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5 Reasons to Be Excited for ‘Silent Hills’



If you had come to me just 24 hours ago to tell me famed game developer Hideo Kojima would be collaborating with Guillermo Del Toro — one of my personal favorite people on this planet — on a new Silent Hill that would star Norman Friggin’ Reedus (I seem incapable of typing his name without that middle bit), I would’ve proceeded to st you ablaze for being a time manipulating wizard. I would’ve felt pretty bad about it afterward, because that’s what happened just last night, and despite my writing this hours after the fact, I’m still having trouble believing it.

Kojima? Del Toro? Friggin’ Reedus? It’s almost too much for me to wrap my feeble, horror-loving mind around it.

This isn’t a trick. It’s happening, and it’s proof that Konami is eager to return their longstanding survival horror franchise to the top. Good timing, too. I hear survival horror is making a comeback.

Before we dive into this, here’s that Silent Hills teaser again.

Prepare to get excited for Silent Hill again.

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