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New ‘Silent Hill’ Coming From Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima

Remember that mysterious P.T. teaser Sony showed off earlier today? It looks like he game in question is a new Silent Hill that will be a collaborative project between Hideo Friggin’ Kojima and Guillermo Friggin’ Del Toro. It will also star The Walking Dead star Norman Friggin’ Reedus. I don’t know about you, but I’m about to lose my damn mind over here.

The story is still developing, I’ll have more for you as soon as possible.

Update 4: Here’s why you should be excited about this!

Update 3: Here’s the Silent Hills trailer that was unlocked upon completing the P.T. demo. (Thanks, Julie!)

Update 2: Turns out the developer mentioned in the original P.T. video, a one 7780s Studio, doesn’t even exist. Oh, Kojima, you’ve gone and done it again.

Update 1: As you can see from the title card below, the game is called Silent Hills. This reveal may go down in history as one of the greatest of all time.





  • Ltg1998


  • Jocifer666

    First The Evil Within, now this? I’m gonna have a heart attack :D.

    • Adam Dodd

      You’re telling me. My hands were shaking as I wrote this.

  • Marco Zuniga

    They better get Akira Yamaoka to score it! Then we can call it a Silent Hill…

    • JonathanBarkan

      I’d honestly prefer Daniel Licht coming back. I think Yamaoka lost his impact as the franchise went on.

      • jHbar

        I agree with Jonathan. I loved the first 3 soundtracks, but after that…meh. On the other hand, I really dug Licht’s score on Downpour. Listen to it often.

      • Jake_Was_Here

        Licht is definitely my first choice if they can’t get Yamaoka.

    • Saren Nevac

      Agreed,without him then why bother. Hopefully the game will be like the first 2 Silent Hill games.

    • Daniel ‘friggin Licht is my vote! SH6 had some issues with lack of atmosphere in my opinion but Licht’s haunting melodies closed that gap for me.

      • Dan Panichelli

        I’d love to see them work together again, the Silent Hill Revelations soundtrack was expertly done and that was a colab.

    • Taboo


  • Saren Nevac

    Kojima can fuck off – he makes things way overly complected. The game should be difficult, not the story. Metal Gear is confusing nonsense. Now Del Toro working on it is awesome….i think. But then the game he worked on is dead or living dead. Who knows. But get a script person to rewrite Kojimas stuff so it makes sense.

    • Steve Payne

      Metal Gear isn’t confusing at all.. you must be simple minded.

      • Rohan Kishibe’s Heaven’s Door

        Finally someone understands, if you can’t even follow the story of MGS you must be all kinds of dumb.

      • Saren Nevac

        Confusing? Really? Maybe not but completely but alot of it is utter nonsense. Now im not talking about the core plot around Snake and Big boss and etc. Just all the crap he adds to it. But then i expect a comment like yours. Sure you need to prove your intelligent and got the full plot in one play through without looking online to make those clever connections. lol. Reading the plot of MG online, wow he is making it up with each game. Its one story with nonsense added to fit into the plot. Psycho Mantis, a Vampire guy and a fat bomber guy on skates are logical parts to the MG story. lol. Sorry but the story is overly complicated rubbish. There is a lot of stupid retarded stuff in it, even if your a major fan you know that.

    • Zack

      Confusing? Sure it’s a much larger universe than most games, and has a large cast of characters and history, (because it’s been around since the 80s,) but last thing I’d call it is confusing.
      Heck I have (sadly) missed a few MG games, and still know what’s going on in the story! It’s very interesting and enthralling. Also, some people love games with intricate, engaging lore and backstories.
      Easy to say I’m very excited for this.

      • Dan Panichelli

        and some people are too stupid to understand them…. Just let them complain, real art speaks for itself.

    • MGS has been around for years and he’s been making more. You have to expect some issues with the story plot when it’s been a long running title for so long as well as attempting to make every game make sense to the previous one.

      Zone of The Enders 1 &2 were beautifully written and easy to understand. One game (since no SH besides one has a definitive sequel) should be fine for him storywise.

    • Swinny UK

      I disagree, Silent Hill is at its best when its surreal and confusing, hence why Silent Hill 2 is a ton of people’s favourite game of all time.
      But yeah, MGS is not really confusing, its just that the lore is so vast.

  • SHC

    If it is so that P.T. is a demo/teaser/what-you-got of the thing, then this is a Day 1 purchase. I never thought I would be excited over a SIlent Hill again.

  • HippieOfDeath

    Aaaaaaaaand boner

    • Adam CW

      Extra raging.

  • Watamelone

    Hideo one of the greats in game industry…Del Toro as script writer and Norman Reedus as the main? Sold

  • Fantasma George

    I’m all for Kojima, he turned this protest song into a complete mindfuck on Ground Zeroes:

    • anystrom0

      Wasn’t that the ending of Guns of the Patriots?

      • Fantasma George

        Ah right, sorry. Didn’t play that one, I only try to follow the Big Boss games.

        Still, considering what happened to Paz on that demo and this chiming in, it just messed with me.

  • Khy

    Evil Within, Until Dawn, Silent Hills- im in horror game heaven

  • Dean Philpot

    If you want to avoid that ATROCIOUS girl screaming in the PT trailer above (seriously it should come with a health warning for your ears)…

    Did the human thing and YouTubed it – Silent Hills Viral Teaser

    • Fernando Carvantes

      hahahahahaha, you’re completely right! when I saw that girl screaming that way I just thought: what a disgusting bitch.

      • “Disgusting bitch”. “Atrocious”. Fucking really?

        • xalener

          they’re gamurrs so it’s okay to be a piece of shit

      • Rasputin Gruttadauria

        hahahaha when i saw you posting that way i just thought: what a fucking stupid dickless loser.

  • This is awesome and I can’t wait! I just hope the next game after won’t be another white guy. XD; Kinda getting tired of it.

  • Zahk Scott

    I hope they manage to rejuvenate the series – it’s not dead yet but it’s been riding that line for a while now. I enjoyed the most recent entries, but critics and consumers alike don’t seem to have appreciated them.

  • Blood-Sicles

    I’M FREAKING OUT. Seriously, it’s about time they put Silent Hill back on top. Of me. I want this game on top of me.

  • Bill Gulfo

    Get rid of the vortex and it will be good again

  • Christensen

    I’m sweating.

  • Richter Belmont

    Didn’t Kojima state he wanted to make a horror game a few months ago but felt he wouldn’t be able to write a story that was scary enough? Solution: get Del Toro to write it! With Kojima at the helm it will hopefully have solid gameplay and not be a glitch heavy mess like the last game.

    And it appears to be a Sony exclusive, so this makes up for ‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ going Xbone only. Would it kill Microsoft to invest in creating their own first party studios?! The sneaky bastards!

    • Martin Whittaker

      How does it appear to be an exclusive?

  • Can I just go ahead and give them all of my money now?

  • Frank Bautista

    This is excellent news. Tomm Hulett(the self-proclaimed “Silent Hill Living Bible”) ran the Silent Hill series into the ground. Not to mention he ran the SH2 perception of “what Silent Hill is” to death. I think with Del Toro on board, they can get the series back on track and distance itself from the perception Hulett “believed” Silent Hill was all about.

    This is AWESOME news!!

    • Daniel Lunn

      You watched the twinperfect videos I am assuming? 😛

  • Fernando Poumian

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  • Daniel Lunn


  • Stephen Miller

    I am ok with this. I never played any of the Silent Hill games, but this peaked my interest.

    • Chamber

      Dude, track down and play Silent Hill 2 + 3, ASAP. One does not hold up too well on account of it being ugly as sin, but 2 and 3 have so much depth and atmosphere, that any horror fan should really experience it.

      • SH 1 definetly holds up!
        Graphics are not that great, but that’s what makes it scary imo.

        • Abraham Maldonado Barrios

          The most scary atmosfere in the series is Silent Hill 1, and the best story is 2. The 3 part is a good story too, but from 4 to the latest stink. We want Team Silent Hill again!!!

          • Dan Panichelli

            There is no “Team Silent Hill.” That is a misconception, there were different teams starting with the second one, they just used the same moniker.

  • ThunderDragoon

    This year has been so good to us horror fans!

    • Khy

      It really is. I still can’t believe you have horror fans sitting on their butts claiming horror is dead. wtf, look around, horror has never been so alive. And it’s not just at the box office, but TV, and video games too, like never before. It’s a great time to be a horror fan and it looks as if the party won’t stop come 2015!

  • Krug09

    This is good news. I would like a good silent hill game since 4 and up were all abortions.

    • Ber

      Downpour was pretty good actually

      • Dan Panichelli

        Yea, save for the graphical issues and such (which could have been fixed before they pushed it out) it was a really solid entry.

    • MsAtomicBomb

      No. No. No…SH4 still followed the M.O. the first 3 set forth. Might not have been as exhilirating as them, but it still followed the idea of cult rituals and subconcious nightmare worlds that haunt the protagonist. (SH4 explored Walter Sullivan’s subconcience “otherworlds”) Anything that came after SH4 totally ruined the series because western developers didn’t understand what they were dealing with…Watch “THE REAL SILENT HILL EXPERIENCE” on YouTube and you’ll find a series that explains what SH was really about and how after SH4, the SH series took a turn for the worse.

      • Krug09

        I am a major TP fan and watched TRSHE many times. They think 4 is ok. To me, other then a few points it was a horrible SH game. On its on merits its not good enough to be mediocre. I know it still ties into the original story loosely because of Walter Sullivan and the cult but its still shit.

  • AfterTheAsylum

    Adam, how about next time you give a “condom alert.”

  • Chamber

    I had no interest in this new generation of consoles until I read this news. I am so hyped.

  • silent hills. hmm can be multiverse ? or different conciousness creating different silent hills ? . damn it im all hyped !!!

  • Jonathan Larsson


  • Bobby Jones

    this could be the best news i’ve heard in a long time

  • Steven Bayne

    So,did anyone catch the fine print at the end? It states that this game is a teaser with no direct relation to the main title. Does that mean it’s not actually a Silent Hill game?

    • Serj

      they mean the teaser has no direct relation to the actual game

  • josh

    I think the ‘Hills’ might be a reference to it being a more modern urban setting, as seen in the video, rather than the earlier forties/fifties-ish vibe I got from the previous Silent Hill releases and films etc. A good setting for Norman Reedus though, can’t wait.

    • Richter Belmont

      My thoughts are that it references normal, everyday Silent Hill and the transition to the Otherworld Silent Hill. Silent Hills.

      • josh

        Could well be. I generally tend to think of the ‘real world’ Silent Hill as Centralia. I know its just one of the inspirations and in no way canon, but I seem to have it stuck in my mind.

      • Dan Panichelli

        Would make sense, Downpour took a much more Urban approach to Silent Hill; the town is trapped in time and space, doesn’t mean it can’t evolve. I’ve always wanted a Silent Hill set in a city anyway, so that would be pimpalicious.

  • Luke Bailey

    Mother of God O.O

    Im expecting serious psychological damage when I play this game…

    I CAN’T WAIT!!! 😀

  • Rebecca Thompson

    I didn’t know I needed this collaboration in my life. Oh, lord. I’m going to faint or something. This is epic.

  • Taboo

    Great year for horror indeed! Now we just need Resident Evil 7 😀

    • Ben Caldwell

      They are currently remaking the some odd 2000’s Resident Evil again for next gen.

      • Taboo

        Ah yes, I’m excited for that!

  • Nicholas Lamb

    is this going to be on a console? Hopefully computer as well?

  • Gavin

    Wow… I have been a huge fan of Silent Hill for some years now, and the very first is my favorite game of all time! I was beginning to think the franchise was dead, but this has been a monumental and amazing surprise! I have just been playing P.T, and already it is one of the scariest things I have ever played. If Silent Hills is anything like this, we are all in for a treat.

  • Dennis Giles

    If a teaser has no direct relation to the actual game,this going to a Resident Evil total spazfest ?

  • Tim Huras

    I know Kojima has cred with gamers, so here’s hoping it turns out better than Norman Reedus’ last game appearance

  • TCM66633

    I hate that the surprise of Norman was ruined by the internet. Would’ve loved to have seen this fresh.

  • I am beyond thrilled for this game.

  • StingrayLiotta

    Huh ? What was that noise ?

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