'Tremors' Remake Still Rumbling At Universal - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Tremors’ Remake Still Rumbling At Universal


There’s been talk of a fifth Tremors, and possibly a reboot, since back in 2008. Now, it seems, Universal is readying the ground-shaking remake.

Don Michael Paul, who helmed both Lake Placid: The Final Chapter and Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, revealed on his blog that he’s already set to get behind the camera for a modern day Tremors.

After I finish up “Company Of Heroes: The Fourth Reich” I will be headed to Johannesburg, South Africa to reboot the “Tremors” franchise for Universal. Big year ahead and I’m excited to keep it going with the support of all you genre movie lovers out there.

I’ve never been anti-remake, although I prefer one that attempts something new. Tremors is sort of a perfect franchise to reboot, as the sequels really trailed off into crap, and with new technology, a revamp could be just what the doctor ordered.

The franchise is surprisingly nearing its 25th anniversary as it was released back in 1990 under the direction of Ron Underwood. In it, natives of a small isolated town – starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and Finn Carter – defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one.


  • Kroork

    Original is great. The rest are crap, and a remake will just be a cgi mess.

  • J Jett

    i’ve only seen the original and i love it but i’d be open to a remake. if they put effort into it and try to use as much practical fx work for the creatures i think it could be decent/good…..possibly.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    LOL TREMORS?! Oh wow hollywood. Rock bottom..

  • marklola12 .

    tremors was great, the 2nd movie was not actually that bad BUT the rest are vile
    BUT this remake/reboot will be bad..look at the director lol
    I can tell right now this reboot will just be a ultra low budget piece of crap

  • ChildoftheKoRn


    If they go primarily practical effects then im coo with it. Even the BS practical effects with CGI overtones are still a bit much for myself.

  • ThunderDragoon

    As long as it doesn’t end up looking like a Syfy movie, I’m in.

  • zigwardScissorHands

    Tremors is a fun enough little flick but I hardly think there are many sitting around pining for more in the series or a remake. I wouldn’t call it a classic so is Hollywood literally remaking anything they realise they have the rights for?

  • dirtyghettok

    I say go bad, Sharknado fun bad. Make it fun, ridiculous, with actors that can actually act.

  • Ress EZ

    They will have a hard time building a perfect non-CGI worm like the original.

  • Bobby Jones

    what’s next, a Ginger Snaps reboot?

  • Landon McMinn

    Finally!!!!!!!! I’ve been wanting this ever since I saw this when I was a little kid. I don’t care if it’s a sequel or a reboot, just as long as it’s not a prequel like that awful tremors 4 movie:(. Let’s hope it will be great!!’

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Modern day tremors? New technology?

    One; it’s setting means that modern day would scarcely be any different, two; modern technology only means CGI in place of practical effects.


  • imaginaryGHOST

    Oh my god this director is TERRIBLE. Universal, wtf are you doing?

  • Imagica

    So a corny cgi b-movie director to helm the camera for an important comedy horror icon? THANKS OBAMA!

  • Phillip Blair

    Latest updates are calling this Tremors 5, as in sequel, not remake, so I guess we will have to wait and see.