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10 Deadliest Horror Movie Villains (By Kill Count)

Buy Costumes has put together a new infographic that takes a look at the 10 most successful horror movie villains…by kill count, of course.

Is Pennywise really number ten? How about ol’ Leprechaun at the 3 spot?

Take a look and tell us, is this list accurate?




  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    They got #1 right, but not much else. Shouldn’t be based on kill count alone, but also their impact on pop culture. Where’s Ghostface and Victor Crowley? Hatchet is newer than all the others, but should’ve at least cracked the top 10.

    • Mightygil

      I dunno Victor Crowley is one of the most polarizing horror characters in existence

      • Adam Clifton

        Yeah? Why’s that?

        • Mightygil

          A lot I read has people split. Many love him but many also hate him, more so than most of the characters listed here

      • Saren Nevac

        Watched the 3rd Hatchet movie and its hilarious as they gave Victor Crowley the growl of a bear. lol.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      If we’re going by impact on pop culture, Victor Crowley is rightfully nowhere near this list.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        I agree. With Crowley’s inclusion though, I was going off what they’re looking at now. Specifically kill count.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Jason killed over 300? That doesn’t sound accurate, unless there’s some big kill scene I’m not thinking of.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      The kids on the boat from Jason Takes Manhattan, and that spaceship he was responsible for blowing up in Jason X.

      • ThunderDragoon

        Ohhh okay. Makes sense now lol.

  • Adam Paquette

    Jason is the best!!!! He will forever be my favorite movie serial killer.

  • Jay Brezzy

    I’m good with leaving Victor Crowley off. He’s a new kid…even though I like part 1 and 2. Jason should be#1.. for sure. +300 kills though…I don’t know. I need proof of that one lol. And…the truth is…the highest kills if any horror movie icon should go to The Blob.I think he’s capable of offing Godzilla to be honest.

  • tyler

    Jigsaw’s signature look is not the doll – it’s actually an old bald man who is dying from cancer.

    • michaeldal65

      Absolutely, and he sort of offers second chances, not changes.

    • OceanSlaughter

      and TECHNICALLY he didn’t kill them. He made contraptions to kill people, but he physically didn’t kill them.

      • John C. Reilly

        Not to mention, I’m almost certain Detective Hoffman killed more people than Jigsaw throughout the series

  • Sean Morrissey

    There is absolutely no way that Jason Vorhees should be rated above Michael Myers strictly based on the fact that Michael was the killer in the original Halloween movie while Jason Vorhees did not appear until the sequel in his franchise, his mother was the killer in Friday the 13th (original). that was also how Drew Berry Moore failed Ghost face’s “trivia” in the original “Scream” movie. ( by the way Ghost Face…at least the original Ghost Face(‘s) should have been on this list)

    • AngelasDong

      Did you pay attention to the article at all? Its based solely on the kill counts, not the back stories that every single person on this site would be fully aware of.

  • Sean Morrissey

    and by the way i just now noticed that “Leprachaun” was ahead of Freddy Kruegar, the movie that involves my all time favorite heroin Nancy Thompson. what is going on with this post BloodyDisgusting??? you were my most actuate site on source information for the past seven years until tonite. There’s been a very simple formula to follow since 1978, Michael>Jason>Freddy.

    • Travis

      What are you even talking about? It’s about kill counts. Do you read or just look at the pictures?

  • Waveboy

    Since when did Freddy have a Red and ‘grey’ sweater? 😛

  • Melissa

    Actually the Tall Man is number one. He wiped out whole towns. You don’t see all the kills on Screen but movie 4, he is well into the thousands….I agree with the others. Victor Crowley has killed more people than Kruger according to this. Victor Crowley. I would put Victor Crowley in the top horror movie villains of all time. It’s rare in the 2000’s of his caliber.

  • Michael James

    How about the guy in The Collector / The Collection. Wiped out a whole rave.

    • Rick-Taylor

      That’s cause he’s a hero in that scene, not a villain. lol

      • Jon Chamberlain

        Why is the hero? he set the trap then crushed the escapees :/ Here’s hoping the collected sees the light of day

  • G.A. McGillivray

    I wasn’t expecting to see the killer from the Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt) Trilogy here – but nonetheless – I think that’s an excellent series with lots of great kills.

    +1 for Victor Crowley. He has more kills than many on this list – and should be in the ‘deadliest’ top 10.

  • Darkness69

    Pennywise killed way more in Derry – every thirty years.

  • Ivan Camacho

    where did they get that the Leprechaun real name is Lubin?

  • CG

    There are 13 Friday movies? Im only counting 12

  • jdt827

    This is a decent list. But it’s upsetting Jigsaw makes this list and Ghostface doesn’t. However, I do see a lot of strong opinions on Victor Crowley not being on the list. Since my opinion is superior to everyone else’s I’m going to veto all votes for Hatchet. He’s just not up there with the big boys. I’m sorry guys, but I’ve made my decision.

  • Hamilcar Racho

    how bout Victor Crowley of Hatchet?? and Death himself on Final Destination??

  • wehoaks

    They clearly based this list on which costumes they sell. It’s basically an ad. Also fuck hatchet and that Jason wannabe victor.

  • Crooked Mile

    Candyman is an awful movie. Much like myself, as a 12yr old boy, I thought it was great. 20 years later, it is garbage. It’s remarkably bad.

  • Christensen

    There are so many inaccuracies here it’s cringeworthy

  • diapers

    It would be far better to arrive at a ratio for each murderer: number of kills divided by number of films, to normalize the kill count. That being said, Jason fucking rules.

  • OceanSlaughter

    Jason was clearly not fucking around.

    • ohitsmerenz

      He was making a point

  • Sean Williams

    not a huge fan and i may be wrong… but what about Scream? different killers each time i guess, scratch that idea haha

  • Full Frontal Squashing

    You lost me at Lubin….. for f@$& sakes!

  • Grimphantom

    The Creeper should be on the list, i mean he been killing ALONG TIME and we have seen a ton of bodies in the first movie.

  • Evan3

    Hard to believe that Victor Crowley has dispatched less than 9 people through three films, and he is certainly as obscure a character as Pennywise.

  • theterryr

    How ’bout the kid from Rampage and Rampage Capital Punishment? Bunch o’ meat ground on those two.

  • Josh Teeter

    I think this list should go strictly by the deaths/bodies that we see on screen. With that in mind, I do not think Jason has over 300 kills, nor Myers 111. Am I wrong?

    • Josh Teeter

      Besides….I think John matrix and Rambo have more kills than all of them….lol

    • Hanzo Hasashi

      Right and wrong. Michael Myers kill count is at 111 because of Rob zombies two movies. Jason does not have over 300 kills though.. It’s 150+..

  • phoenixrising75

    A few errors in here. Jigsaw’s “signature look” is false. That’s not Jigsaw, that’s Billy the Puppet. Also Freddy’s sweater is red and green, not red and grey

  • Tommy

    Hmm, sorry, but this list is screwed. Mainly because of one scene in Hellraiser 3. This list has Pinhead at like 35 kills. Did someone forget about the scene in 3 when Pinhead kills an entire nightclub full of people at one time?!?

  • Dawn Byers

    Freddy’s sweater is red and green, not red and gray. Wes Craven chose that because he read that red and green next to each other were the two hardest colors for the human eye to process.

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