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‘The Crow’ Casts Its New Shelly, Eric Draven’s Murdered Fiancé!

In a Q&A panel a the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, The Crow creator James O’Barr opened up about several new details for the upcoming remake, which will be filming later this year.

O’Barr confirmed that the role of Shelly, Eric Draven’s fiancée who was brutally murdered the night before their wedding, will be played by Jessica Brown Findlay Findlay, who many might know from the TV series Downton Abbey. Additionally, he states that the bulk of the cast will be comprised of British actors.

He also states that the crow in the film will actually speak to Eric, just like in the comics, adding that this might be done by way of stop-motion.

O’Barr raises hopes that the film will be successful as that will allow it to become a new franchise, one that will see different characters over different time periods. He comments that a sequel to the film would see a female lead.

Below is the full panel.

  • Again I have said it before. First film is a masterpiece for me. BL was incredible bringing a tough vulnerability to his character, the soundtrack and score phenomenal, cinematography and visuals top notch and do I need to mention Top Dollar and the R rating? Hopefully, this one is not going to be pg-13 and not infused with tones of special effects. The actor coming in has to fill some tough shoes.

    • leeann

      Apparently Jack Huston is playing the role and he is a fantastic actor!

  • Ress EZ

    Can’t wait to see the new look of The Crow. I hope they don’t come up with some silly lock, Catwoman-like outfit, etc. I would love it if he dons a meaner corpse paint though.

  • Adam Clifton

    Jessica Brown Findlay? The ‘dick in her eye’ girl from the Fappening videos? Yikes, I’ll pass

    • Stitches

      Okay. Hahaha! Wtf is The Fappening? Two comments and I’m now thinking this is a real thing.

      • Adam Clifton

        lol it was a hacker’s revolution that occurred in August last year. Google it

      • Krueg518

        its was an icloud hack that caused many celebrity’s naked pics and dirty videos to leak online stored from their phones. Search her name and “fappening” next to it, look at the first image with her bf’s trouser trout in her eye

  • Krueg518

    …I am a little worried, The Crow will talk? So i guess we WILL have Skull Cowboy too? Ok at least they are going all out but based on that the Eric casting is a bad choice. Eric in the comics is 6’4 and made of muscle… I am going to keep an open mind though.

    As for the girl, i don’t know her but thats a bad pic of her.

    • Adam Clifton

      I’ve seen a worse pic of her, trust me

      • Krueg518

        I don’t remember her from The Fappening (people are saying she was). I was busy paying close attention to Rihanna and Rachel Nichols’ pics for… uh research…

        • Adam Clifton

          Not a very flattering pic of her getting the bf’s todger in the eye. I never saw Downton Abbey so whenever I see her name thrown around in movie and tv projects, that picture just keeps popping up in my head lol

          • Krueg518

            oh… looking it up now i remember. She’s definitely “different”. What girl takes a pic with a pecker in her eye? That sex tape is pretty gross as well. I guess 50 years from now she can rewatch herself licking her ex’s balls?

          • Adam Clifton

            Probably more entertaining than another Crow remake

          • Krueg518

            That may be true after the movie comes out. At least the video was short and sweet… well she said his nuts were salty so short and salty XD

          • Adam Clifton


          • leeann

            I think she was stoned and her BF was taking the picture, not her. Anyway there were other videos that she took to send her boyfriend because they were apart because of work. The other videos, apparently, are actually very cute and not at all kinky. She’s just giving him a little naked show.

  • leeann

    I can understand why fans of the original film would feel this new one is unnecessary, but as someone who never read the source material or saw the 1994 film I can say that this has sparked my interest. That’s not a bad thing, is it? I might watch it (still on the fence because of the violence) to see the main actors, both of whom I really like. That might lead me to appreciate the source material and watch the earlier film.

    I have no problem watching two versions of the same story. So many stories are rebooted and reinterpreted that it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. If it turns out to be a good film, then that’s all that matters to me. And those who loved the 1994 version and feel the new one can’t live up to it and surpass it? They can skip it. There is still a new audience for this one.

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