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Justin Long Talks ‘Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral’ Delay

Last night Justin Long participated in a reddit AMA to support Tusk, in theaters this Friday. Hilariously titled, “I’m Justin Long and I’m lonely…let’s talk…please,” the actor responded to fan questions about Smith’s Human Centipede-esque horror, as well as the long-gestured Jeepers Creepers sequels.

As many of you know, Long got his start by starring in Galaxy Quest, Happy Campers, and of course Victor Salva’s creature feature, Jeepers Creepers.

It has been 15 years since the first film hit theaters, and quietly revived the horror genre. Say what you will about the film, but it had a huge impact on the release of true horror. It’s also been 11 years since we saw its sequel, and talk back-to-back sequels have been public for years. What’s the hold up?

There is a script (it’s called “Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral”),” Long reveals to the AMA crowd. “Gina [Philips] plays the lead in it (which would be awesome to see her come back and kick some ass).

It’s been tough getting off the ground, financially, unfortunately. According to Victor, I do get my hands on a flashback.

There you have it, Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral is set to be the third film if Salva can ever find financing. Long would return in a flashback, while Phillips would star.

In the 1999 film, Long and Phillips play a brother and sister driving home for spring break whom encounter a flesh-eating creature in the isolated countryside that is on the last day of its ritualistic eating spree.

Jeepers Creepers



  • Darnell

    I really liked Jeepers Creepers, and I thought the sequel was ok. Wouldn’t mind seeing another

  • lion7718

    Would like to see this happen.

  • Chad Langen

    Damn, Victor, how much financing do you need? Take this movie to Kickstarter. I’d be glad to help get this off of the ground as I’m sure is the case with other fans.

  • Erik

    The original came out in 2001.

  • pablitonizer

    emm…wasn’t Jeepers Creepers released in 2001?

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    What about crowd funding?

    • J Jett

      Daniel that’s what i was thinking. i’d happily help out with some $$$.

  • Kyle Ord

    This has to happen!

  • J Jett

    YES PLEASE!!! i desperately want a 3rd movie! Gina Philips being the lead just makes it that much more awesome!

  • jason4eva

    Sounds awesome! Wish they would hurry up!!!

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    1999? A simple Google search is all it takes to get the date right. This site is shit. Not only are your articles laden with spelling and grammar errors, but half the time they aren’t movie-related articles. And when they are, they’re rarely for shit worth posting as news in the first place.

  • wehoaks

    2001. Revived the genre? I like this film a lot but shit brad your bias could not be more transparent. You are up Smith and Long’s asses. Hilariously titled? Humorous maybe but hilarious? Man oh man you’re like 40. When did you become a stupid teenage brained shit? And just because this came from Long doesn’t warrant an article. We knew this years ago via Philips and Salva himself. Get off Long’s nuts, grown man.

    • Krug09

      Brad use to trash smith all the time during red states release, he would go on and on about how much of an asshole smith was. i guess they made up?

      • wehoaks

        Maybe he has a man crush on long then. The whole article read like a 13 year old girl wanting to suck some d.

  • Khy

    This definitely didn’t deserve an article. Nothing new was at all learned..

    • wehoaks

      So this is basically their EXCLUSIVE: it’s Thursday!

    • eagleye25

      Yep. This info has been out quite some time. Wish he’d just make the movie.

  • Cman710

    I have no desire to see another horror movie by Victor Salva. I loved the Jeepers Creepers movies. But ever since I found out he’s a convicted pedophile he will NEVER get another cent from me.

    • Spike0037

      so Roman Polanski who freed America after being convicted of statutory rape wins an Oscar and still gets to make movies. and one of his horror movie that everyone on this site seems to love is Rosemary’s Baby I never hear anybody say anything in article on that movies reviewed on this site

      • Cman710

        There’s a big difference between “statutory rape” and molesting a small child. And to be honest, I’ve never seen Rosemary’s Baby either. If you think a pedophile deserves to be making movies that have had children in them, then that’s just fine. But I think he’s a sick fuck and he won’t be getting MY money.

        • Spike0037

          I am not saying there right. But know your facts. In both cases they were under the age of 15. Polanski plead guilty and before sentencing fled the country. Salva plead guilty and served his time. AGAIN THEY ARE BOTH SICK. But know the facts of the cases read them. I hate that Hollywood still embraces Polanski. They fell terrible for him because of his past being a holocaust survivor and having your pregnant wife murdered by the Manson Family. Is still no excuse

          • Cman710

            I didn’t “embrace Polanski” I’ve never even seen his movies. Hence why I don’t say anything about him.

  • Kenny Demartino

    Get to kick starter. .what’s the problem

    • AlanMorlock

      I don’t know maybe its best we as a society stop funding the career of a convicted child pornographer who molested one of the child actors from his films?


    the first is a classic, the second not so much… I do hope they can get a third going. I say it quite often here but if some of you are so upset with this site, maybe it’s time to fuck off and quit whining. though it may not be much, this is still horror news

    • wehoaks

      Maybe it’s time you fuck off and demand better from a horror news site (this isn’t news. We knew this 5 years ago). Take your cliche if you don’t like it then leave trope and shove it in your tiny peen slit.


        I see you clearly didn’t grasp much. We get plenty from this site and I don’t expect more from it. Cliché as my statement may have been, it’s the truth. You idiots constantly bitch about every little thing this site does down to the way it looks on your mobile devices. Are you kidding me?! And while you may have known about this 5 years ago, Long just made this particular statement the other night which would make it…. news. It should be quite simple to understand why it was posted

        • wehoaks

          Great that you love it. I don’t. But if you must, you can keep gargling Brad’s nuts and wetting yourself over people’s warranted disdain for what this site has become.


            now who’s spewing cliché remarks…

          • wehoaks

            You still are. Dipshit. Also long repeating news from five years ago doesn’t make it news, dingus. Grasp a clue.


            I can see you’re the most intellectual person here. You’re logic is outstanding. Guess CNN shouldn’t run 9/11 recaps in September either since it doesn’t qualify as news (you should probably make them aware). Let me know when you start your own horror news website since it will be far superior to the rest… Good luck

          • Tigernan Quinn

            Holy shit shut the f up.

          • wehoaks

            You’re an idiot. Complete and total idiot. Long saying word for word what we knew five years ago and comparing it to a national tragedy on a grand scale in which new info will continue to be found/released for years to come makes you a complete idiot. So yes here, between us two, I am 100% the most intellectual. Hahahah you dolt. Wanna know what’s worse than people bitching about a site on the site? The dopes bitching about the people bitching about the site on the site. Oh, then above that is you.


            No intelligence is not shown when overlooking an entire response ridden with pure sarcasm. Sorry you missed that… I’m not wasting anymore time on this so until next time, later douchecoo

          • wehoaks

            Bahahahah you’re going with “that was sarcasm?” You total
            tool. What’s next? “that wasn’t me. My account was hacked?”

  • I wish this would happen. The first one is actually pretty good…the second one is dumb, but entertaining. It just didn’t go the route I wanted it to (which would have been to follow the sister). Hopefully this gets made!

  • astronauta69

    i love the first two, and of course that i want a third movie

  • Grimphantom

    Sure “financially” he says……ever heard about Kickstarter? Anyway i like the first tho does have some scenes that i always roll my eyes. The 2nd one was just crap, should have gone with different characters than guys taking their shirts off(yeah we know what you did back there, Salva).

    Don’t know if they are going forward of making it a prequel where the Creeper is in the old west or have the characters of Long(ghost form or flashbacks) and Phillips show up

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love the first two so much. Like most people are saying here, they really should take it to Kickstarter. I still don’t understand the financial situation, though, because JC2 made more money than the first did at the box office. Sure, it cost a little bit more to make, but it made more than enough money back to get funding for a 3rd. It’s strange that it’s taken so long. On the subject of JC3, I think that’s pretty cool that Justin Long will get a flashback. And I’m so excited that the script is still the same with Gina Philips to take the lead. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this soon.

    • Chris Parrey

      i definitely would chip in to fund it if it was on kickstarter

  • Krug09

    I don’t need to see a 3rd. the second was such a piece of shit. it was laughable…

  • Victor

    LOL Jeepers Creepers came out in 2001 not 1999.

  • Victor

    And I’ve been waiting for this 3rd film to happen! Just make it happen already it does not need a huge budget, go off the budget from the original and make the creeper scare the shit out of us again!

  • Justin Demers

    I really hope this film gets made! I loved Jeepers Creepers, I loved both films, yea the second one didn’t have the intensity of the first, As I found Jeepers Creepers II was more in your face, rather than slowly build but like the first film did, But loved them both equally, it was the first movie, (well not the movie itself, just the Creeper himself) scared the hell out of me. Jeepers Creepers III needs to be made, I’ll be there opening night if it’s released in theatres. 🙂

  • Here for this

  • Adam Clifton

    I hope it gets made. I feel it’s best to continue from the 1st one anyway, having Gina Phillips back as Trish makes it possible

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    meh… I’d rather see another Galaxy Quest.

  • elwyn5150

    The real monster was the director, who had been convicted of molesting the lead actor for an earlier film.

  • Brandon Hunter

    Bring it the fuck on

  • Sandy Derty Asylum

    I would sell my last fucking panties to watch it.I am waiting for part 3 since so long I want to see it

    • Dime

      Just take those Panties off and everything else, and I will take you to see it the second it hits.

  • dgrayson007

    The Creeper was so original i want to see more of his story.

  • Bob Thomas

    Need to show more titties in it…

    • daughterofSatan

      NO NO NO!!! Enough horror movies with titties!!! I love the fact there are no sex scenes in the Jeepers Creepers films! JC 1+2 and the SAW movies are my favourites and neither franchise has sex scenes!!! They aren’t necessary!!!

      • Chaos the chickenborn

        Sex scenes in movies are terrible as it is, that guy just wants titties. take for example a bunch of girls undress before they go skinny dipping or something along those lines, guys love it and woman do to. Not all guys wanna see sex scenes, personally I think that’s a thing they do for woman but that’s just my 2 cents on that subject.

  • Kenneth Tanner

    Well God damn it’s about fucking time for a 3 !
    Hell I’m not getting any younger, Please hurry up and make a 3 and a 4 also

  • Jim Simon

    MGM should contract it out or sell the fucking rights to another studio. Hell Netflix should buy the rights. Such a original horror with all the stupid zombie flicks…. Get a big star who needs a hit, Nicolas Cage, since they can’t seem to make a National Treasure 3…… Hell I’ve watched 3 damned Sharknado movies, Someone please make JC3……

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    I’m ready for the “Creeper”!!! A regenerating “Reptilian”. #WeFinallyWonTheDrYorkCase!!!

  • Mathew Johnson

    Why the fuk are you people supporting a child rapist?

  • nyg54

    what’s the problem getting the financing? the first two movies made about five times their budget

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