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Maisie Williams in Talks to Star in ‘The Last of Us’ Movie #SDCC

If you weren’t already foaming at the mouth for Sony’s film adaptation of developer Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, this news ought to change that. With Sam Raimi producing and Naughty Dog writer and director Neil Druckman penning the script, it’s clear they’re taking the source material seriously. But with the roles of Joel and Ellie still left unfilled, there’s a fair amount of pressure that they get the casting right.

At a secret Comic-Con panel, Raimi and Druckman showed they’re at least looking in the right direction. While it’s not set in stone, actress Maisie Williams, better known as Arya Stark to Game of Thrones geeks like myself, is currently in talks to star as Ellie.

This needs to happen.


In related news, Sony Pictures just tweeted a picture of a limited edition poster for the upcoming film, which you can see below.





  • SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS!! She would be perfect for this role!!!

  • Khy

    I guess Ellen Page was out of the question due to that whole Last Of Us/Beyond Two Souls controversy.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Now we just need to get Dylan McDermott for Joel.

  • Zachary Morris

    How is it not Ellen Page?

    • Adam Dodd

      That won’t be happening. If you remember, back when they revealed The Last of Us, Ellen Page, who was starring in Beyond: Two Souls, got crazy pissed at Naughty Dog because she thinks they stole her likeness for Ellie. They had to redesign Ellie to make her look less like Page after that.

      • Khy

        Well I must admit she really did look like her, before the tweaks of course. Either way Ellen Page is 27 now, she’s starting to actually look her age so I guess maybe she wouldn’t be a good choice for the role. But 4 or 5 years ago? Definitely.

      • Amy Payne

        They DID use her likeness, they wanted her to voice her but she was already doing Beyond two souls

        • How DARE you resume a conversation from two years ago. But you’re correct, they absolutely did use her likeness.

  • Ja will

    I always thought the guy who plays the wolf, (can’t remember his name) on tru blood would be a good fit for the Joel character. Play as he looks now for the “younger” version, and a lil makeup and hair coloring for the “older” version.

  • Amy Payne

    Would Masie too old to play Ellie now? I know she still looks young, but 12-13 young?

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