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[E3 2014] ‘Manhunt’ Meets ‘Mortal Kombat’ in Suda 51’s ‘Let it Die’

When I watch this debut trailer for Suda 51’s bloody upcoming fighter Let it Die, I can’t help but wonder if this ridiculously brutal fighting game is being made with the mission of stealing Mortal Kombat’s krown crown as the goriest fighter ever. If that’s the goal, Suda 51 well on his way to enjoying a tear-out-his-spine victory. Also, while much of this trailer is comprised of live-action footage, there is a bit of actual gameplay mixed in there, too.

I’m entirely unsure of what’s going on here, but it looks like the guy with the face mask is trying his best to cleanse a very dirty building of dirty murderers because he needs their clothes.

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  • thedragon803

    Between Bloodborne, The Order, and Let It Die, I just might have to convert to PS4.

    • Adam Dodd

      Did you go for an Xbox One originally, or did you just previously not have interest in the PS4?

      • thedragon803

        Haven’t bought a next-gen console yet, I was pretty much waiting for the right kind of lineup to get one. I was planning to get an Xbox One since I’ve pretty much been an Xbox player since 2006, but with these great exclusives I might just have to get both (no way I’m not playing Gears of War 4).

        • Adam Dodd

          If you can do it, I’d just get both. They’re great consoles, each with their own fantastic exclusives (Xbox has Halo, Gears, Alan Wake, Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown, etc. / PS4 has Infamous, Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, etc.)

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Fighting game involving levels and gear? No thank you.

  • Seems ok (MORTAL KOMBAT uber fan). I will give it a try but so far it seems the setting and the characters a bit blunt?

  • IronicglassesWearer

    Yeah, manhunt was drastic enough… l shall pass on this thing too, can’t see any story just sensless violece>..> and it is NOT DMC senseless kind of violence; if u knwo what l mean:)

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