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Guess Who’s Directing ‘Friday the 13th’?!

We’ve been biting our tongues for the past week with TheWrap officially breaking the news that David Bruckner, who wrote and directed the “Amateur Night” segment of V/H/S for us, is in negotiations to get behind the camera for the Friday the 13th reboot for Paramount and Platinum Dunes!

While plot details aren’t necessarily under wraps, it’s unclear what approach Bruckner plans to take with the reboot, or how it will incorporate the Jason Voorhees/Camp Crystal Lake mythology.

It’s also unclear whether Friday the 13th will employ a found-footage approach, that was previously mentioned. TheWrap agrees that Bruckner would be a wise choice, as his V/H/S segment “Amateur Night” follows three guys who bring a mysterious girl back to their motel room, where terror strikes.

It should also be mentioned that Bruckner previously co-wrote and co-directed the 2007 horror film The Signal, and he has also been working on the home invasion thriller Intrusion for producers Doug Davison and David Linde.

Paramount has already picked out the perfect release date for the Friday the 13th reboot — Friday, March 13, 2015.

Platinum Dunes principals Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing with Michael Bay.



  • NateMcCheezy


    I’m excited for this. It’s probably gonna wind up sucking, but I’m still pumped!

    • PatootyBaby85

      WOW I am just glad they are bringing Jason back!!! I liked the 2009 remake pretty good although there were things that could have made it better!! I like the Platinum Dunes remakes over all and so I guess I will like this movie too! Rob Zombie does a nice job with directing movies I think!!! I do not like the Paranormal Activity series and SAW was so-so in my opinion! I hope come next March we Jason fans get the movie we are waiting for!!! And Texas Chainsaw needs to go back to the Hewitt Family because the last installment was not as good!!! I watched it and was not satisfied!!! Maybe if that one had come after the original but before the remake it would have worked better…. But I do tip my hat to those who try to make horror films good or bad because it is my favorite genre!!!

  • Voorhees83

    I did enjoy the “Amateur Night” segment, but that doesn’t really tell me anything on what his directing style is going to be for a Friday the 13th movie.

    Sounding a little more like found footage style. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I think I prefer not. They need to stop trying to be creative and just make another balls to the wall Jason film.

  • mobstar67

    not the biggest V/H/S fan but in my opinion out of both of the films the “Amateur Night” segment was probably the best of the bunch….
    I’m not sure what to think about “found footage” approach to the next film…mixed feelings on this one.

  • SonOfVoorhees

    Rebooting F13th? I though the other remake was a reboot? I dont remember anything from VHS, really didnt leave much of an impression on me. But hopefully this movie will be good and not just a cheap cash-in on the F13 branding. Sucks really, i really looked forward to Friday the 13th: Part 13. 🙁

    • mfcmk1

      I thought so too… I really looked forward to a sequel to the original series. For some reason even though I dislike remakes I still tried to give the new film a shot and ended up walking out of the theater halfway through the movie in disappointment. I hate how they made Jason… Hopefully this new film will be more of a sequel with the Jason we know and love versus the crap we got in 2009. Honestly, I would love it if they brought back Tommy Jarvis with Feldman in the role and had some tie-ins with the original series.

  • McGilli

    Not sure about anyone else – but I would love F13 to follow the PA or SAW way – and just release a new movie every halloween. They don’t have to be huge budget – they just have to have that horror spirit – and lots of bodies piling up – and slowly year after year have some sort of mythology that goes along with it that keep you interested – whether it’s a returning ‘victim’ or backstory on jason and his mother etc…

    Found footage? Use it, for maybe part of one of the movies in that we get to see a massively bloody campground aftermath – a few vid cameras are found and you see someone going through them, and it takes 20 minutes of the movie and shows the massacre that just happened… Just an idea…

  • divisionbell

    While it’s definitely an interesting choice, I really hope this doesn’t mean it’ll be found footage.

  • divisionbell

    No matter what approach they take they should stick with Derek Mears.

  • wehoaks

    You’ve been sitting on this news for a week yet still manage to just cut and paste The Wrap’s article? This site is just awful anymore.

    • Feonix

      “This site is just awful anymore”… hmmm, just what are you trying to say?

  • FormerHuman

    Anything Michael Bay has a hand in is and will be forever vacuous and stupid. The prospect of yet another Friday 13th dragging-through-the-mud-backwards is unappealing enough, nevermind the inclusion of taste-bomb Bay. Add the now very tired ‘found-footage’ trope into the mix and you get zero surprises, zero scares, and zero interest.

    • divisionbell

      Normally would agree though I loved the PD remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was their one solid remake.

    • ThaKidd

      What’s ur problem? What caused u to go on a rant about Michael Bay when this article made no mention of him? Relax.

  • Marss

    There are various reasons why Bruckner is a great choice to helm the next Friday the 13th.

    On top of my head: Looking at his track record, the guy knows how to make a scary and violent cinema. With Platinum Dunes’ production values, his vision is most likely going to turn out well. He’s also a fresh, young up-and-coming director which is often needed.

    I’m a fan of Marcus Nispel, he has made some stunningly beautiful cinematic frames in his movies (especially in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th) and I thought his take on Friday the 13th was a visual treat but the overall tone was far too serious and bland compared to the lively, summer-y atmosphere of the original films.

    Although I like the 2009 reboot, because it’s more or less a “greatest hits” combination of the first films, I think what this new movie needs is to be aware that it’s a Friday the 13th movie in a non-Scream way. This is the THIRTEENTH installment in the Jason legacy. It must be a bang!

    • leonex

      the guy also uses shaky cam when the action is happening. Any time someone was being attacked in The Signal the camera was shaking.
      I don’t understand how this is good. We are going to get a movie where the moment Jason appears the camera will start to shake.

  • tbaio

    Not good news at all. Both V/H/S movies were god awful. I don’t mind low budget horror, but low quality horror is the pits. I always believed no F13 movie could be as bad as part 5; this one is already a runner up.

  • Rake

    So they think the remake gimmick will work twice in a row? Instead of making sequels to crappy remakes they think remakes to crappy remakes will make money? PD is trash, they cannot make franchises out of these films because they make such crappy remakes that no one is interested in seeing sequels. They’ve run out of gimmicks and now they are reusing gimmicks.

    • leonex

      Im not worried about a second remake, if the movie is good then it will be fine.

      The Problem is with getting a director that is known for Found Footage because that means this movie will be found footage, and it will have shaky cam

  • SaltSlasher

    OMG you totally fooled me, this isn’t good news. The dude is a found footage director, meaning it is more than likely going to be found footage.

    Just because its news, doesn’t mean it is good news, come on! I am Jason’s number 2 fan, and I am happy for a new movie, but I ain’t happy about the director at this point in time, only cause you built my expectations up reading “The new Friday the 13th directing is….glorious!”, thinking I was getting someone awesome.

    • leonex

      yeah calling this glorious is kind of pathetic. If anything this news means that the movie will be found footage.

  • Tomie Kawakami

    Two reboots in a row? I’ve never heard of this.
    So far I’m assuming these are probably another false reports…

  • diapers

    The Signal was split into thirds as far as directors go, right? Anyone know which third this dude directed? This at least proves he is not lockstep in the whole found footage thing. If there is more than a modicum of found footage in the new Friday, I will spray vomitus all over myself, and whomever happens to be sitting next to me.

  • Francesco

    i think that the problem here is no more the lost footage angle..but many sites such as netfix still reporting jason wont be in the movie…and that’s terrible and stupid.

  • leonex

    The guy made SIGNAL and the short on VHS. BOTH which have a lot of shaky cam in it, (and one of them was found footage)
    How is this supposed to be GOOD news?????

    If anything this proves it will be Found Footage.
    And if this is anything like SIGNAL it will be filled with Shaky Cam any time Jason attacks someone.

    so we are going to most likely get a Found Footage Shaky cam Jason movie

    Again…seriously….. HOW IS THIS GOOD NEWS??????

  • ThunderDragoon

    We really need some more news on if this is really another reboot and if it’s going to be found footage. I’m against both.

  • duel13

    What happened to the “Winter” setting? found footage has been done to death…So excited for this but its most likely gonna be crap…if only they stick to making it a sequel to the recent “remake” “reboot” but turn it up! listen to what the loyal fans want! BETTER KILLS, more back story plots and keeping it dark and moody, not wooden and badly acted… keep Jason as Jason!

  • Francesco

    according to BD nothing has been decided yet…maybe we could still have our old school friday…i just want that jason will be part of it. i’m sure casting will begin soon..

  • CrackTheSkye1990

    About time they got someone who actually directs good horror movies and not somebody who just directs music videos and commercials. I liked the signal and the amateur night skit in vhs. Hopefully the film goes in David’s direction more so than Platinum Dunes.

    • Jon Phil

      i truly disagree. everything he has done has shaky cams. The Signal has a lot of shaky cameras when the people were killing, so when
      jason attacks it will probably be nothing but shaky cam.
      this is horrible

      • tommyblah

        I agree. Shaky cam is just a way to mask the unconvincing aspects of a shot. And it is difficult to watch. Everything about it fails….yet the industry is flooded with these hacks that use it. The news about this movie just keeps getting worse.

      • parsyeb

        Well, the segment for V/H/S was taken from a camera mounted on a character, so… er, yeah, it shakes. My two cents is that it’s a tool and can be effective when used well. That it often isn’t just suggests that most directors are idiots.

  • Jon Phil

    this is horrible news. This only proves the movie will be found footage and will have shaky camera.
    the director might be good but totally the wrong choice, This is like hiring Rob zombie to do a superman movie.
    not the right guy

  • Francesco Falciani

    i really like the choice…wow!! finally some big step into f13th franchise. i jsut care it has jason in it…

  • Francesco

    i’m wondering when they’ll start to casting ’cause ok they’ll shot it in 20 days but march 13th is 11 months far away.

  • parsyeb

    While I liked the idea of Tom Savini more, Bruckner’s V/H/S segment was so good that I can’t help but get a little excited. Whether or not you can found-footage Friday the 13th remains to be seen (why not just do an End of Watch approach, where there’s found footage POV stuff, but not exclusively… Chernobyl Diaries did something similar?).

  • Shit

    god so much negativity. it can’t get any worse than the remake… which wasn’t that bad. empty fun…

    • DeadInHell

      The original series itself got worse than the remake on several occasions. VIII, JGTH, and Jason X are all terrible. And I kind of like it anyway, but Part V was also not so great. It would be no surprise at all if this new steaming pile of found footage was worse than the remake.

      • Shit

        NOOOO. More found footage?!

  • DeadInHell

    I loved The Signal, and I enjoyed Amateur Night, but this is really disheartening. It seems like they are really pushing for this idiotic found footage gimmick.

    They really need to rethink this direction.

  • DeadInHell

    Oh and, “he has also been working on the home invasion thriller Intrusion”

    Really? We’re still doing that? Next you’ll tell me he’s working up a script for some torture porn. I like the guy but he seems to be getting stuck with the most cliched of genre gimmicks.

    I had hoped that You’re Next would kill the home invasion genre, or at least inspire others to do something similar, rather than just the same shitty home invasion plot that has played out in every other flick for the last decade or so. Maybe Intrusion will actually…try.

  • Francesco Falciani

    so tv series and movie…when fuller will start the movie production???

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