystery: how can one tiny town give birth to so much evil? In order to discover the fate of his friend, Finch must explore the town in search of a connection. He just has to do his best to not end up the next victim.

Here, Williamson talks about the nature of evil, small town fear mongering, and creating monsters. “Nailbiter” #1 hits on May 7th, and is sure to be the next thing in horror comics.




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