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The New ‘Poltergeist’ Has Been Rated By the MPAA


Poltergeist has been rated PG-13 for “intense frightening sequences, brief suggestive material, and some language.” But that’s okay. The original was rated PG.

Gil Keenan directs the new Poltergeist, allegedly a pseudo-sequel, that will open in theaters on July 24, 2015.

To be released in 3-D, Jared Harris will play Carrigan, a larger than life TV personality who left the world of academia behind to become the star host of basic cable TV show “Haunted House Cleaners.”

Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino and Jane Adams also star.

Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (producer) reimagines and contemporizes the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.

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  • Khy

    Hope to see a trailer in the not too distant future. Things about this has been eerily silent. Maybe that’s a good thing. We’ll see

    • Matt Aaron Harper

      There won’t be a trailer this year. After “The Conjuring” made huge money in the summer, a few different horror flicks were pushed into July spots. It didn’t work out this year for the underrated “Deliver Us From Evil,” but that was a dark, very R-rated movie so that wasn’t a surprise. “Poltergeist” has name recognition, isn’t a straight up remake, and a decent cast. It should do well in summer. Trailer in spring.

  • “Contemporizes?” What – is the absence of smartphones and instagram just too much to endure for millennials?

  • Josh Diesel

    Uh, yea and PG movies were a little different back then. Even PG-13 movies back then were much harder edged.

    • taxim99

      PG-13 didn’t even exist when this movie was made. That happened when Gremlins and Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom came out I’m sure this would have been PG-13 for ‘frightening images’ and the parents smoking a joint in the bedroom if today’s ratings board had their way.

      • Adam

        In today’s ratings climate Poltergeist may have even pushed an R. Look at The Conjuring. That got an R for “sequences of disturbing violence and terror” and I would say the original Poltergeist contains imagery far more disturbing than anything we got in The Conjuring.

  • Adam Clifton

    It’s not okay. It’s a remake. *fart noise*

  • ThunderDragoon

    Trailer, please. 😀

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Nice. My anticipation has not wavered one bit. I’d like to think we’re all adults, or at least mature, and hope this article can survive comments lambasting PG-13 Horror.

    You know those people who criticize non-R rated Horror? Stay far, far away from them.

  • Weresmurf

    Wait… its filmed already?

  • I am sorry but the original “Poltergeist” should be not rated PG. The image of that f****** clown scares me till today!

    • Tim Nuttall

      Not to mention the rotting face bit!

  • KieraAydemireom

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  • brewers_rule

    I wonder if this take will address at all the fact that poltergeists typically stem from tween girls for some bizarre reason? That’d be an interestingly fresh take that could resonate as I don’t believe it’s been tackled on film before. As far as the rating goes, I’m of the mind you don’t need an R rating to truly scare people if you have a good writer and creative team around the project. Most Asian horror movies are freaking scary and don’t honestly need the R rating.

  • Scurgar

    If the original Poltergeist came out today it would be rated R. Just look at The Conjuring; no gore, no nudity, no excessive cursing, not even any drug use and it was rated R. The PG-13 rating for the remake should have everyone worried this is going to be awful (of course everyone should already be worried about it being awful since it’s a remake).

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