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5 Reasons to Be Excited for ‘Silent Hills’

If you had come to me just 24 hours ago to tell me famed game developer Hideo Kojima would be collaborating with Guillermo Del Toro — one of my personal favorite people on this planet — on a new Silent Hill that would star Norman Friggin’ Reedus (I seem incapable of typing his name without that middle bit), I would’ve proceeded to st you ablaze for being a time manipulating wizard. I would’ve felt pretty bad about it afterward, because that’s what happened just last night, and despite my writing this hours after the fact, I’m still having trouble believing it.

Kojima? Del Toro? Friggin’ Reedus? It’s almost too much for me to wrap my feeble, horror-loving mind around it.

This isn’t a trick. It’s happening, and it’s proof that Konami is eager to return their longstanding survival horror franchise to the top. Good timing, too. I hear survival horror is making a comeback.

Before we dive into this, here’s that Silent Hills teaser again.

Prepare to get excited for Silent Hill again.

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  • joesey

    Going from Downpour’s downfalls; I hope they let you go to ANY save point in the game rather than from the last save point– When I had to face the gas mask boss the first time by the lake, it took me forever to beat him, b/c I used up all my bullets. That was really fucken annoying. I also hope they have a slew of new and old creatures to kill and run from b/c it gets boring killing the same screaming woman and tattooed guy over and over again.

  • Christensen

    This is probably going to be the best SH game I can feel it

    • Lee

      Best one since SH2, I know it

  • Eagle35

    It would’ve been even better if original Silent Hill Composer Akira Yamaoka came back, if only for this latest game. Hideo Kojima and Akira Yamaoka working together on a project would make every fan boy (like myself) go bonkers.

  • Sutter Cane

    Are we going to get a full play-through of the demo from you? I’d be interested in that.

    • Adam Dodd

      I would LOVE to do that. Unfortunately, I’m moving tomorrow so my PS4 is en route to Houston. If I do do it, it’ll be late.

      • Sutter Cane

        I don’t think any of us will complain if it is a bit late! I want to see a complete run of the teaser (don’t have a PS4) from someone I enjoy watching play through stuff as opposed to the people who are 1. rage-quitting because they have no intuition when it comes to Kojima’s puzzle and 2. complaining that the scenario was not scary because a, (see 1) or b. they don’t really have the temperament to enjoy the mindf**k being presented (ie-not enough action). You always do a great job with the Adam plays videos.

  • thedragon803

    What do I want from Silent Hills? MORE ACTION! It needs a lot more gunplay and the monsters need to shoot at you so you have to take cover and have regenerating health. And of course multiplayer so I can pwn noobs and call them “fags” when they die! And Pyramid Head needs to have a big rocket launcher so the game is constantly going BLAM! POW! BOOM! And of course the campaign needs a wise-cracking but useless sidekick because these days a game HAS to have online co-op!

    Just kidding. What do I really want? With this much effort and talent involved, I couldn’t say. Whatever they come up with will be great, I’m sure. Its refreshing to have this much confidence in a creative team because its so rarely the case.

    • Adam Dodd

      Dang. You had me until “just kidding.”

      • thedragon803

        Honestly the combat mechanics could use a little fine-tuning and I think with Norman Reedus as the main character we’ll get to play a Daryl-type fighter – resourceful but not invincible. Dead Space 1 &2 did a great job of giving you defenses but never feeling like you had the upper hand.

  • HorrorLover995

    What do I want from Silent Hills? Hmmm.. That’s a tough one to answer really. I want to be able to still have that open world feel they brought with Downpour, especially with the side quests you can do while exploring.
    I also want to see the more grotesque and terrifying side to the Otherworld, including it’s transition. Bring back the good ol’ fashioned bloody metal fencing replacing the floor, rusted walls and doors, mutilated bodies found in the most painful fashions.
    Also bring back the original Siren going off a decent amount of times before the Otherworld comes instead of it just blaring once, maybe enhance it a little and do well with the transition to the Otherworld; Homecoming had the transition effects right;
    Finally, give us a tragic yet traumatic storyline that’s going to screw with our heads to the very end and a compelling soundtrack that’s going to set the mood for all this horror.

  • Gabbi Cordero

    I’m not the biggest fan of guillermo in the least. however what i can admit is that he is readily adept at monster making to the point that he has practically trademarked the craft with stylized creatures easily identifiable with their creator.

    not to nitpick but listing a cast member the reason behind a game’s excitement is pretty absurd, as if norman reedus is going to write a single line of code for the gameplay or is a decision maker on this game, calling the shots on its direction. and then to advertise how he’s going to punch pyramid head in the face? i get you’re going for humor, wildly as you may have missed that mark, but do you know what game your talking about? and maybe don’t list a game’s title as a source for its appeal just to follow it up with “You try and write a longform feature about a game we know next to nothing about”

    all that aside i do look forward to silent hill’s return to form. it’s amazing how with alien isolation, the evil within, bloodborne, the order 1886, until dawn, horrors of the gilded age, this generation at its onset is embracing horror in a way that its predecessor did not. here’s to my favorite foggy town reclaiming its throne.

    • Adam Dodd

      I don’t think listing Norman Reedus is absurd at all. He’s a fantastically talented actor that will bring a lot to this game. He doesn’t need to help make the game to be important. Jennifer Hale didn’t have a hand in making Mass Effect, but her portrayal of Commander Shepard is one of the things that helped make that story so effective.

      • Gabbi Cordero

        i think voice acting is important and not only do i like when actors are enlisted but i’m more impressed that they have the protagonist avatar look like reedus.

        but let’s cut to the quick. this isn’t scarlet johansson adding star power to an otherwise indie festival film with under the skin. it’s not a movie, this is survival horror and Gameplay is king.

        mark hamill also voiced wolverine in a video game and it didn’t make a lick of difference. so what’s your point? and you mentioned jennifer hale. tell me did her involvement save the third entry’s controversy and denouncement by the fans? as much as i like marcus fenix, it’s tight gun controls that’ll sell gears of war. kevin conroy voiced 3 batman games that were poorly received? so why did arkham asylum finally break the track record of bad batman games? freeflow combat system. ellen page voiced beyond two souls last year? how did that play out? a muddy plot and a million domestic buys. paltry sum for its $27 mil price tag NOT including promotional fees. the name of the game is game mechanics. voice acting isn’t enough to carry a game the way acting can elevate a film.

    • Victor Gonzalez

      I think the point of this things that are mentioned, are the attention to details, which I think it’s important. About the cast member, I see that being a thing to do in the no so long future, the same way now in a movie the cast selection is important. I mean, the actors don’t film anything, they don’t write the lines, but they give something to it, and with the current tech for facial expressions captures, that’s going to be thing (not the main, agree). Also, I really hope that this combination of people gets and awesome, epic, groundbreaking game. I don’t remember the last time I was this excited with a game.

  • Steven Liczbinski

    I have no faith in Kojima working on this, He turned the Metal Gear series into a giant cluster fudge.

  • Dev

    PC version please. That is all. I liked Downpour but the 360 was pretty shit at running it, and it would have looked and played better on even a semi-decent PC.

  • E Cash

    YES YES and. . . .. YES!

  • deathmonger420 .

    he was ok in boondock saints…sucks in walking dead and everyhing else he does…why would I want to see him in silent hill?!?! he has a rat face. i just dont like him. i dont like silent hill either so what the fuck am i yammering about. silent hill sucks.

  • oni

    A Silent Hill main character isn’t supposed to punch anyone in the face. If he does, he’d be screaming and flailing while doing so. The best SH mains were average Joe types that had barely fired a gun in their life. They didn’t have much going for them aside from their strength of will in hard times. That’s what made the fear greater. I love Norman Friggin’ Reedus, but I’m not sure if he’s the right dude.

    Also, really hope they bring back Akira Yamaoka. His absence from Downpour ruined a lot of things. While he isn’t working for Konami anymore, he’s expressed in the past that he’d be willing to work on another Silent Hill.

    • Lee

      Akira is the best horror game composer of all time.

  • John

    Yawn yawn yawn, nothing I have seen here is ‘Silent Hill’, so why bother to call it Silent Hill? Everything I have seen and read demonstrates people developing this game that have no idea of what ‘Silent Hill’ is, and it shows. Why can’t we just make new horror games/franchises/ideas? At least then it doesn’t have to live up to hype or please (really hard to please) fans of the game whose name they’ve plopped on their box…

    • Adie Stone

      Dude there’s hardly been anything to see.

      The demo wasn’t Silent Hill, just a build up teaser. The only thing actual Silent Hill has been seen Norman Reedus walking in a foggy town and the title: Silent Hills.

      I agree though more new horror games should be made, I for one am looking forward to The Evil Within.

      • Lee

        I’m pretty sure the demo will be a version in the actual game. It worked in SH4 in first I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here. But Let’s hope it’s like Silent hill 1-4. But mostly 2…it needs a story

  • Adie Stone

    I have faith in Del Toro and Kojima. I just hope there will be no Pyramid Head, unless James from Silent Hill 2 has suddenly returned.

  • EvilHead1981

    As long as they steer clear of Tomm Hulett’s perception of “what Silent Hill is”, I’ll be fine with it. Problem with Tomm is, he believed the main theme of Silent Hill is that, when you enter it, you are faced with your own demons, when that was only the theme of the second game. The first and third focused on the occult side of Siilent Hill, not solely psychological, and that’s what his games seem to have dropped. To him, Silent Hill is only about “personal demons”, nothing more, which is why all his games continue Silent Hill 2’s “concept” and why many believe this to be the stone hard FACT about the series.

    Of course, Hulett also said he was a living, walking “Silent Hill bible” and his knowledge of the Silent Hill series was “definitive”. That’s what happens when you get someone with a skewed perception of a franchise suddenly become IN CHARGE of that franchise.

    • Melodee Cheney

      Now see, that is what I love about the series. That Silent hill is shaped around your subconscious. The “monsters” , if that’s what they are,exist only as the character sees . A theme that is apparent, not only in the 2nd one, but 3rd and origins as well. I think it’s what makes it so creepy and scary! If it didn’t have that element to it then it would just be a generic snoozer!

      • EvilHead1981

        I don’t think they formed around your subconscious. In the first one, spoilers, they were created from Alessa(they weren’t the subconscious vices of Harry, Cybil or others), and in the third one, considering the deep tie to the first one, it makes sense why they are part of Heather(considering WHO Heather is, if you know what I mean).

        And see, this is a point. You kinda say, “If it was this ONE way, i would be a generic snoozer, but since it’s this OTHER way, it’s creepy and scary.”. You’re basically saying, “I like one type, I don’t like the other.”, which isn’t bad, but one shouldn’t be exchanged for the other. IMO, given that Del Toro has his own style, I’d prefer him to do something original while retaining that Silent Hill feel. I don’t want him to do the “these monsters are manifestations of my own personal guilt” crap that’s been over-done.

        Origin’s not part of the original mythology, nor the Japanese Silent Hill games. It’s kinda strange that the original Japanese ones(including Silent Hill 2) all focused on different horrific concepts WHILE taking place in the Silent Hill world, yet the Western ones all revolve around the “personal demons” schlock. Nothing more, nothing less, just that. That’s probably my problem with the SH series(especially with Hulett, who was pushing this as being the definitive “spirit” of Silent Hill, yet wasn’t actually a member of the original Team Silent and original creator of the series). You’d think Western minds would be able to add more original ideas to the franchise, but instead we got a set trend that was milked to hell and eventually lead to Silent Hill’s fall(which you can also say “spamming the hell out of given trends is also a bad side of Western thinking”). Again, this is where Del Toro could probably act as a saving grace. His imagination’s pretty damn impressive. I don’t doubt he could inject something new into the series that Hulett and other Western writers of the prior Silent Hill games just could not conceive.

        BTW, Origins’ problem was that it kinda crapped over the original’s continuity. That always was a pet peeve of mine, and it’s not solely restricted to this case. Movies are fucked over HEAVILY as far as continuity is concerned. Doesn’t anybody keep a log or story bible where things are CLEARLY stated as occuring, then when others are brought in, read up(do their homework, which GOOD WRITERS SHOULD DO) so they don’t fuck up the continuity? It baffles me how such grand mistakes can be made. It’s like the people who write these stories have to scratch their heads while pondering, “Hmmm, I think the back story want like that…. I don’t know. Let’s roll with it anyway. If I was wrong, so what? It’s not derped up continuity and plot holes are a form of bad writing!”.

  • CTHL

    #3 sounds like more of a reason to not be excited.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m excited for this as well as Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on it, but I will never get the hype behind Norman Reedus. He is literally my least favorite on The Walking Dead because everybody likes him. It’s just annoying lol. It’s nothing against him as a person or actor, it’s just the people behind it. Kind of like all the hype behind Frozen. Do you know what I mean?

    • rarey4drinkskoolaid

      Other people like it and it’s popular. That means I don’t like it. Way to be hipster. lol

      • ThunderDragoon

        There are plenty of things I like that other people like, but in some instances, I just don’t like it. I’m definitely not a hipster lol.

        • Nick Peratrovich

          that is EXACTLY what a hipster would say!

          • Adam Dodd

            BREAKING: ThunderDragoon confirmed to be hipster the WHOLE TIME.

            Developing story…

          • Tyler Craft

            you’re awesome

        • Tyler Craft

          you sound like an asshole

          • ThunderDragoon

            So do you.

          • MrMidstream

            He’s right. You do sound like an asshole. And a major hipster.

          • ThunderDragoon

            Yeah, I’m an asshole for having an opinion. Better get used to the internet because opinions are what it’s made up most of. But I guess that’s what trolls do, call everybody an asshole because they have a different opinion.

          • MrMidstream

            Whatever you say Billy Buttlicker!

          • ThunderDragoon

            Aww, that’s cute.

          • MrMidstream

            So is your little booty!

          • Adam Dodd

            Let’s try and get along, ok? No one attacks ThunderDragoon. He’s MY ThunderDragoon.

            P.S. There’s nothing wrong with little booties.

      • EvilHead1981

        That saying is pretty damn hipster in itself!

  • Richter Belmont

    What I want to see from Silent Hills is Capcom’s response to this unexpected collaboration.

    Will this announcement among others like Until Dawn, Fatal Frame V, Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, etc., finally convince them to return Resident Evil to it’s survival horror roots?

  • Pointless

    Well, it’s officially time to add Silent Hill to my list of “dead, desecrated, never-to-be-touched-again game series’ that have been turned into soulless cash cows”. R.I.P. Silent Hill, I really am going to miss you. You deserved so, so much better an end than this. Truly saddening.

    P.S.: F*ck Norman Reedus.

    • MrMidstream

      Hopping on the “I hate anything big budget/mainstream” bandwagon huh bud? smh

  • Dave

    I’m not sure I understand the importance of Reedus being involved and Del Toro might add something of value. But what it really comes down to is game play and monster design. I think i speak for a lot of fans when I say we want the action game style dropped and the return of the horrible monsters and mind fuckery that made the numbered games memorable. Monsters! not possessed people or zombies.

    • Paul

      I was wondering why either of them are involved. I would understand if he was just doing voice work, not lending his face to the game.

    • Joe Valente

      He’s a part of a survival horror show. He plays the part well, even though the show blows now. And he’s a great guy and great actor. He’s good friends with Del Toro so I guess Guillermo put in word for him to be a part of it. Doesn’t bother me at all. I love Norman and I love his acting. It’ll be a good fit for the game. Have faith

  • Peter Skånberg

    I hope they will not go over the top with monster encounters. It needs those creepy long passages with only you and the flashlight and the eerie sounds echoing from around the corners, and of course the occasional encounter (with well designed, crazy monsters). Also they need to make sure the puzzles are up to par.

    I like in the old games how NPC’s are almost oblivious to the fact that the town has went to shit, and creepy monsters roam the streets. It makes for a uneasy feeling when speaking to them. That’s something that needs to continue.

    Also, please, for the love of god bring in the legendary Akira Yamaoka to compose the soundtrack.

    If you can follow these guidelines, it hink we’re up for a real treat.

  • Saren Nevac

    I very eager to read more. The game is called Silent Hills – so that means multiple versions. There is a normal version which becomes the horror version – so does that mean there will be another version? Or maybe that you can change things in the horror version that changes bits in the normal version – bit like the loop thing in the demo they released?

  • Keith Bishop

    I wasn’t sure about the name at first but after playing the demo I feel like the “gap in the door… It’s a separate reality” part explains the reason for calling it Silent Hills. I mean there has always been multiple versions of the town in each game and this title seems like the logical choice for a new generations of gamers to shit their pants.

  • magnus dissmoll

    Super excited for this, for many reasons. Finally a game that actually creeped me the fuck out, it’s been YEARS since that happened. I don’t think I’ll ever see a sink the same way again.. Truly haunting. Huge potential here.

    • Adam Dodd

      Since seeing the demo, I’ve taken to routinely checking the sink and the toilet, just in case there’s a vengeful fetus hiding in one of them.

  • Wolfgang Faustus

    If pyramid head makes an appearance at all this game will be written off as a pile of garbage

    • Victor Acuna

      Yes! Many people do not know that Pyramid Head belongs only in Silent Hill 2 and in James mind?

  • Victor Acuna

    S in Hills could be a 5 Silent Hills…. Silent Hill S……. Silent Hill 5…… maybe?

    • Sarah A

      In my opinion, it’s literal and referencing the different Silent Hills: the real world, fog world, and other world.

      • reopew

        The game deals with parallel dimensions. In the demo everytime the hallway loops it’s you entering a new alternate universe, that’s why there are tiny variations everywhere. The game will take place in Silent Hill and a series of even more nightmarish alternate universe Silent Hills.

        • Shuzer

          Title could change. PT is not part of Silent Hills. So the whole dimension loop (as far as PT goes) isn’t related.

        • Victor Acuna

          No your not you are just repeating the moment. If you look at the walls where you start you will notice marking showing how many times he has repeated the same moment over and over so many time that walls are marked top to bottom. Also if you Loop that implies your are going in circles. Going to an alternate universe would be going forward a la Sliders.

      • Victor Acuna

        Huh? There is only the world and the world. Fog world was made up in the movie. I don’t remember if the games that came after SH4 have a fog world too but those games suck and ruined the original mythology.

        • Sarah A

          The movie was a hot mess so if you’re referring to the ending, that’s not fog world. I don’t know what that was, sorry, but it’s always been there. In the first game, it was when everything looked otherwise normal but was snowy and shrouded in fog. That’s why it was nicknamed fog world. It’s different from the real world as monsters can and do appear there. Recent games seem to have merged the real and fog worlds, if anything.

          • Victor Acuna

            From what I recall from the original Silent Hill games teh”Fog World” isn’t a separate world or as some call it dimension from the real world. It was more of a gate way in between the real and other worlds In the original, Team SIlent, Silent HIll games it was always the other world stepping into the real world. The Fog also represent a state of mind but in reality it was originally created to hide the limitations of the PSX.

          • Sarah A

            It’s a dimension that straddles both so yes, you could call it a gateway. You could also say that fog world is seen only by people who drawn to the town. In Silent Hill 2, Laura and James see it differently: he encounters monsters in a foggy environment while she runs around without care, in the same town, not only never encountering monsters but not even realizing how dangerous it is there. She’s not in fog world, she can’t get to other world; she’s in real world.


          • Victor Acuna

          • Victor Acuna

            Know that I’ve watched these videos again I’m going to re-play the original games. If you jump to the 7th part of the videos from the link I posted for you. These guys explain about the whole worlds/dimensions. It is one reality with projections of the nightmare. In SH it is Alessa who projects the nightmare, the nightmare is constructed for James in SH2, the nightmare is projected from the Demon/God inside Heather in SH3 and in SH 4 the nightmare comes from Walter’s consciousness. Silent Hill works after SH4 started all of that multi Silent Hill dimensions non sense. I recommend watching TRSHE videos in YouTube these guys have a very good understanding of the games.

          • Sarah A

            The Wiki page I posted also mentioned a theory about the fog as a projection from whoever’s in the town at the time so it’s nice to know you just kinda brushed that aside to send me a YouTube video from people who are talking about a theory you support instead. I’m going to watch it but the fact of it is you could be right, I could be right, anyone who has had a thought about the game could be right because none of this is confirmed.

            I like talking about Silent Hill but this is no fun, it just seems like you’re trying to tear down someone else’s opinion because you don’t like a term in a theory you don’t subscribe to.

          • Victor Acuna

            Do watch them please and I did not brush it off I did read it and have read this wiki before. Since you are using your sources to back up your opinion I am using mine. That is why I shared the video and thought you could enjoy them in the process. They analyze the games more than theorize on the them. I’ve played the newer titles that are non Team Silent and watched those horrible films out of fanboyism but they are not in par with the classics. The newer stuff has twisted, butchered and just plain confused people on what SH truly was about. Yes this whole dimensions thing isn’t confirmed to be true in the original games but it is well established in the movies and games that came after SH4.

          • Sarah A

            If it was canonized in those games, it can be applied to the rest. They’re part of the series and through them you just admitted fog world and the dimension theory is valid. I was going to mention that but knew you’d dismiss it because you’re vocal about not liking the newer games. You keep namedropping everything pre-SH4 like you think I don’t know about or haven’t played them. I’ve been here since the Playstation Magazine demo disc with Silent Hill 1 and part of what I love about it is the lore.

          • Victor Acuna

            So have I the originals never spoke of dimensions or another world. I worded that wrong. XD Oh well I stated it and I’m not going to retract on what I said but that is not what I meant to say. Regardless of dimensions or not the newer games are still crap and I really hope that Mr. Kojima and the one’s involved do not use them source material at all.

          • Victor Acuna

            So have you watched the videos from the link I provided? Which is you favorite Silent Hill?

          • Sarah A

            I don’t expect you to retract anything, it’s your opinion. I just wanted to offer mine and you started on about fog world. I know the originals never mentioned it; what I meant was that if the newer games have, you can apply it to the originals since they’re all in the same series. Aside from Shattered Memories and Books of Memories, I don’t really mind the newer games. I actually enjoyed Origins (movie version Alessa and the combat system aside) and Homecoming; Downpour had a great story, it just sucked in every other way.

            Anyway… I watched a little, it’s interesting. My favorite game to play is 4- I wish the rumors about it being developed as a separate series and folded into SH for sales were true, I would’ve liked to play more like it- but I also love 1 and 3’s storyline. And who doesn’t like 2? It’s hard to say which.

          • Victor Acuna

            Continue to watch please. Forbidden Siren was the best! XD I do mind them not because of the games themselves they are alright I just do not think they deserve the Silent Hill title. And I can’t get over the fact that the genuine scariness of the originals will never return or will it? Silent Hill 3 even though it is short or at least it felt that way.

          • Victor Acuna

            This talks about what I have in mind and been trying to talk about.

      • Victor Acuna

  • reopew

    I just need three reasons to be excited…

    1. It’s being made by Hideo Kojima
    2. It’s being made by Guillermo Del Toro
    3. It stars Norman Reedus (and reteams him with Del Toro for the first time since Blade 2)

  • Jonny

    what a shitty list.

    This list was a waste of time

  • Guest

    That fetus is so Eraserhead. Kudos for that reference. I thought the trailer was genius.

  • Kudos to the Eraserhead reference with that fetus. Damn…I thought the gameplay trailer was genius.

  • Joey

    They said they will not be continuing or have anything to do with silent hills.
    Which is really sad

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