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House For Sale Includes PREDATORS?!

The below imgur user came across this house listing that carried quite a surprise.

Apparently, the Swedish homeowner is obsessed with Predator.

The house is listed with the following images that show Predator heads mounted on walls (and even a xenomorph from Alien), giant Predator replica statues, and even a home theater built to look like the Predator spaceship.

I don’t care who owns this place so long as I can stay there. Who here is buying it? I’ll bring the honey whiskey and pizza….

  • Nick Carton

    Screw the Predator theme, this house seems to some kind of Tardis dealy. A tiny tin hut on the outside and a mansion on the inside

    • The place with the disco ball is clearly the attic. and the other parts are on one side of the house, while the rest is kitchen/living/bedrooms. The pictures make it seem bigger than it is, I’m sure.

      • Nick Carton

        Ah dude you had to go and ruin it for me.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          Here you can watch the video of it:

    • Frank

      Maddog! Thumbs up!

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    How does all of that fit into that small hut?

    • Roceifin Nye

      im guessing a lot of it is underground.
      which is pretty cool.

      and it looks like it has an elevator. so its probably got 3 levels to the house underground.
      even more cool.

      • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

        Here is the video:

    • Frank

      I’m thinking different design for basement, main floor, attic. Pictures taken with the right lens giving the illusion of wide spaces. Still, its a great idea and look for such a small place.

  • Stay at home mother

    Well it may be in Sweden but that is so a Tardis house!!!!!!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s amazing.

  • Kellithrya The-Impaler Keenan

    Dear God.

  • Adam Clifton

    That’s so cool. If I had the money…

  • Tigernan Quinn

    It’s just the one room – only heads on the walls in the rest, and those come down easy – and in the Predator room it’s all paneling and a drop ceiling, that room would look normal in ten minutes. The disco attic is the much harder re-do, because you’d have to rip out that raised flooring if you wanted to do anything proper with that space.

    • Gabriel Monet Vareschi

      the point is that you dont redo it….

  • sliceanddice

    whats the asking price?

  • Mark Daniel Johansen

    Wow, really? I think such a house would be amusing to visit once, but I can’t imagine actually wanting to live there. You’d have to love a movie an awful lot to want to live it every day.

  • For me it looks awesome but I have a feeling it will not be an easy sell the way the house is. People can be very closed minded and so explaining to a none Predator fan all you have to do is remove the heads and do this, etc. won’t cut it. He may very well end up selling it for a lot less than originally anticipated.

  • Adam Armstrong

    If I can get a Visa and rent the place I’ll move.

  • Our Noble Hero

    Is there anyway we can start a fund to try and save it. A Predator fan club fund or something? That house is incredible.

  • william Stalker

    AVP shit? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh an asshole with alot of money.

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