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Finally: Blizzard Confirms ‘Diablo III’ for Xbox One

It took awhile for them to get around to it, but Blizzard has finally announced that the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will indeed be making its way to Xbox One. It’s been confirmed on PS4 for some time — where it will run at 1080p at 60fps — but it’s good to hear that Xbox One owners will also be able to enjoy this lovely game.

If you already own it for last-gen, don’t fret, as you will be able to carry over your characters from the PS3/Xbox 360 version to continue your progress on the next-gen Ultimate Evil Edition. Good thing too, because I have very little desire to start over. My Monk is an unapologetic, demon-slaying badass, and it’d break my heart to have to leave her behind.

This edition will bring with it the same features the console versions currently employ, including local co-op for up to four people and online multiplayer. It will cost $59.99, and if you pre-order it now you’ll unlock the Infernal Pauldrons in-game gear.




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