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The Beginning Of The End For Kirkmans Wolf Man In 4 Page Preview!

With the major motion picture remake of the major motion picture “The Wolf Man” on the horizon tonight at midnight, we have a very special preview of Robert Kirkman’s (“THE WALKING DEAD”, “MARVEL ZOMBIES”) first issue in that marks the end of his ‘ASTOUNDING WOLF MAN” series. And based on the word of mouth so far, you might even find these 5 pages of flashy pixels more entertaining than a 2 hour movie mega budget movie.

Art & Covers: JASON HOWARD
“‘LEGACY,’ Part One
It all begins here: the end of THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN! All the pieces are coming together, secrets will be revealed, and the true origin of Wolf-Man will be told as we march toward the monumental conclusion to this series. In this issue: Zechariah has been beaten, caged and left to rot. But this vampire has been around too long to give up now. Wolf-Man, beware! Now is a time for REVENGE!”

“THE ASTOUNDING WOLF MAN” #21 by Robert Kirkman goes on sale from Image Comics on February 17th. (MSRP: $2.99)



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