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Leatherface’s Puberty: New ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Details! (Exclusive)

What would Leatherface’s teenage angst be like? Well, you might find out.

About a month and a half ago we reported on the near-death of one Leatherface and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

Millennium Films, who was behind the 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D, quickly refuted telling us it was just taking longer than expected. It appears they were being truthful. How quickly things can change in Hollyweird.

Anonymous Bloody Disgusting sources have tipped us off exclusively that Lionsgate, who released Texas Chainsaw 3D, is back IN TALKS to also bring the next installment of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to theaters.

As you may recall, Texas Chainsaw 3D, released on January 21, 2013, followed a young woman who travels to Texas to collect an inheritance; little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-wielding killer is part of the reward (and her family). The film set up Alexandra Daddario as the daughter of Loretta Sawyer and Leatherface’s (played by Dan Yeager) long-lost cousin.

While TC3D ended with a cliffhanger, setting up a sequel and new family dynamics, we’re being told that an unidentified writer is rumored to be in talks to pen Leatherface’s “teenage years“. This would mean that Dan Yeager would not be returning as the iconic chainsaw-weilding slasher, and that it would be a sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 TCMand a prequel to last year’s TC3D.

To be honest, I’ve never actually paid attention to how old Leatherface was in Hooper’s original cult classic, but it strikes me as odd that he’s being painted as a teenager. Frankly, I don’t care what story they tell as long as they actually figure out the film’s tone as the previous was completely tone-deaf. You can’t make both a PG-13 and R-rated movie – you can’t have your cake and eat it too – and whomever heads the production needs to decide early if they’re going to take it all the way or not. I’m not sure audiences want to see extreme brutality right now, which makes me pray they go for a more fun and energetic sequel along the lines of Hooper’s 1986 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. What do you want to see?




  • Mike Snoonian

    Jesus fucking Christ this sounds awful.

  • Robert Hallows

    I’d rather see nothing to tell you the truth.

  • Khy

    Well they brought the rights to six sequels so I’m not surprised they’ve decided to do another. Uh…Teenage years? Lol and everyone thought TC3D butchered the timeline- this definietly will. Wouldn’t this be a prequel to BOTH TCM and 3D and not just 3D? What a mess. Big mistake, just do a sequel to 3D- this time with decent writing and more chainsaw kills. But as always I’ll wait until we get more info on this before I jump ship.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    This would be a lot better as a television series. With the success of Hannibal and Bates Motel, I can see a series chronicling the rise and fall of the Sawyer family massacre.

  • Andrew Barloq

    Honestly, if I was doing a TCSM sequel, I’d throw out the last ~40 years of legacy on a conceptual level and look at what made the original such a horrifyingly intense experience, even today. Focus less on Leatherface and more on the psychotic family aspect and tone down the gore and body count in favour of suspense and terror. I’d also try to recapture the gritty tone of the original film. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane did that and it looked absolutely gorgeous, and it just helps make the film all the more disturbing.

    …but what the hell do I know, right?

    • Khy

      I thought the remake successfully did all of the above.

  • Stephen Spencer

    I think a prequel makes sense because we don’t know much about his past except being disfigured and being a cannibal.

    • Adam Clifton

      Watch the opening scene of TCM: The Beginning. That’s about all of his childhood that I care to see. I thought with the last one that they were trying to get some proper continuity into this series for once. Now it looks like they’re going to do a teen Leatherface thing. I’m not liking this

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Terrible idea IMO I want to see Leatherface back on the big screen, but not as a teenager. TCM3D was only a couple of rewrites away from actually being good. I say new director, new writer, if you want to continue from the original series then get the timeline right. Texas Chanisaw MASSACRE please.

    • Khy


  • pacman68

    It’s not that hard to do a TCM movie. Get a rocking script, go to Texas and shoot it on 16 MM Eclairs like the first one. Spend about 2 million on it and bash it out. Set it in the 90’s.

  • Andris Green

    Lets have a movie on Leathers failed second hand car business or his tax return problems…..

  • Khy

    I love how Lionsgate can do a sequel (excuuuse me, a “prequel) to something like Texas Chainsaw 3D but yet blatantly refuse to do one to My Bloody Valentine- which was much better.

    • Trisha Tachanawa

      *cries* MBV really deserved at least one sequel. It was awesome, and clearly was left open for potential sequel(s). Yet, they continued with Saw (-_-)

      • Khy

        I will never understand it especially considering the team behind it were ready for a sequel and it made huge money. Not to mention it had potential to become a “Valentines Day’ staple like Saw was for Halloween. I think the only reason Lionsgate have decided to do another TCM sequel is simply because they hold the rights to six more movies, might as well at least make one of those come to fruition. But ew at the direction they’re going in.

      • Leebo

        When I watch the remake of MBV I always get the feeling that it actually started off as the sequel to the original, and the script was just altered a little.

        I’d be up for a sequel to the remake though as it was a lot better than it had a right to be.

        • bigevilworldwide

          Ummmm What My Bloody Valentine WAS A SEQUEL….The film makers only said that about 1,000 times…OOOOOOORRRR did you happen to miss out on the insanely OBVIOUS information given out in the film, like where the killer was the SON of the original killer…….

          I mean we both clearly watched the same movie but clearly one of us paid more attention, Hell they only referenced what happened on the original night 100 times

    • J Jett

      Khy, (once again!) i agree w/ you! i love both the original MBV and the remake!

      • Khy

        We’re twins J. lol

  • Rodger Mortis

    I want to see total brutality!

  • N1ghtmar3Freak

    Jesus fucking Christ. Leatherface in teenage years? If that’s the case, this would have to be a prequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 TCM because I don’t believe for a second in the original that Leatherface was a teenager.. That idea would be total bogus and retarded. Just make another installment and bring it back to the actual terrifying TCM all of us fans love and crave for. TC3D was a major disappointment. Not scary whatsoever. I really hope someone who actually cares for the series gets behind the making of the next film and doesn’t make it a complete shitfest. Sorry for the rant..

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      Not sure I understand, Leatherface is human, so he would have to have been a teenager. However, I agree with you that I rather see a gruesome sequel rather than a prequel.

      • N1ghtmar3Freak

        What I meant to the whole “teenager” aspect is that if they were to make a prequel to the franchise of him in his teen years, that would mean the film would have to take place before the original 1974 film. I just don’t think anyone should make a prequel to the first film that started it all. That would be dumb.

  • joesey

    I’d like to see a sequel made in more capable hands like Alex Aja’s our The guy who made the new evil dead

    • Anthony Gulino

      Alex Aja nailed “Hills Have Eye’s”.. the dude showed tremendous respect for the film he was being entrusted with and did it right and didnt insult the intelligence of the fans unlike the Hollywood stooges that can never seem to get it right…

  • Doug Blodgett

    TCM2 is my favorite of the series.. id love for the next film to be in the spirit of it and just maybe a cameo from Bill Mosely.

  • Krug09

    I just hope its a big guy playing him… This doesn’t make much sense because Leatherface always wheres a mask. Why does his age matter? It never did.

    • Khy

      i’m just a little annoyed they’re not going with a sequel that TC3D perfectly set up. I’d love to see the dynamics of Heather/Leatherface and the aftermath. I’m just not all that interested with going backwards. But hey, I’ll still keep an open mind. Could be interesting, but “teen Leatherface” is something I’d rather see as a TV series than a movie. I agree, it’s pointless.

  • MikeyRey29

    TCM and the Sawyers use to instill fear. It meant something when you brought up The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now… It’s just an excuse to attempt to bleed a buck out of tweens who don’t know horror. Just stop this. It’s sad.

    • Khy

      Truly sad, because judging by the world wide box office not even the tweens gave a shit about TC3D. Had a good first weekend and stopped there. They might as well leave the 3D gimmick out of the cards for the next one as I doubt it’ll help much.

  • DutchShaefer81

    Complete blood n guts no pg-13 trash! He ain’t Norman Bates guys! Let him run wild

  • DutchShaefer81

    Teen leatherface= Hannibal Tv series! Same bull

  • Anthony Gulino

    IDK if I’m alone on this but I was seriously disappointed with the last TCM installment…
    It seemed to me that it was everything Tobe Hoopers was not.. With all respect for those who liked this film I thought it seriously lost its edge, and making Leatherface some sort of misunderstood soul and protector of all things pure was just too much for me.. they had a target audience, young MTV watching tweens and they made it accordingly…
    I’m more inclined to the 2003 and 2006 films..I found them to be more dark and brutal and overall much better films.. They were not a “kick in the balls” to fans of the franchise..

    • Khy

      Agreed. People can “down” the Platinum Dunes films all they like, but at least there was a sense of effort behind them.

  • Last I checked, it wasn’t April Fools Day. TCM3d was gay and this sounds even more gay. What is so hard about making a solid TCM flick?

    If they really want to explore Leatherface’s origins more, then make a tv show out of it. Might as well, everything else is turning into a tv show.

    • J Jett

      it sounds homosexual? really?

      • yup, might as well just throw it into that category.

        • wehoaks

          Oh I get it! You’re using gay as a derogatory, negative term in describing a movie. How witty. You know what else would work: TCM3D was so Voorhees83.

          • Seriously? You’re a freakin dork. Enough said.

          • wehoaks

            Says the guy who hahas at himself.

          • Making it loud and clear that I laughed out loud.

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            This whole conversation is very Voorhees83.

          • Awesome conversation it was!! I agree.

          • wehoaks

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          • No, the fact that your such a dork. You loser.

          • wehoaks

            Good one, closet boy.

          • You got me. Scarred for life.

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          • Yeah, I totally wasn’t being sarcastic at all dumbass.

          • wehoaks

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          • wehoaks

            Wow. You’re gay sexual frustration is really flared up.

          • Now that was lame. On that note, time to walk away as a winner of all of this. Better luck next time bub. In the meantime, start reading up on some decent comebacks.

          • wehoaks

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          • wehoaks

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          • wehoaks

            I really hope you’re taking this all seriously. That would make this stupid shit even better.

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          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            “Your”? You mean “you’re”, buffoon.

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          • wehoaks

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          • Leebo

            You’re right, Voorhees83 sucks!

          • you

          • Leebo

            Hey, we’re just playing with you Voor – be a man and take it on the chin!


            We’re all horror freaks here – we’re allowed to have a bit of banter.

          • It’s all good, no offense taken.

    • nick

      Damn, didn’t know a movie could be gay. That’s a new one for me.

      • Well, I guess you learn something new everyday.

      • Leebo

        Well why do you think that Leslie Nielson in movies like Prom Night was “playing it straight”.

    • TruthSerum

      The political correctness police really came after you for that “Gay” comment huh??

      Fair enough, let’s just phrase it in a way that can’t offend anybody.

      Texas Chainsaw 3d was a film of very poor quality.

      • Leebo

        Nah, it was gay.
        Of course when I say “gay” I mean happy and joyful!

        “Taking the word back for the straight guy”.

        I think we can sum up Texas Chainsaw with one phrase :
        “do your thing, cuz!”

      • Lol, I thought this whole thing was ridiculous, but I got a laugh out of it.

  • nick

    Hopefully this sequel will play like the Purge 2. A lot better than the first. I still liked TCM 3D but I feel like, as a lot of you have said, it didn’t exactly have a tone to it and I feel like the producers didn’t really know what movie they were making. If they want success with the sequel, they need to bring down the budget, take out the 3D and don’t market it as a sequel to TCM3D or a prequel at all. Just market it as a whole new movie and if it connects to TCM3D in anyway, people will find out when they get in the theater.

    But nevertheless, I’m very happy to hear the sequel is moving forward. TCM is one of my favorite franchises.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was terrible. Somebody had to say it. I don’t know how that gets so much praise. If this new movie turns out like that, I’m out. Seriously, how does a movie like Jeepers Creepers 2 get so much flack while TCM2 gets a pass? I’d put my money on nostalgic reasons because I don’t know what else it could be.

    • Leebo

      Because TCM2 wasn’t directed by a paedophile.

      Oh, and TCM2 is awesome (although it did take me several viewings to fall in love with it).

    • Both were great.

    • Texas chainsaw 2 is a joke. A joke I don’t get. I’m glad it’s over my head, because it sucks.

      • MondoMB83

        It’s called a parody. That’s exactly what Tobe Hooper, the director of the original film, set out to do. So if you can’t understand that, I don’t know what to tell you. This reboot, remake, sequel shit needs to stop though.

        • I get that. But it doesn’t make it cool or good. Yes, agreed on remakes and sequels. For the most part, totally unnecessary. They’re out of original ideas completely.

          • MondoMB83

            I call TCM 2 a guilty pleasure horror film. I enjoyed it, even Dennis Hoppers horrible, over the top performance. There are some memorable moments that you just can’t toss aside. Plus Savini’s amazing make up FX. That run through with a chainsaw device is crazy!

  • MurderCapital

    What’s the point.Everyone knows that the original TCM is the only entry in the series that is worth your time.

  • TruthSerum


    Christ, has any franchise in history been raped and left for dead more times then TCM?? Every single movie in this series after the first one has been a piece of shit. I can accept the fact that some people liked part 2 in a “So fucking stupid it’s funny” sense, but really, this series needs to stop.

    If there gonna continue, I say just give it pack to Platinum Dunes and have them bring back “The Drill Seargent Hartman Massacre” for another go. Those sucked just as bad but at least you got to see R. Lee Ermy yell at people.

    • Khy

      I disagree hugely about the Platinum Dunes versions “sucking just as bad”- they at least tried with their films and made an effort to not turn them into a laughing stock. That’s more than I can say for the other 4 sequels especially that abomination Next Generation.

      • CTHL

        Honestly, I didn’t think Next Generation was all that bad. Mediocre, but not bad.

        I know, I don’t have normal opinions… but only 3 and 3D were “bad” to me. Liked the remakes, loved 2 (depending on my mood, sometimes more than the original), and NG was… ok.

    • Leebo

      Gotta disagree,
      I love TCM 2 (although it took a few viewings for it to “click”), I adore Leatherface, Next Generation has it’s flaws but I can enjoy it’s “campness”
      The remake was pretty damned good, and “the beginning” was okay.
      Texas Chainsaw though was bollocks.

    • swordfish

      I’ve got to admit, I feel the same.
      The original was so perfect at being what it was… an obscure, horrific 70’s horror film.
      Every time I hear about a TCM sequel/prequel/remake or whatever, I just imagine an ideal-world scenario, where Hooper’s film stands alone, shrouded in mystery, gloriously bleak, and a real focus of how the genre jumped up a level in terms of just being balls-to-the-wall and relentlessly shocking.
      I’m not normally a sequel/remake basher… far from it infact… but this is one instance where I think the legacy of an original film has been cheapened and watered down by a slew of badly-made, badly-written successors.
      Sorry for the rant.

  • Leebo

    I’d rather see a new sequel that totally ignores “Texas Chainsaw” altogether (hell, that wouldn’t be a stretch as I’ve always had the idea that TCM2,Leatherface,Next Gen are all direct sequels to the original, which all ignore the other sequels – if you get what I mean. Leatherface a direct sequel to the original and TCM 2 never happened, and the same with Next Ge, neither 2 or 3 happened in that continuation) with perhaps maybe British holiday makers get stranded in Texas on the 4th of July, and make disparaging remarks about the Alamo!

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    • Khy

      Would be much better than “Teen Leatherface”. I do not see the point of another origin story. Yes, I understand “The Beginning” was an origin story for Thomas Hewitt and not the original Leatherface but general audiences won’t give a shit. They were probably sitting in the theater during 3D wondering where the hell Sheriff Hoyt was lmao. The reaction I get from TC3D is confusion and this unneeded prequel/midquel or whatever the hell it is won’t help. Just do a sequel with Alexandra and Dan reprising their roles from 3D- this time with better writing, better directing, a darker tone, and you’re all set.

      • Eastman420

        I think they should continue the story also. Have her lure ppl to the house and the cop keeps it covered up. New writers, better acting, could work.

        • Khy

          It really could, especially if they go with a darker tone. Nothing too drab, but something a bit more serious than the corn ball cheesefest of the last film. I would also love to see Clint Eastwood’s son reprise his role as the son of the mayor. It’d be interesting to see him trying to get revenge on Heather/Leatherface- and as for the new set of victims, instead of going the boring “out of state kids on a road trip” route that we’ve had for seven damn movies, how about having the main teens be locals who are very familiar with the legend of Leatherface. Mix all of that together and you have an interesting sequel. Really hope they ditch the prequel talk and go with this.

  • REC03

    this is depressing.

  • Dev

    Really, no more. The only one that counts is the original anyway.

    • Andy Collier

      The remake and TCM: The Beginning were actually far better than the original, in my opinion.

      In my experience, people praise the original films and reject the later films purely out of nostalgia. Not saying you are. Just saying it’s a common theme.

      Of course Texas Chainsaw 3D was a horrible film. There’s no denying that.

      • Khy


      • Dev

        That first remake was an ugly, stupid cash in by people who had either no knowledge of what the original film was about or no interest in it. Everything that followed it is only a further indictment of what happens when studios just want to churn out sequel after sequel. TCM is an exercise in simplicity, purity of purpose even, and psychological terror. That a film could be banned in the UK for being too terrifying (the BBFC admitted there wasn’t enough actual violence in the film to warrant it) as late as the 1980’s shows it’s strength The recent batch of crap films are just gorefests with nothing else behind them, it’s just mechanical. There is nothing to suggest this will be any different.

      • Anthony Gulino

        I’m with ya on the 2003 and 2006 remake and prequel, I found myself really into both films..No they were not perfect but they were obviously made with bad intentions were TCM3D seemed to be targeting a much younger audience.. I realize no matter what they do theres gonna be people that will complain me included..
        I dont mind the remakes and sequels and prequels..I’, always happy to get out there and experience another horror film anyways..

  • In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any more. I doubt that the original will ever be beaten. Cracking film

  • Frank Popp Jr.


  • Pleather-Face

    Or they could just stop making TCM movies and come up with a new original character and story?

    • Khy

      There’s plenty of those out there. Go and watch them.

  • Sean Williams

    KEEP EM COMING! if it sucks i can laugh at it, if its great ill love it.

  • Kelly Stahl

    IDK, I liked the remake they did with Mathew Mcanahey When LF salted his explained how daddy got cop outfit…I think a backstory would be interesting if done right but ultimately I agree with Sean if it sucks it’ll be a chuckle if it is good than we get a good mov

    • Robert Juice

      Mathew Mccanahey

      • Adam Clifton

        Matthew McConaughey – and he wasn’t in the remake, he was in TCM: The Next Generation… the worst one to come out of this series. Cannibals eating pizza, Leatherface in drag… euchh

        • Personally, I thought TCM: Next Generation was amazing! Leatherface in drag, YES! Haha. M. McConaughey’s character was sick and demented!

        • pandora delphy

          Honest? I thought that one was bizarre and fun. The Illuminati guy in there–let’s just say I thought it was a trip. As in acid. Good acid.

  • gary

    Yeah lets continue to make crappy movies …….

  • Taboo


  • Lucca Cantisano

    Personally, I HATED the TCM remake and thought it totally missed the original film while it didn’t set any unique style or characteristcs to make it it’s own thing, either. And as I’ve said many times, I REALLY liked TC3D – yeah, I did. I thought it had it’s own energy and looks and, in the end of the day, it’s a fun and – may I say – ironic ride. The simple fact that everyone repeats the “Do your thing, cuz” line, even as criticism, shows the film succeeds in what it SETS TO BE. So yeah, I’d like to see a new TCM movie indeed, if the studios are going the ‘mindless franchise’ route better TC than PA, for example…

  • Eastman420

    Hes a grown man for christ sake

  • Khy

    Well from what I can see this series definitely have such a divide amongst fans. Most only like the original, others love the over top sequels, others love the Platinum Dunes reboot series, and a few even like TC3D. But I think there’s one thing we all have in common- this new one sounds like shit. Still, I’ll keep hope up, at least until we see more. Seems more like there’s just a lot of talking than a set idea.

  • James

    You’re not going to too the original or the great remake. Everything else has been garbage and this looks to be yet another awful entry in the series. Too bad.

  • Evan3

    I sincerely hope that the subtitle to the finished film is indeed “Leatherface’s Puberty.”

  • Spence33

    I’ve never understood the universal hate the 2003 remake and it’s prequel got. For me they’re the best installments in the franchise. I tried to watch the original, but couldn’t stick that woman screaming for one second longer. The rest of the movies are just unwatchable trash. TC3D was okay, but not as good as the previous two before it. Hopefully, they can bring back the brutality and actual scariness the remake possessed.

  • Jacob Bullard

    You know you can have flashbacks right?

  • Mike

    If that “unidentified writer” falls through hit me up.

  • Richard Antonio

    I think what would be awesome is if they did something like having Leatherface ending up in the city.

  • MikeyRey29

    I wish someone had the balls to do the opposite of another boring prequel. Want to do something different….? Give Leatherface and The Sawyer clan an endgame. I would just once like to see something finished and seen through to the end. I get it. I really do. Hollywood runs on money, but instead of spewing out utter garbage of a franchise with history, just see what happens if you give Leatherface a proper send off. You can always reboot it in a few years (ahem… which you will anyway. See F13). But the spectacle of seeing the obliteration and end of that family, could play out like The Devil’s Rejects of sorts. Have the house destroyed and family on the run. I’m not saying it’s a spectacular idea… But it is different and I think it would seem somewhat fresh for that franchise. Alrighty… End of rant.

  • Dark Scorpion

    Well…. like the thing of The House Of 1000 Corpses and the sequel The Devil’s Rejects, i want it to be finish, wel i would like to know the childhood of Leatherface, i’ve seen all the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies and none of them tells about his early life…. i don’t know… this last movie was nice… but i didn’t feel that it was part of the storyline.

  • pandora delphy

    He’s not in any way a teenager in TCM. I’d put him at late twenties at the youngest. I also don’t care about prequels, but that’s just me being a bitch. Snooze. I got everything I wanted out of TCM by watching… the original TCM. We need some new blood in horror, no pun intended. I’m sick of the franchise mentality.

  • Dillon Tillman

    I no longer want to live on this planet. . .

  • buffee

    RIP Marilyn Burns Heart goes out to the TCM cast and crew she so dearly adored

  • Lee Davis

    I feel the same; I don’t want to see something for the sake of violence alone or a film as lame as the last. I would love to see something as fun and unique as Hooper’s second TX film.

  • Zombié Rodan

    you know all them skulls, all them cars out back, all that furniture made out of bones and Leatherface’s masks? well they all belonged to people at some point, and the first movie is about just one group of victims that they caught, well all those other body parts have a story to tell, but it would never happen because it was yeaaaars ago and Jim has passed on and all the actors are too old now, but, it’s interesting to think.. anyone want to know who the pretty woman was that Leatherface uses as a mask? what was her story, who was she? how did she meet her end?

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