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Is This ‘Jurassic World’s’ Tour Map?!

What the first thing that you get when you enter a theme park? It’s a map of all of the attractions.

Over at the JP Legacy forums a user shares what is alleged to be the park map for Jurassic World!

Spoilers follow in the imagery that tease everything from a creature lab to an aviary, egg spinner, underwater observatory, gyrosphere, bamboo forest, a petting zoo and more!

What-more, you’ll all notice that Jurassic World has RIDES. Yes, rides! And dino shows, which I suspect are something like a circus?

This really is ingenious of Universal, the writers and director Colin Trevorrow. This may be the most expansive franchising since Star Wars, only the possibilities here are endless.

Jurassic World opens June 12, 2015.




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