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‘The Last Of Us Remastered’ Trailer Reminds Us How Many Critics Enjoyed The Game

The newly confirmed The Last of Us Remastered got a trailer today. It serves as more of an ad for the base game, rather than this new “enhanced” version, but I’m not sure you can say much more about one of the previous generation’s most high profile and critically lauded titles.

As for what this version offers, Naughty Dog has said they’re reworking the character models, lighting and textures. This version will also run in full 1080p and bring with it the Left Behind expansion, as well as both of the Territories map packs.

Unless you’d like a reminder of how many critics enjoyed The Last of Us (spoiler: it’s basically all of them), I suggest skipping to around 0:50 to briefly see the game in action.

The Last of Us Remastered arrives this Summer on PS4.

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