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Two Silent Hill Tracks Get Beautiful Dual Harp Covers

I’ll always think of the first two Silent Hill soundtracks as some of the most game-changing OSTs to hit the video game world. Something about them just filled me with wonder and I’ve always put them on during those foggy days that rarely visit Southeast Michigan.

So, seeing this cover was something special. Performed by twins Camille & Kennerly, it’s a beautiful dual harp cover of two of the franchise’s most infamous tracks: “Not Tomorrow” (from Silent Hill 1) and “Promise (Reprise)” (from Silent Hill 2). Head below to venture into that beautiful, grotesque fog.

You can snag the song via iTunes.



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  • Silent_Planet

    The music is just perfect for that sinister-looking place. Camille and Kennerly look particularly gorgeous in this video, and I love the acting parts! They are professional actresses and deserve to be in a big movie. Oh, and it was foggy in Albuquerque of all places a few nights ago… so cool!

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