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Who Will Direct ‘Leatherface,’ the ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Prequel? (Exclusive)

Leatherface HD Desktop Background

We exclusively broke the news for Bloody Disgusting readers that a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre was in the works – one that it would tell of Leatherface’s teenage years.

Our scoop was confirmed, further adding that Seth M. Sherwood would be penning Leatherface, which would take place before Tobe Hooper’s 1974 cult classic, making it a massive franchise prequel.

Millennium Films, who was behind the 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D, is once again producing with Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman and Carl Mazzacone, for Lionsgate.

Bloody Disgusting has received exclusive inside Intel that Millennium has been taking meetings with directors over the past few weeks. While many would excite you guys, here’s the two “teams” they’re targeting.

From what I’m being told, Millennium’s top choice are Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the duo behind the slasher masterpiece Inside (À l’intérieur), as well as Livide and the forthcoming Among the Living. The duo were also courted for New Line Cinema’s A Nightmare On Elm Street years ago.

Also on Millennium’s radar are Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, who helmed the absolutely incredible indie Starry Eyes, to be released by MPI/Dark Sky Films this coming November. You’ll see that these guys have serious slasher potential.

It should be clear that, as we’re told, neither party has signed on as of this writing, and that these are Millennium’s top choices. As always in Hollywood, things can change in an instant. Keep it here for official word as it comes in.

Who would you like to see behind the camera for Leatherface?

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  • Have people learned nothing from Rob Zombies Halloween?…Giving Monsters of unspeakable evil a back story RUINS everything about horror…Explaining that Leatherface was a Bullied weakling with Aspergers and a weirdo home life does nothing to improve the series.

    • RiesenRatte

      Yeah, because 80% of the people who look foreward to this feel shockingly related to the guy 😉

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      Especially when there was already a prequel to the remake in 2006 called “Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Beginning”. This is beyond ridiculous !

      • Adam Clifton

        That movie was a prequel to the remake. This new one is a prequel to the original series. It’ll confuse the morons, but they’ll be confused no matter what so it doesn’t matter

        • Nicolas Caiveau

          Yes, that’s what I said, a prequel “to the remake”. I know it’s different, but it won’t help selling it.

  • Julian Nunez

    Kind of sucks that foreign genre directors seem to only get remakes. Would love to see something original for an american film from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo.

    • Travis

      Agreed. Plus, they passed up on TNOES remake because they wanted to do original work. I’m not sure they’ll take this project on. I can’t even decide if this movie sounds interesting.

  • *flushes toilet*

  • Miranda

    A prequel is so unnecessary.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I hope they’ll pass on this one. I love those 2 directors, we don’t have that many great horror movies directors in France. We had Alexandre Aja, but he only makes american movies now. We have them and the one who made Martyrs.

    • parsyeb

      Yeah, but Aja’s films, Martyrs (and The Tall Man), and Inside are the best horror stuff of the past 2 decades. Xavier Gens is really great as well (altho I fear he’s English-language only as well).

      Keep producing great horror directors, France. The world needs you!

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        If you like French horror movies, watch “Aux Yeux des Vivants” , the latest film from Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury who made “A l’intérieur”(Inside) and “Livide”.

  • David Tucker

    I’d rather see their film Livide. Did that ever get released?


      Years ago, but the enlish subtitles kill the movie. Unless you speak french you’re stuck reading a very poor attempt at the english language. It was like reading yodas version of english.

      • David Tucker

        Lame. I’d just like to see it at this point… it doesn’t look like it was ever made available on DVD in the US.

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      It’s actually a quite good movie, though less good than “A l’intérieur”. Their latest movie is quite good too “Aux yeux des vivants”. I have no idea about their releases in USA, but you can probably find them online with fansub.

  • MadCows

    My pick is with the Inside guys!

  • Khy

    Inside guys please. I remember when they were also contenders to direct H2 before Zombie came back. Please be the Inside dudes, they’ll probably be the last hope at this movie actually being decent. *crosses fingers so hard they bleed*

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    what a terrible idea. i don’t care who’s directing, nobody wants to see a teenage leatherface. we’re going from leatherface to pizzaface? no thanks.

  • Ethan

    I had no idea they were wanted for NOES. Now I’m really upset they didn’t do it.

    • Khy

      I had no idea either. I knew they were in the running for H2 before Zombie decided to return, but I never knew about ANOES.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      They wanted to rewrite the script, but PD said no. They wanted to do something really different, a movie about a pedo stalking kids. PD called them crazy and told them they wanted to do a mainstream movie.

  • I wonder if Leatherface went to high school. I guess we’ll get to find out.

  • Randall Robinson

    I hate when unrelated sequels, prequels, or remakes derail franchises. The original TCM is a masterpiece. Loved Hooper’s hokey sequel. But the third movie (even though it’s quite good) completely ignores the second film, confusing anyone expecting a congruent storyline. I seriously doubt another prequel will help the franchise. Perhaps Hooper should stop directing bad movies like Crocodile and Mortuary and direct a true TCM III. Is that too farfetched? Of course it is. But, damn, the guy sure had “chops” back in the day.

    • Frank

      Yea! He did Poltergeist for Christsake! Why not go out strong?

      • Randall Robinson

        Salem’s Lot and The Funhouse were good too. Maybe not Poltergeist or TCM level but good nonetheless. What happened to him?

  • REC03

    i absolutely love the directors of Inside and love the original TCM. however this project sounds so unappealing. i don’t care about Leatherface’s teen years and TCM 3D was a hot mess.

  • Frank

    Does this even need to be done? I mean if its done right, its going to be about a hulking mentally retarded kid who eats people, how far can that go? Plus didn’t they make a prequel? Yes! That movie sucked a hard cock!

    • michaeldal65

      “That movie sucked a hard cock!” Is that an insult or a compliment?

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Yuck, this franchise has been getting fucked since the 80’s! At this point these guys are getting sloppy sixths. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Each of the original sequels ignore each other, and only connect with the original. Then there’s the remake and prequel, which exist in their own continuity. Then there’s the 3D movie. Gross huh?

    Just quit. Just leave. You’re done.

    • Khy

      I just really would like to have sat in the production meeting for this movie. I need to know what possessed them to think doing yet another prequel was a smart idea. 3D sucked, but a sequel to that would make sense than this tripe. That said, I’m surprised at the directors they have lined up for this. Seriously I don’t know what the fuck to think anymore lol

  • They have literally killed Leatherface. Besides the original and the remake(yes I loved it despite its flaws!), everything else has been so dumb, that I have no idea why they carry on. The Texas chainsaw massacre 3D was just an abomination and the beginning was just so plainfully awful.

  • deathmonger420 .

    TCM3D was horrible. all the other ones I really liked.

  • scooby279 .

    Texas Chainsaw 3D was a great movie, I loved it! I think a backstory about Leatherface would be really good!

    • Merlo1980

      That is a terrible idea! The only good chainsaw movie is the original and why that movie was so scary was because of how little we knew about the Leatherface and why he was doing these terrible things. Any kind of Character development for Leatherface just makes him lass scary, like he was in 3d! That movie sucked!

  • Troy Saling

    Only saving grace–possible Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo

  • Krug09

    I don’t have much problems with sequels or remakes but how come we don’t get any new good slasher villains anymore?

  • Stoibs

    The more pertinent question is, who cares? Maury and Bustillio need to run, and I mean fast.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m not a big fan of prequels, but this could be good.

  • wehoaks

    Jesus this series is a fucking mess. Now a prequel. A teenage Leatherface. Christ. This series timeline isn’t even correct anymore. So are we gonna get a 1960’s teen Leatherface who can’t stand hippie culture or an early 90’s grunge Leatherface that is tormented by cool kids in acid wash jeans? (You know, since 3D retconned te original to having taken place on 1993/94) The development meetings for this film would be so juicy to watch with these monkeys at work.

    • Man_of_Sin

      They didn’t retcon it to take place in 1993/94. There were papers saying it took place in the 70s. Which just leaves a massive plot hole.

      • wehoaks

        If you notice all the years on the front page of the newspapers are blacked out. We are led to believe with technology they use etc that the movie takes place in modern day. With heather being about twenty then it’s perfectly safe to assume the opening was 1993/1994. Either way huge plot hole.

        • Man_of_Sin

          Watch BadMoveBadDown’s review on it. There is a part of the paper where it isn’t blacked out and blatantly says “1973”.

          • wehoaks

            Interesting. Either way they done fucked it up.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I’d rather them pick up from 3D and continue on from there honestly. It’s the only true sequel there’s ever been to the original (although I sort of count part 2 because of Jim Siedow I guess). But, despite whether you hated 3D or loved it, I think there’s more to be done with continuing on than there is starting over (again) and doing another prequel.

    • wehoaks

      If it were a true sequel they should have gotten the fucking timeline right at least.

  • brian m

    make him not talk much make him be in shop class making things out of leather make him fall in love with the new girl in town and go crazy at a teens Halloween house party
    p.s. he needs to be pick on see the bully with the girl he loves also make him skinny and eat a lot have him say one day ill be bigger maybe family picks on him two

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      He needs a Slipknot t-shirt too!!

      • brian m

        ya that work maybe he reading some horror comic book with chainsaw laying in bed with slipknot t-shirt playing some heavy metal just out of the blue his mom comes in and says that the devil music hits him p.s. sorry bad grammar

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          And she should be like “Oh you’re just like your father!” and throws his favorite chainsaw away so he has to work at the slaughterhouse to save up for a new one.

          • brian m

            ya they can also make fun of him 4 working at the slaughterhouse bully line you enjoy killing animals freak stay the hell away from the new girl the only freak she needs is one in the sheets high five his bully friend push him to the locker but to be Texas chainsaw we need build fear he 16 maybe he keeps a chainsaw in his school locker it will build that level of fear we need before the massacre

          • iM Vuze

            That story you two just created sounds terrible. Simply terrible.

          • Merlo1980

            This is terrible! I think you guys just wrote the worst movie in history!

  • Raul Calvo

    This movie sounds like a really, really bad idea. Like the first boring hour of Rob Zombie’s Halloween but extended to full movie for Leatherface. The only “real” sequel to me is the one directed by Hooper, there the story comes to an end, the rest are worthless soft remakes.

  • Maury and Bustillo should not waste their talent with this crap.

  • joelwaters

    Alex Aja

  • parsyeb

    To those bitching about series chronology, I would ask, “Who gives a shit?” TCM 2 has very little to do with TCM 1, but it’s still a half-masterpiece. Sure, “Leatherface” and “The New Generation” suck, but it has nothing to do with their abandoning continuity and everything to do with being generic, by-the-numbers studio product. (hell, I’ll get behind Leatherface, if it comes to it, as well as the recent sequel).

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      I give a shit ! Without continuity, I don’t care in a sequel, it’s like it doesn’t count as it doesn’t feel like a real continuation of the original movie. I can live with a few inconsistencies, but this saga has no continuity at all, each sequel ignore the previous one, it’s beyond ridiculous. Even Friday the 13 have a better timeline !

      • parsyeb

        There are some series that I think having a strong timeline for is a good thing. Phantasm, for example, has a really strong film-to-film continuity, as do some of the Puppet Master and Hellraiser films, but the joy of sequels lies primarily in their ability to go fuck-all crazy, so Hellraiser 3, while not having much to do with the overall narrative, is super super fun, whereas Nightmare on Elm Street 5, which is obsessively tied to developing Freddy’s mythos, is boring as all get out.

        An interesting example in this case is the Saw series, which bend over backwards to somehow impose continuity over a whole host of ill-advised plot twists (to the point that entire movies exist just to solve the continuity issues).

        In the end, I’m not expecting anything like the Hooper Texas Chainsaw movies, but give me some Southern fried local color crap, some slasher stuff, and Leatherface, and I’m good for a content hour and a half.

        • Nicolas Caiveau

          I don’t necessarily need many references to previous movies in a franchise. It can essentially consist of standalone movies and still please me, just don’t contradict what happened before. I don’t mind small continuity issues like an actor doesn’t have the same haircut…. But with TCM, I’m under the impression that each new movie tells me that I watched the previous one for nothing as it is ignore by the new one. At least the 2003 remake and its prequel have a real continuity between them. TCM 3D not only did retcon every sequel/remake/prequel that came after the original but is not even consistent with it ! A total disaster ! The movie clearly takes place in 2012, yet the girl, supposedly born during the original movie is around 20 yo, should be 40… Unless they pretend the original took place in the 90’s ? Or this new movie takes place in the 90’s ? With I Phones ? I hated it ! ><

          Only TCM Next Gen was worse IMO.

  • Dylan Summers

    I fully respect the original and Texas Chainsaw 3D wasn’t entirely bad but am I the only one who would’ve actually preferred them to continue with the Texas Chainsaw remake series? I know that The Beginning really kind of tainted the good the remake achieved but I still felt that series had more potential over the original series which has gotten BEYOND confusing with all the different sequels/reboots/prequels.

  • Merlo1980

    I think by doing this stupid origin story they are ruining any chance at finally making a good TCM movie! I have no problem with sequels, prequels or re-boots if they are DONE WELL! When you try to create a back story for a character like Leatherface it takes away the mystery and the terror. Origin stories should be for the victims not the killer! Hollywood execs need to sit down and watch that film and really look at what was scary about it! It’s more than just Leatherface I know but he was a big part of it! I have tried my best to get the attention of chainsaw fans with my TCM prequel concept film “First Annual Barbecue” Here’s a link to the trailer,

  • Zombié Rodan

    so.. which pop/hiphop/rap singer are they going to throw into the film this time to get some extra cash? Gaga? Lil Wayne? Bruno Marz? argh.. this is why I prefer sequels and prequels to be straight to home entertainment rather than cinema, because most people going into it aren’t going to know the original film and it lets them fill it up with ‘hip’ stars and soundtrack and change the story around, remove any references that only fans would care about.

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