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‘Hotline Miami 2’ OST Takes Samples From ‘Silent Hill’

If you haven’t heard of the Hotline Miami series, you’re missing out. Styled after 1980’s gangster/action films, the top-down game is viciously brutal, outrageously violent, and also features some incredible music! On the latest game, you’ve got artists such as Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Mega Drive, Jasper Byrne, and a hell of a lot more. But one of the tracks has a nifty little sample in it.

It turns out that El Huervo‘s track “Ghost” uses samples from “Tears Of…”, which appeared on the Silent Hill 1 soundtrack. You can hear both tracks below to compare and contrast, although it’s pretty much near impossible to miss the relation.



  • Tryst V. Umbra

    It works well! I’m the sort who sucks bad at games like Hotline Miami, so unfortunately despite enjoying the games even whilst sucking, I haven’t taken much in full-game wise. Hopefully credit for sample was given and all that! Is important.

  • AkumajoBelmont

    What people don’t realise is that Akira Yamaoka himself used a SHITLOAD of samples himself for the Silent Hill soundtracks – a lot of sounds I thought were original turned out not to be. It doesn’t take anything away from the splendor of his work, but still, it’s something to remember 🙂

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