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New ‘Friday the 13th’ to Take Place In the 1980’s?!

Portuguese site Omelete caught up with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form who revealed a shocker about the forthcoming Friday the 13th, which was rumored to be a remake and to be released in 3-D.

“We did a reboot in 2009 and now in 2014 we are focusing on a different story of Jason,” says the rough translation. “This will not be a continuation of the 2009 film nor a remake of the original It’s just a different story.

But the big news was hiding within the story, where the site claims that were told that “the film will likely take place during the 80’s because the producers want to recover the feel of the first film.”

I’ve always thought that the first film carried a found-footage feel to it, especially since half the movie is told through the eyes of Pamela Voorhees. It’ll be interesting to see what direction is taken, although I relish in the idea that they’re thinking outside of the box. We don’t need another polished, generic slasher. Jason deserves better than that.

David Bruckner, who directed some of The Signal and our V/H/S, is directing.

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  • Jess Hicks

    Finally some decent news about this thing

  • boaaa82 .

    Hell yeah i’m feeling it

  • Dirceu Castro

    So good news!!

  • Rafael Goulart

    A small correction: Omelete is a Brazilian site, not Portuguese. The producers are here in Brazil attending the Comic Con Experience.

  • Francesco Falciani

    some solid news…now the prodution starting date…or they’ll miss the november 2015 date

    • Khy

      Lol Exactly, that’s all I wanna hear. Give me a shooting date.

  • Nvidiatroll

    Liking what I’ve read about this so far, gotta love the 80’s vibe…

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Nah, I don’t believe you. Until I see a quote like the one in this very article, I’ll just assume you gleefully misinterpreted for hits.

  • wehoaks

    I hope that’s true because then maybe it can fall into the timeline of the original films. I also think that this falls in line with what I heard in them still using a tad bit of found footage via old school hand held cameras.

  • This better not be found footage, if it is I’m out.

  • Khy

    Interesting, sounds like they may FINALLY have a concept/idea they want to do. Hopefully this will launch into action over the next month, they still have time to hit the November date but they need to move fast.

  • Javi Simon

    Taking the 80s route gives them a lot of ground to cover. Like, what happened as Jason grew between his drowning and his killing spree in part 2? How did he get back from Manhattan to Crystal Lake? But, then again, what about the new “Friday the 13th” TV show? I feel like these are topics that would be better covered on the small screen. Either way, I’ll be glad as long as long as Jason never finds himself in a found-footage film. Mr. Disgusting, I’m not sure if you were referring to the remake when you said “another polished slasher” (I very much enjoyed the remake), but an 80s Friday sure as hell can’t be polished. It needs to be gritty and grainy with Alice Cooper on the soundtrack. Make it using the same technology they would have used back then. Imagine that for a marketing strategy. A real throwback.

    • Chris Veal

      real question how did he ride a boat from a lake to Manhattan in the first place lol

  • dopepope

    To me, Jason has become so iconic, that the idea of the character has surpassed the idea of the films. He’s sort of like Godzilla, in that any future film might be cool to see, but probably won’t live up to the idea we have compounded into our nostalgic minds. The character of Jason is far better than the films that include him. much like Godzilla. Which means, it’s possible to get a good future film with these characters, but it’s unlikely. While I’m a fan of the new GODZILLA, the 2009 Friday film wasn’t very good to me. but it was cool to see Jason again, and I was happy they didn’t alter his look much.

  • Guest

    Finally they give us an update on this movie..bout time.

  • Jake Robinson

    Just give us snow at CCL. The same jason from part 7. And lots of violence & blood.

    • Khy

      Now that would be epic.

    • J Jett

      Jake HELL YES!! i’m dying (no pun!) for a winter/snowy set F13 film. so much so. although i must disagree regarding Jason. i absolutely hate slow/lumbering, anyone can outrun zombie Jason. i’m praying they bring back fantastic Derek Mears as human, fast, intense Jason.

      • Jake Robinson

        Really? I loved zombie Jason. I like the fact you can’t kill whats already dead. Plus i just like the more dominant unhuman power Zombie Jason has lol. But I loved Derek Mears in the reboot. He done an awesome job for sure. I hope they bring him back too lol.

      • Jason’s disciple

        I think that they should go back and get Mr.Kane Hodder to play Jason Voorhees again he was the best to ever do it next to Mr.CJ Graham from pt.6 Jason Lives.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    This is a good idea, and a good time to make it. A lot of media these days seems to revisit old movies and carefully recreate the feelings and environment. Examples: Alien Isolation, Terminator Genesys and Jurassic World.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Im all for it if they want to set Jason back in an open Camp Crystal Lake slaughtering the campers. We haven’t had that kind of slasher on the big screen in ages.

    • Khy

      And considering this is the 13th film that would be PERFECT. I wanted this film in particular to be traditional, look like it may happen. Hopefully more news soon.

  • Dave

    If they want it set in the 80s, why not make a direct sequel to Friday the 13th part 8? Or ignore certain sequels, and make a sequel to part 4 for example.

  • EvilHead1981

    A NEW Ft13 set in the 80s… I’m there. Gotta love the 80s. Wouldn’t mind seeing another stab at the NOES, set in the 80s as well. Something about that decade that gels well with horror. It was the most experimental(genre-wise) and was the brink between old style and new style.

    I just wonder how they are going to deal with the setting. Is it going to be the over-spoof of the decade(like That 80s Show tried to be), is it going to try to genuinely capture the era(which isn’t hard to do), or is it going for the “everything’s going to look modern, and it fairly SHOULD be set in modern times because of it, but because a few cues and pop culture name drops, it’s the 80s”(It’s the equivalent of getting a bunch of hipsters, dressing them in “Frankie Says Relax” and day glow shirts and calling that “80s”). I’m curious.

  • Grimphantom

    When he mentioned ” found-footage” we know it’s a bad sign. Just as long that the 80’s atmosphere is there it will be interesting.

    btw i do hope they consider having Jason look similar to part 3 and 4 appearance. The 2009 version had a bit too Freddy vs. Jason, not saying it was bad but personally i didn’t find him that menacing

  • Shit

    SO here for an 80’s setting! Hell even 90’s sounds good lol

    • Khy

      Lol a 90s Friday would be interesting as we never had one, not counting JGTH of course lol

    • Waveboy

      early 80’s would be best. hell I wish ALL new movies were set in the fucking 80’s. The 2000’s suck beyond belief.

  • A girl in HIGH DEFINITION getting killed with CGI blood. “But she was listening to a walkman, dis is old school!”

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Practice karate on your roof.

      • I would, but I’d rather get reenact the karate scene from Nightmare On Elm Street 4.

    • NixEclips

      Omg thanks for the laugh! That was perfect.

  • J Jett

    i LOVE the idea of setting this in the 80’s but for fuck’s sake NO FOUND FUCKING FOOTAGE!! they really could set this in any time period (can you imagine a 1920’s Jason? LOL) and i’ll be fine with it but if it’s found footage, it will (for me) instantly ruin the movie. i simply hate FF films that much and won’t watch them. i tried AS BELOW SO ABOVE but fast forwarded though 95% of it because of the way it was filmed.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I said this a while ago, I think the new F13 should be like a long lost F13 sequel from the 80’s. This would be AMAZING!

  • Adam Clifton

    Then they should use the cameras that were used when filming Friday the 13th in the 80s, not this digital shit now. That’s why it looks so polished. Everyone from Platinum Dunes look like they stepped off a catwalk, it’s so fake. But… since this has Platinum Dunes’ stink all over it again, I don’t have much hope for this. Which is weird because I’m a huge Jason fan

    • Marvin Blanco

      Most of the filmstocks used during the 80s (if not all) are now discontinued as well as some of the cameras from the era and lighting equipment, so getting the same look from prior films would have to be done in Post even if film was used.

      • Rob

        Marvin, that is simply not true.. The old 13th films were shot on Panavision cameras and 35mm film. All that stuff is easily (although not cheaply) rented. There are still tons of places to get film still, the big makers of film still carry it..

        I personally think they should shoot on Super 8 or Super 16 like the original Texas Chainsaw from Hooper in 73′.

        As too the lighting, I work grip and gaff in LA and you can still get the same lights today as back then.. The problem, they are old and now prone to overheating and popping bulbs. There is not one thing that was used back then for film making that you cannot get today. The difference is, you have to pick and choose according to what the story says.

        • Marvin Blanco

          I know 35mm is still alive, my point was that most of the filmstocks used during the 80s are simply not made anymore since new film has been developed (more sensitive, lighter grain, more natural color reproduction, etc.) so giving that exact same look (grainy, soft, magenta/cyan palette) would require some polishing in post, but hey, even in the 80s, films had color retouched in post. Oh well, my bad.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I like the sound of this. Definitely off to a good start. Now don’t f*ck it up.

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    Omelete is a Brazilian site, not a Portuguese one. Get your sources right!

  • Rob

    We also don’t NEED a found footage pile of garbage either.. You want something fresh, but maintains the originality of the first…. Hire me…. No found footage film is awesome, and only a couple are ok….. The Bay, Troll Hunter…. yeah and that is about it….. The rest…. God Awful.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      I wouldn’t hire you to breath.

      • Colin

        I wouldn’t hire you to spell “breathe”.

        • Rob


        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          I’m such a dope.

          (Please tell me you’re hiring for ‘dope’)

      • Rob

        Whats your fucking problem, your mom not touch you enough when you were young. You bash everyone on here.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          She touched me TOO much.

          It was my fucking dad that was holding out on me. 🙁

          • Rob

            Well at least you can make fun of yourself, so you’re not all bad.. Just partially..

    • J Jett

      Rob, i really liked or loved REC 1, REC 2, THE BAY and TROLL HUNTER (and i thought CHRONICLE was very good too) but other than those films i agree w/ you. FF films blow.

      • Rob

        Sorry, REC 1 and 2 were interesting stories in themselves, but I love being able to see the scare, someone running away from something I can’t see and the camera jerking, just not my thing. Granted some folks like em, I don’t . Chronicle again, an interesting idea, but as a found footage… COuld have been better. I hated all the Paranormal films, mainly cause they are boring.. 20 minutes watching the kitchen to see a pan move.. UGG.

        • J Jett

          Rob, don’t get me wrong, i would be 100% happy if there was never a FF type of film ever made again. lol. i despise the hand held/FF type of film absolutely. if this new F13 movie is done in FF/hand held style i will be both UBER-pissed and really bummed out because it will be the first F13 movie that i refuse to watch (i loved the reboot). so i’m with you on this 100%.

          • TheAcidSkull

            Pretty much with you on this one. If they want a found footage film they should butcher the F13 franchise.
            I just wish they would continue where the reboot left off.

        • TheWorst

          Guys, I know you’re resisting POV. But, it’s the most effective way to elicit a visceral reaction. That’s because it’s borderline simulation. It convinces your brain into believing what you’re looking at is real / actually happening (when done correctly, as in NOT a stationary shot on a kitchen for 20 minutes.)

          Look at how excited everyone got for GTA V getting first person mode. Imagine that with the Oculus Rift. But with photo real graphics. Now imagine it’s Camp Crystal Lake. And it’s in 3D. It’s night and you’re walking around the camp under the light of the moon. There are timed events taking place all around the camp and there are triggered events waiting for you to walk into them. And somewhere at any moment, Jason could step out from behind a tree and bury his machete in your face.

          I would never leave the game, to the detriment of my health.

          I believe that’s the future of entertainment / horror.

          We’ve got Until Dawn + Oculus Rift + Friday the 13th 3D (if it actually is.)

          Resisting it will only make it take longer to get to us.

  • Rob

    Ohh and Kevin Bacon should have a cameo… LOL

    • Javi Simon

      He should play the crazy old man!

      • disqus_5tZeK6m88e

        Haha!That would be awesome.

      • diapers


  • Marys

    “I’ve always thought that the first film carried a found-footage feel to it, especially since half the movie is told through the eyes of Pamela Voorhees.”

    Point of view is not found footage. Diegetization of the camera is.

    • S.

      Perhaps that is why the writer made sure to say “found-footage FEEL to it”. A feel. Not IS.

      • Marys

        If you prefer; to associate point of view shots with a feel of found footage is incorrect in most cases because of the lack of diegetization of the camera in POV shots. This diegetization being the one common factor of all found footage films. If we begin associating POV shots in general to found footage, then there are a lot more FF films going around in a lot more genre than I ever thought. POV shots also represent seeing through a character’s eyes or embodying his vision, while FF films focus on showing what is going on through an apparatus held or controlled by a character in a way that strays from their natural perspective. POV and FF are therefore completely different things.

        • S.

          But do you at least get what the writer is saying? I mean, out of everything that was said, you chose to comment about the smallest and least important thing mentioned in the article. We all get what the writer is trying to say, which is really all that matters. This is just some blog.

          I just find it silly that is what you chose to comment about despite the rest of the content.

          • Marys

            I get what he’s saying, but it doesn’t make it any less incorrect.

            If there was a typo or a mistake in the dates in the article people would most likely mention it in the comments, I’m simply doing the same in regards to film theory. It was my first reaction from reading the article and sharing a reaction is what a comment section is for.

          • Khy


  • Khy

    A lot of people are guessing which films it’ll take place after or between and tbh I really don’t think all that will matter. I think it’ll be a stand alone sequel with Jason doing his thing and set in the 80s, that’s it. I don’t think they’ll go out of their way to specifically have this connect to any of the other movies aside from the obvious homages and the well known legend of a deformed boy drowning and his mother returning for revenge before being killed herself. But who knows, these are just my thoughts on the VERY little info we have.

  • Zombie-Dude

    I’m hoping for a lot of nudity again. That was one of the best aspects of the remake! There’s a definite lack of nudity in a lot of modern horror these days.

    • Khy

      Not that I have a problem with nudity, but I’m way more concerned with the kills. The kills last time around were pretty dry and flat with the exception of the tow truck and screwdriver kills. I’d rather have inventive and interesting kills with little nudity than a tit bonanza with lame kills.

    • diapers

      I’m looking for the 80’s slasher trifecta, which must achieve perfect balance. Kills, nudity, and partying.

  • ThunderDragoon

    So… it’s basically a sequel to the original series. I’m up for that, as long as it doesn’t go off the rails like 8, 9, and 10.

  • Britany RedMonroe Bryant

    I liked the most recent remake of f13 ….. it was the best ive seen besides tcm….. I wonder what they are going to do

  • Francesco Falciani

    they said they’ll say more this week-end at the comic-on in brasil…

    • Khy

      Where did they say that?

      • Guest

        if u read the original brasilian article there’s something like “let’s talk about this in brasil if people want in Comic-con XP we love jason and the franchise f13th”…or something like that…so maybe we’ll know something more this week-end if the article is true.

        let’s talk about this in Brazil if people want in CCXP We love Jason and the franchise Friday the 13th”

        – See more at:

        “There will not be a continuation of the 2009 film nor a remake of .
        original It’s just a different story -. let’s talk about this in Brazil
        if people want in CCXP We love Jason and the franchise Friday the 13th”
        – See more at:

        “There will not be a continuation of the 2009 film nor a remake of .
        original It’s just a different story -. let’s talk about this in Brazil
        if people want in CCXP We love Jason and the franchise Friday the 13th”
        – See more at:

        “There will not be a continuation of the 2009 film nor a remake of .
        original It’s just a different story -. let’s talk about this in Brazil
        if people want in CCXP We love Jason and the franchise Friday the 13th”
        – See more at:

      • Francesco Falciani

        if u read the original brasilian article there’s something like “let’s
        talk about this in brasil if people want in Comic-con XP we love jason
        and the franchise f13th”…or something like that…so maybe we’ll know
        something more this week-end if the article is true.

        • Francesco Falciani

          infact…they said this ( thanks to google traslate)
          “Have the new Friday the 13th, which opens in 2015 and will not be a reboot or a continuation of the 2009 long, will happen in 1980 – according to the producers, to develop all the classic things that mark the Jason universe. “We wanted to redeem the whole mood of the decade,” says Form. For both, however, some things never change in the franchise. “Sex, Drugs, always beautiful people dying, these things do not change. And we can develop more problematic relationship [Jason] with the mother.”

          Questioned by the public on the rating of the film, they assured to be “R” (17 years in the US) and were categorical: “There is no version of Jason Vorhees in a world PG-13.”

  • TheAcidSkull

    So it’s confirmed? It’s found footage? That would fucking blow, honestly. I don’t mind them thinking outside the box. Hell, it’s great to hear that it’s a different story and all, but making it found footage would just my enthusiasm entirely….The Slasher genre has nothing to do with FF.

  • mav07

    A HUGE thing I loved about the first is something most people don’t mention and that is the LIGHTING, or lack thereof. So many new Cinematographers want to flood the frame with lights and attempt to bring it down in editing. I hate this. Less lighting is key!

  • Victor

    I mean I honestly really wanted a sequel to the 2009 remake, why go off a new story? I mean it’s Friday the 13th so I’m all in regardless but the remake was bad ass, I was looking forward to that snow setting story. So if this will take place in the 80’s they say it’s a new story but is it it’s own story like a re-imaging? Or I think they should make it a sequel to one the originals kind of like what texas chainsaw massacre did with the 2013 sequel except not as shitty obviously. Preferably I think they should make this a sequel to the first 4, like how FT13th part 5 the new beginning did not have Jason in it technically make this one the TRUE sequel to the first 4 I think that would make sense with the 80’s vibe that the first 4 had and BAAAMMM you have yourself another true Jason film and kind of be Nostalgia for us true fans of the classics.

  • Victor

    And I’m all up for the Mother and Jason story since technically we haven’t had a true story on how their relationship was, which kept the mystery behind his mother so hopefully they don’t explore to much of that and hopefully it has a lot of Jason with his machete, cause that’s what I’m here for please don’t fuck this up by paying attention to much to his mother which I feel there going to do and honestly that would suck.

  • Jason’s disciple

    Personally I think the best man to play Jason Voorhees is Kane Hodder buy far period.

    • Jamie Douglas

      Everyone says that, but his movies were easily the *worst* of the series!

  • Adam Paquette

    Bring back Derek Mears

  • Eighties Dude

    BOOO!!! to the “Found Footage” aspect. That got tired with that big lizard monster movie. Please everybody, continue to tweet how tired that fad is so Hollyweird picks up on the notion.

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