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[Remake vs. Remake] ‘Dawn of the Dead (2004)’ or ‘The Blob (1988)’?

In last week’s Remake vs. Remake segment I pitted Dawn of the Dead (2004) against the much maligned Fright Night (2011). While I don’t dislike that version of Fright Night as much as I used to, there’s no doubt that Zack Snyder (aided by James Gunn’s script) trounced it thoroughly in this bracket with his take on Romero’s 1978 masterpiece.

Singing my many praises of Dawn, I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I feel the movie works so well is that it largely abandons the structure, tone and characters of the original film. It doesn’t try to compete on that playing field, instead taking the basic premise – zombies in a mall – and doing its own thing with it.

But what happens when you pit the Dawn of the Dead remake against Chuck Russell’s now classic 1988 take on The Blob? You have bracket of riches. Like John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing in 1982, The Blob was a commercial dud. Also like John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing, it has subsequently gone on to be celebrated and is now many fans’ favorite installment in the franchise (or “ongoing IP exploration”, if you will).

While I greatly enjoy Dawn of the Dead, I think The Blob is a movie I could probably watch 20 times a year. Russell and his co-writer Frank Darabont were hot off A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and it turns out that that (admittedly very good) film was just a dry run for what they’d be able to pull off with The Blob. Not only does the film have some of the most intensely entertaining and inventive kill sequences of the 80’s, it strikes a pitch perfect tone. Seriously, this is a horror movie that it actually feels good to watch!

The setting is perfect, Arborville might be in my list of the top 10 fictional places I’d like to live. The characters are smart (enough) and the plot chugs along quickly without ever sacrificing detail or atmosphere. The film has a fantastic sense of humor that is perfectly juggled, never bogging down the scarier elements. Even the stinger at the end contains a nice sociopolitical element. The movie also isn’t afraid to kill off perfectly decent, lovable characters with some of the most outstanding gore effects of its time.

At the end of the day, I still love Dawn of the Dead but The Blob might be one of only three remakes in my top 20 horror movies of all time. It’s hard to compete with that. Blob wins… for now.

How about you?



  • JB

    I haven’t seen The Blob in ages but I’d still go with DOTD.

  • Chaz Villarreal

    This was tough. Both movies are incredible and some of my all time favorites but I’m going to say The Blob wins for me. The deaths in the Blob are a lot more creative and memorable.

  • lion7718

    Dawn Of The Dead

  • M M

    The blob easily. Dawn of the dead was good, but the blob was part of the 3 awesome 80s remakes. The thing, the blob and the fly. Perfect remakes in my opinion that all straight from the originals, upped the intensity and gore, but all knew what they wanted to be.

  • LastCubScout

    ‘The Blob’! It has Shawnee Smith!

    • I was going to say the exact same thing.

      • Werewolf

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        • OH!!
          Thank you. ^_^

          The products are great, I swear by them.
          I first tried them when I was 27, and I’ll be 34 this year and they are all I use.

          • Werewolf

            We are the same age? I will be 34 in September! You look barely out of your teenage years. You are simply gorgeous. I am a 6′ 5″ 217lb. lout from Glasgow.(Scotland) ..A woodsman (strange as that may be 🙂 If it will make my skin look 1/64 as pristine and luminous as yours, I will buy the entire product line.

          • HAHAHA!
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          • Werewolf

            Sure thing Ms.Tyra. It would be my pleasure. What do you suggest?

          • Feel free to look me up on FB if you like.

          • Werewolf

            I will most certainly do that, after I make me an account. (First Scottish woodsman on Facebook!) Thank you, my lady 🙂

          • RIB

            Dont trust it! Its a werewolf!

  • zombiejunky223

    The Blob for sure, one oh those remakes that was able to surpass its original. Dawn is a great film too but The Blob did so much on elaborating and improving its source material. Its just one of those movies perfectly defines what a “remake” is supposed to be.

  • Wesley Uhl

    DOTD in the 12th round by split decision.

  • Morteus

    DotD wins for me

  • part6productions

    Dawn all the way

  • woodchuck

    The Blob was one of my favorites as a kid in the late 80’s and early 90’s, a few years ago I watched it again for the first time in over a decade and was expecting to be let down in my older, more cynical age, but was fucking blown away by how awesome it still is, I think I actually like it more now than I did as a kid and I can’t say the same about most movies

  • Red Right Return

    The Blob.

  • JKC

    Both are great but Dawn of the Dead would get my vote.

  • Werewolf

    I’ll also have to say The Blob.

  • J Jett

    i like THE BLOB but the DAWN remake easily wins this contest. the DAWN remake and Carpenter’s THE THING are the 2 best remakes ever and are 2 of my all time favorite movies ever.

  • Erik Christensen

    My son was 8 the first time I got him to watch The Blob. Trying to explain it to him before we put the movie on, he thought it sounded stupid.. In the first 15-20 minutes of the movie, I must have heard “can we watch something GOOD, Dad?” 10 times… Then the Blob drops down on “Paul’s” head, and I hear my 8 year old son say “That was the coolest shit I have ever seen!” under his breath.

    Yeah, the Dawn of the Dead remake was good… but the remake of The Blob is one of the best horror movies of the last 30 years!

  • Matt P

    Love the Dawn remake but The Blob is too awesome to be denied here. It’s tough to think of a better example of fun late 80’s horror. Great pacing, humor, characters, and insanely awesome effects. Some of the shots during the sewer sequence are among my favorite of all time. Sorry DotD but The Blob might just be the 2nd best remake ever.

  • Anthony Gulino

    They keep putting remakes up against Zach Snyder’s Dawn of The Dead and its pretty much a waste of time…As much as i love The Blob 88 there are very few if any remakes that come to mind that were as well done as DOTD..John Carpenter’s The Thing might be the only film I can think of that tops DOTD….
    Snyder hit a home run on that one….

  • Krug09

    DOTD. The Blob was an ok movie. Didn’t see it in a while though.

  • Evan3

    Yes, the Blob is good, but it still is just a bit dated whereas I feel that both Dawns are absolutely timeless. I mean, the guy drives a motorcycle in a leather jacket through a sewer. Hilarious, but dated. Again, like the film, but Dawn of the Dead remains undefeated.

    • Evan3

      For what its worth though, the Blob truly scared the shit out of me as a kid.

  • devilgod

    DotD is one of the best remakes ever made. I can’t see any other horror-remake ever beating it.

    • The thing!

      • devilgod

        Touché 🙂 They both are rocking solid.

  • baronterror

    Oh dude, the Blob is one of my favourite movies. BLob remake. So win. DothD was a great remake, but Blob wins hands down.

  • Torturetron

    The Blob 1988 wins it easily for me. I love the original DotD but the remake’s awful imo.

  • I loved Dawn of the Dead but the Blod was such a fun flick with even by today’s standards freaky and brilliant special effects that gets my preference. Such an underrated film in my opinion!

  • MrMyers

    Why keep using the same films for this remake vs remake thing,its plain stupid.


    dawn. but the blob was still good

  • The Blob for sure. It was the perfect, fun, genuinely scary horror movie of the 80’s. Dawn of the Dead was a superb remake, I love it, but only the original Fright Night beats The Blob in the horror stakes for me. Pure joy of a movie. Plus, one of the best 80’s rock tunes playing over the end credits. Just awesome, and it still craps all over modern horror movies. That film gets away with things you can never see these days in a horror.

  • ~Adam~

    The Blob

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