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‘The Crow’ Remake Has Yet Another Director

Relativity Studios is flying from director to director attempting to get their long-gestured The Crow remake off the ground. Who’s the latest?

Corin Hardy is the latest name to take on James O’Barr’s “The Crow,” which you think would be an easy task, considering their rebooting directly from the graphic novel.

The Crow is about a murdered man who comes back for revenge, which was first brought to the screen by director Alex Proyas and the late actor Brandon Lee.

Deadline explains that Hardy replaces F. Javier Gutiérrez, who was attached but signed on to the direct the next installment of The Ring franchise. That made him unavailable to helm The Crow, which is slated for a spring production start with a script by Cliff Dorfman.

Hardy made his live action feature directing debut on The Hallow, a film that will be released next year and before that he drew acclaim for helming the animated short “Butterfly” (watch this below) and for directing music videos for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Biffy Clyro, Keane, Paolo Nutini and The Prodigy.



  • Let it rest. “The crow” should be untouched in my opinion. The first one had fantastic visuals, great atmosphere,BL was just Eric Draven and Top Dollar a kick ass villain. Do I need to mention the atmospheric music of Graeme Revell and the awesome soundtrack? If they do remake it, no PG-13 and but not go overboard with the violence.

  • Greg Ranzoni

    What part of “No” don’t you understand.

  • Darkness69

    Argh. I hope it somehow stays in development hell until I die.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    The reason why I am skeptical is because the movie has been remade THREE TIMES thru it’s sequels. Seriously, besides a few character swaps, the four movies are almost exactly the same on the paper. Who pays top-dollar to see the same story over and over again in cheaper and cheaper format?

    I’m not even keen on the first film. I love revenge-movies, but to me, the original Crow has a lot of what I don’t like having in a revenge-movie;
    It’s uneven, it’s sappy, it doesn’t have proper logic to it, it’s supernatural elements are too thin and accepted, it’s angsty as hell, there’s no satisfaction when he kills the villains (because most of them doesn’t even realize how fucked they are) and it’s downright preachy at times.

    I actually prefer Salvation over the original, because there they at least give a proper explanation to those facial marks.

    • Manle Nai

      As far as revenge films…aren´t they all angsty? Unless you mean in a teeny sort of a way in which case I might disagree with you as far as the first Crow film. As far as there being no satisfaccion after he kills the villains…is there really supposed to be? Does one expect the one seeking revenge after he has been VERY badly fucked to go and party after he kills the bad guy especially after the “bad guy” is basically just a sick fuck? I will agree with you that the sequels are just badly done done rehashes, in a way of the same story but then you could say the same about many revenge-type films. The difference lies in the execution of the plot, acting, directing, etc.

      • Jonathan Larsson

        The original The Crow is like Twilight without Bella.

  • Krug09

    Why do they have to rehash the same story. Make a new movie with the only similarity being The Crow and/or Skull Cowboy brings them back. Otherwise just let this thing die.

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