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Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’ Title Is a Major Spoiler!

I want nothing more than to see Sigourney Weaver return to the Alien franchise for one final battle with the Xenomorphs, but I’m starting to wonder just how real it is.

After Neill Blomkamp’s Internet campaign went viral, Fox was pressured into hiring him to write and direct what will be a direct sequel to James Cameron’s 1986 Aliens. His concept art looks really cool, and the idea that it will take place before Alien3 and Resurrection is a great idea, but Chappie didn’t perform all too well, and wasn’t received well by critics either. Neither was Elysium. By the time Blomkamp actually get his screenplay completed, will Fox still be hot on the project? That’s the question/concern I have going forward.

For now, we’re living in a dream world where Blomkamp will direct Weaver and Michael Biehn to fill in the mysterious gap between Aliens and Alien3.

And being that Aliens was a perfect follow up title to Alien, what would complete that trilogy? Blomkamp teases us…

In an interview with Empire Magazine, when asked if it would be titled Alien 5, he replied, “It’s kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title”.

This came from a surprising discussion about his connection to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and its in-development sequel. Apparently, Blomkamp is being forced to change some of the film’s plot as to not tread on the toes of Scott’s Prometheus 2. While he’s thrilled with the direction of the next Alien, for which he is producing through Scott films, there were some alterations made to avoid conflicts with Prometheus 2.

“I changed the one thing [Ridley Scott] felt was bumping Prometheus a little bit,” said Blomkamp.

In terms of the timeline, it will follow Aliens, mostly because the other sequels left a bad taste in his mouth.

“Where it went after Aliens to me, as a fan, was wrong.”

The new film will be “the triplet of the first two,” he added. “There’s a shitload missing as a fan that I would want to see.”

For those of you keeping up, what are your thoughts overall? What do you want out of the sequel? Do you like Blomkamp’s work? Are you excited, concerned? Tell us below.

Alien 3 (image source: Fox)



  • marklola12 .

    personally I liked alien 3 and for me it completed the alien franchise
    what I want to know is how can this take place before alien 3 but after alien 2???? riply was in cryo lol so no way to make a story about that

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Well that’s not going to happen. This is going to be the proper Alien 3.

      Shit man, I want to see Weyland Corp., futuristic Earth, the universe expanding. There’s a shitload of stuff missing as a fan that I want to see, which is what Neill said. Fuck that stupid prison planet. The fuck is that movie?

      • MarsupialRebellion

        It was a good movie. Its misunderstood by morons who want guns and bug killin.

        • douglaspar

          What other way could it possibly go?
          Think like neil, rather than arguing about the past and u may find the answer. Science fiction? The possibilities

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Or people who want some good world building and expanding? How would you kill the aliens otherwise, harsh language?

  • Tigernan Quinn

    They were in cryo for what, 200 years after Aliens? If the idea is that they are woken up and get to go have adventures before somehow getting stuffed back in – that would really suck.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Uh, Alien 3 happens IMMEDIATELY after Aliens. The gap between Alien 3 and Resurrection is 200 years.

  • Nathan Bradley

    Where did the DNA come from that was used to resurrect Ripley in Alien: Resurrection I assumed they found her burnt body from the end of three. She died at the end of three so what will happen?

    • polterclown

      thats explained in Alien Resurrection : blood and tissue samples found at fury 161 ( presumably taken by clemens )

      • Nathan Bradley

        So does that mean it was taken before or after she threw herself into the fire?

        • Ripley was under Clemens’s care in early parts of Alien 3. He probably took blood samples then.

        • polterclown

          100% before. also, Ripley jumped into melted steel, its not like there could have been a burned body leftover after that no ?


    maybe alien 3 was a dream… would be a really cheap way out but i’m not a big fan of that film anyway

  • Krueg518

    He might as well make his own film rather then try to copy the first…. especially the second. I have little interest in seeing an unscary action film. Where the crew gets away from 60 fucking aliens…

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      You are an idiot.

      • Krueg518

        HAHAHA. Time to change your tampon, little guy.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          You’re a moron.

          • Krueg518

            LOL Your vocabulary obviously isn’t big enough to talk yet, kid. Drink your bottle of milk and let the adults chat.

  • Personally, I don’t like how they are sweeping Alien 3 & 4 under a rug. In my opinion both of those films are underrated with 4 toying with elements that could make an alien sequel fresh and interesting. With the direction that they’re going in I’m concerned that we’ll get a rehash of aliens.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      You’re an idiot.

      • The intellectual speaks.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Ok ok, Johner reference.

  • Guest

    They will be explaining why at the beginning of Part 3 there was an alien face hugger aboard the Sulaco.

    Hicks and Ripley ware woken up – after Aliens – this movie happens – then Hicks and Ripley go back to sleep – and then you watch Alien3.

    People keep saying why are they sweeping Alien3/Resurrection away etc and they are not. Thos movies happen – after this new movie.

    Think of it as Alien 2.5

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      You are so wrong you fuckhead, stop spreading misinformation. This is not Alien 2.5, but an alternate Alien 3. So Alien 3 and 4 WILL be swept under the rug.

    • Mark Colit

      So going into stasis/hypersleep for a few hours on the Sulaco suddenly ages Ripley and Hicks 30 years? I get where you’re coming from, but your scenario is unlikely. Unless Ripley and Hicks & Co are on a parallel timeline where they’re still alive after Aliens, I can’t see how Blomkamp can continue the story — unless Alien 3 and 4 are corny dreams in hypersleep.

  • EvilWhiteMale

    So, Hicks and Ripley went to sleep, aged 30 years, woke up and did some stuff, went back to sleep, then Ripley woke up and got her youth back in Alien 3?

    Best to just sweep Alien 3 under the rug. It sucked anyway.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      This movie will not be catering to the existing Alien 3 in any way. It is its own thing. Neill has already stated “It’s Alien, Aliens, this movie.” Why are humans so stupid?

      • EvilWhiteMale

        You tell me. “His concept art looks really cool, and the idea that it will take place before Alien3 and Resurrection is a great idea.”

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Mr. Disgusting is a piglet moron posting incorrect information. Neill has said “It’s Alien, Aliens, this movie.” And he feels where the franchise went Alien 3 onwards was incorrect.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Mr. Disgusting this will not be taking place before Alien 3 and 4 because Neill already stated that he felt those movies went off the rails. And that they were incorrect to him as a fan. And that this movie is the “triplet of those first two”. Shit I don’t even know why I’m saying all of this, read your own damn post.

    And your title is misleading you dope.

  • Tryst V. Umbra

    Alien 5: Predators


    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      You are such an idiot. Even your past comments…yikes.

      • Tryst V. Umbra

        You’re a particularly special sort if you thought that bore anything but eyerolling and sarcasm.

        But I mean, you’re the regular ragey troll here, so its not like your opinion would really count?

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Panic! At the Disco is playing this summer, go get your tix.

          • kliq316

            Nothing wrong with Panic at the Disco.

          • Tryst V. Umbra


  • Peter

    Even better is to nuke Alien 3 off the face of earth , it was not a good movie and even the effects were cheap … Prometheus was no masterpiece either

  • Queen B

    All other comments aside. Is no-one purely excited just to see Ripley and Aliens back together!? I mean it’s a wet dream come true for me 😀 This is on par with the return of Mulder and Scully.

    • Adam Clifton

      Ripley and Aliens with Hicks and Bishop 😀 that’s a dream come true. I don’t see how he can continue AND ignore Alien 3 and 4. Big life-changing events happened in those movies.

      • Queen B

        I’m willing to overlook it 😀 I just want more Ripley and Aliens. Speaking of Ripley and Aliens, how awesome was Isolation? That’d make a great flick too I think 🙂

        • Adam Clifton

          I haven’t played that game actually

          • Queen B

            If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it 🙂 Even vicariously through Youtube.

        • James Sunderland

          Isolation is a masterpiece that every fan of the Alien should check! Cheers Queen B!

  • Troy Saling

    How about this? Takes place in South Africa…Stars Sharlto Copley. Aliens have turned humanists, but due to their earlier “evilness”–nobody gives them a second chance. In the end our hero… Sharlto Copley downloads himself into the Queen remind the aliens of who the real aliens are—humans!

    • Leebo

      F*****g prawns!

  • Werewolf

    Major spoiler, huh? Must be something like “Aliens: Xenocide”.

    • Humpasaur Jones

      Let us pray.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Alright, if he can release teaser art and fans propelled this thing to get it to be green lit, why won’t they do the same for a script or something? Spoilers? Sure, but what about actually making a good movie that a handful will actually read the script and give constructive criticism instead of attempting to surprise us with another crapfest. I am hopeful for this flick, but these types of things irck me with a draconian method of entertainment and wondering why people don’t like movies these days as much as they used to.

  • Darkness69

    At this point I really don’t care if and what gets the retcon ticket, what goes along with Prometheus and what not – I just wanna see my favourite monster again on the silver screen and Ripley along with it! Biehn is also a nice addition. Everything else will be reserved for when I actually see the movie a couple of years from now (hopefully).

  • Chris McEvoy

    Aliens: attack of the Clones

    • macguffin54

      Yes, you wrote words! (Are you high?)

  • liltrav88888

    i thought elysium was recieved well enough i mean shit 68% on rotten tomatoes? most directors would take that now chappie is a different story at 30% but thats still a good enough score to make me wanna see it and decide for myself

  • Jai Jessimy

    This doesn’t make any fuckin sense. After Ripley killed that big bitch they got in the ship and they all went to sleep until they crashed. Wtf could have happened in that short amount of time.

    • macguffin54

      How do you know how long it took to crash? Just because you saw her go to sleep and saw her wake up you have no idea how much time was in between. Apparently, they are saying there was at least one whole movie that happened after Ripley, Newt and Hicks woke up and then went back to sleep and crashed.

      • godstrike

        Except they never mention any of it in Alien 3, just talk about what happened in Aliens! Blomkamp is a rubbish director, he made 1 good film & 2 terrible ones. I hardly think he is in the best position to do an Alien film

    • Weresmurf

      This is the point. The Blomkamp movie will take the idea the Sulaco DIDN’T crash. It’s an alternate timeline itself. Alien 3 doesn’t happen, neither does 4.

  • guest

    how they get around age change and story time placement-
    its found footage and its on earth.
    Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn meet privately at a Fox studio to discuss the movie. They are there alone with director Blomkamp who is filming the meeting with a GoPro™ (for Blu-Ray™ extras) and there is a power outage. They are trapped in the studio and- theres are aliens in the building! Weaver and Biehn tell Blomkamp to keep shooting as they fight the alien because duh™.
    k i made that up. (Fox call me. ;] )

    • macguffin54

      It would cost money but they could do what they did for Jeff Bridges and the Tron sequel. Sh!t, if movie makers can make us believe apes can talk and take over the planet they can make us believe a couple of actors are 20 years younger.

  • Ivan_Mtl

    Like all of you, I am a big fan of the Alien franchise, and am really looking
    forward to Neill Blomkamp s upcoming entry into the series. Having seen his
    preproduction artwork, it does indeed look like he will be picking up immediately after ALIENS and ignoring the two last movies (which I personally feel is the lazy way of rebooting the series). Having said that, don’t you think it would be better if they just begin the story 30 years after Ripley, Hicks and Newt have returned home safely. The whole idea of them growing old in cryo-sleep just doesn’t work – especially if you remember Aliens, where it was already done and Ripley was revived some 50+ years after the events in the first movie. She did not significantly age, and was informed that her daughter had passed away in the interim. The idea of three cryo-tubes malfunctioning seems like a bit of a stretch. Maybe Newt has become obsessed with proving Weyland Yutani responsible for the deaths of her parents, brother, and families of Hadley Hope, and discovers that the company has actually recovered the alien derelict ship from LV426 where it was believed destroyed (as seen in one of the paintings for his proposed movie). She would then seek out and inform Ripley who would obviously know the dangers of the company acquiring an alien for their weapons division. They find Hicks, and then away we go… Wouldn’t that make much more sense?

  • ThunderDragoon

    This is exciting. I’m wondering how far the project will go. Hopefully all the way.

    • Stitches

      There we go! Finally someone who’s excited! Jesus, man. So much steaming vaginal discharge over here. It’s an Alien movie! You’re all gonna go see it and you know it.

      • killerklownphil

        Here here. A little positivity is needed.

        • Stitches

          Fuckin’ a!

          • killerklownphil

            I Fuck with you stitches. Good movie too

  • Ryan Clark

    Alien 3 is good

    • macguffin54

      … for nothing. JK. It definitely has its moments but has no narrative, no real point to exist, except maybe to **here there be spoilers** kill off Ripley, but they only bring her back anyway, so what was the point? It doesn’t advance the storyline of the series at all.

      • alliedcola

        Considering the clusterfuck that was production, i’d say it came up rather alright… not saying it’s GOOD, but yeah…

        • James Allard

          Exactly. Fincher’s first film, the fact that it was finished at all is nothing short of a brief explanation of his brilliance IMHO, and it does have its moments. Like certain other critically lambasted films, it stands on its own. Frankly I love all of the Alien films, but I am also to the first to admit that I am in a very small clique. (Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed City Of Lost Children, and his take on the series, Resurrection, is, well… a Jeunet film. His fans understand this.)

      • godstrike

        Err, but bringing back Ripley didn’t happen in Alien 3…the post is saying “Alien 3 is good”, it is the fault of the next film that brought Ripley back!

    • Stitches

      I loved Alien 3. It’s my favorite of the franchise and I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid.

      The Hater Nation will start sending its minions to correct my taste, though. Watch.

      • James Sunderland

        They send me from the Hater Nation 😀 just kidding, i respect you’re opinion but Alien 3 imo is maybe the worst, even David Fincher don’t want to talk about it! 😀 The first one is the best.

        • Stitches

          You know, a lot of people come to me about old records I did saying they still listen to that shit. Meanwhile, I can’t stand that stuff. Not everyone is happy with their past work. It’s all good. But still, the anxiety of an incoming queen birth, the Weyland Corp offering safety but kinda crossing their fingers behind their backs, the possibility of violent rape on a prison planet loaded with the scum of the universe? I don’t know, man. Pretty interesting shit. I also love the gothic atmosphere of the prison planet and how a lot of those crazy assholes were trying to keep it together with religion. I can relate to this stuff a little more than most sci-fi movies. The characters were all struggling with something instead of being cardboard cut-off archetypes.

          • James Sunderland

            You can relate to being in space prison with rapists and murderers? 😀 Alien 3 is like a dumb slasher movie, “Who dies next?” type of crap imo. The first Alien movie is a scifi horror masterpiece, Aliens is one of the most tense action epics ever, but the third is a franchise killer. I mean, boring beginning that leads to corridor running and one of the worst endings of all-time. But like i said, i respect you’re opinion, i just don’t agree. Cheers Stitches!

          • Stitches

            Harharhar. Not the rapist part, obviously. But you heard what I meant!

            How isn’t Aliens similar in terms of the “who dies next?” formula. Shit, same with Alien! That’s what made the first movie so psychologically effective. You had a killer on the loose. That’s a slasher film, dude. And Alien Resurrection is a franchise killer. Who we kidding? Walmart owning the xenomorph genome? Come on now.

          • James Sunderland

            “Walmart owning the xenomorph genome” 😀 that is some funny sh**! That movie is beyond stupid! And now that you said it, the other Alien movies are pretty much Slasher type also, but i still hate Alien 3. 😀 That ridiculous CGI xenomorph chasing bald prisoners in brown steamy corridors wasn’t something that i wanted after the epic Aliens. You really think it is the best in the franchise..? Come on man 😀

          • Stitches

            It’s my favorite. Dude, tell you what. If I listened to ANYBODY my whole life, I wouldn’t be watching horror movies in the first place. I’d have spent my adolescence chasing balls and listening to Papa Roach like all those other morons. So, yeah. No matter what, I like what I like. Alien 3 is an awesome movie. Aliens was my favorite while in junior high and action movies were the only things that held my interest for a time. But as an adult? Alien 3 is the most interesting. There’s way more emphasis on human nature and the plot is entirely more probable. To me, after the first chest burster in Alien, the movie kinda gets repetitive. Great film. Don’t get me wrong. But still, I think Alien 3 goes in an interesting direction.

          • James Sunderland

            Allrighty then! 😀 Papa Roach is a disease! Bands like Testament is something that those eyeliner kids should listen 😀

          • Stitches

            Hell yeah! I remember getting grounded over that band. My folks took away all my music when I was 12. Soon as they left the house, I found everything up in the garage attic. First record I threw on was “The Ritual.” Got so into it that I forgot the ladder was where my mom usually parks her car and she came home. Oops.

  • baronterror

    All in. Loved Chappie, respected both Elysium and District 9. As an Aliens and Alien fan I agree with what his sentiment seems to be and trust him to have the ability to do a solid for this franchise.

  • LosLockos

    This is an article about basically nothing. Oh my glob.

  • Kåre Kristensson

    I agree with Blomkamp’s comments, the movies that came after Aliens were not that good.
    And oh my god, Resurrection was just a damn weird mess of a movie, never saw it myself but when I saw Nostalgia Critic’s review of it, I just couldn’t help but to have a WTF look on my face in regards to some of the scenes.
    Like the one with the Weyland Yutani scientist “making out” with a Xenomorph that is inside a test chamber, he’s doing these sexual moves from behind the window to tease it and then he just for no reason other then being an absolute prick flushes the chamber.
    But Blomkamp has got quite the talent when it comes to making good movies, even though Elyisium didn’t turn out to be as good as District 9, plus the fact that Weaver herself wants a proper sendoff for Ripley instead of the weird crap she got put through in the last two movies.

    • Stitches

      The older I get, the less and less I like Aliens. Like yeah, it’s a good action movie with a few new developments plot-wise that made the xenomorph situation a little scarier but… other than that? It’s a metaphor for Vietnam. That’s cool and all, but I think the ideas in Alien 3 went way further and are far more insidious.

      • Anthony DeRouen

        Actually, the ideas produced in Alien 3 were a dilluted mess from its original concept.

        • Stitches

          “Actually, blah blah blah vaginal discharge from another know-it-all asshole.”

          Agarrame los huevos, pendejo.

          • Anthony DeRouen

            Why are you trolling ? Don’t you have some landscaping to do? Keep it coming amigo.

          • Stitches

            Who needs to be trolling? That’s how you came across. All you “actually” dudes get annoying after a while. What’d you do? Read a couple of articles and now you’re an expert?

      • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

        you sir, should definitely learn how to research information^^
        did u copy paste a monkeys assey wich u never read urself?

        • Stitches

          Ugh. Okay. First of all, it’s not a secret that Aliens contained metaphorical statements depicting aspects of the Vietnam war. You can Google search “Aliens movie vietnam war” and you’ll find several articles just on the first page regarding this very subject. It’s also on the special features disc for Aliens in the Quadrilogy boxset. I watch the special features more than I watch the movies these days and I’ve been a fan of these films for about 22 years. It’s one of my favorite things to just have on in the background while I’m writing music, cleaning my home or playing with my cat. Those discs are extremely rich in content. You should watch them sometime.
          Secondly, don’t try to correct someone while you can’t muster typing a complete sentence. Come on, man. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

      well, if u didnt even give it a try to watch them all, maybe blomlamps personal opinion sounds great for people wich are to lazy to watch all movies….
      …. a3 was a great movie, great plot, and thousand times more Alien than A2 was…. Alien franchise means, one single xenomorph making hundres of humans shice their pants instantly…..
      alien2 sadly fits pretty well into the elysium scheme…. cheap tense-less movie wich creates all interest and thrill by throwing more and more unknown background infromation at u, until u just dont realize anymore that the actual movie has not a bit of the taste wich the title tries to sell….
      … D9 was actaually a freaking great movie… elysim was beter nver produced, and welll chappie is like “number five” crossed wth hotwheels…..
      … sure this guy has talent… but his movies grow more on luck than utilizing this talent…..
      tough I liked his wartworks… he shuld first have talked bout what he thinks, so we all could have kicked his buttom as far away from this franchise as possible -.- isnt it enought that ridley scott is losing his brains and raping the universe with neonlights prometheus^^

  • Francesco Falciani

    i’m with MrD on this…nothing is 100% until the last day of shooting, there are too many movies that never saw the light…

    and i still want prometheus 2 before this…

  • John Bool

    Why doing this ?! All the true fan and all the person with a little of intelligence don’t stop to say that prometheus is a shit!
    Just… Look what they did to the spacejockey ? The completely lost story and the characters….
    If BloomKamp make a link between Prometheus and Alien 5, this gonna be a total disaster ! Or How to completely killing the most incredible horror movie in all time.
    The Only interest for Alien 5 to have a link with prometheus is to replace the real vision of Gigger’s Space Jockey: With there real size, real face, and real vision of the world!

    • Stitches

      …relax, buddy. You’re gonna have an aneurism. You’re like that flamboyant “leave Brittany alone!” guy who cried on YouTube a few years back. “LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO THE SPACE JOCKEY!”

      Don’t worry, we’ll call the WAAAHmbulance.

      • John Bool

        How did you know that was me ? 😉

        What I say is just a logical fact about a logical problem whose gonna happening if the script coincide with that things call prometheus.
        But I understand that for an nomative Brain that doesn’t change anything at the moment that he have something to distract.
        I’m not sure that if Gigger still gonna be alive he will agreed with that fake sequal make by this genius of Scott.

        • Stitches

          Ha! Thanks for being a good sport after I messed with you a little.

          Giger’s no longer around. He passed away last May. But even if that weren’t the case, creative liberties are always going to be an issue when it comes to faithfulness from one medium to another. Plus the amount of people involved creatively. To be honest, I think Prometheus was ridiculous, but fun. I know the anticipation was killing me before it came out and when I saw the movie, I was happy I ate BEFORE watching. 😉

          But at the end of the day, the movie did what it was supposed to do: it got people talking and interested in the Alien franchise, which the AVP movies definitely failed to do. Those were definitely not part of the original canon and it showed. At least Prometheus explored something we were all curious about and took those ideas somewhere new.

          • John Bool

            I agree that creativity in just a bridge between people. So it’s a good things that if it helps doing something new.
            But the fact is that prometheus pretend to be the origin of Alien. And what Alien Franchise is: a story already establish between is univers and is characters, in other way: the structure of the movie is created, and that structure make the possibility to put a name in the movie.
            You cannot say I’m making a new james bond a doing all the movie showing the stories of bruce wayne, don’t you think ?

            Ok with the fuking anthropomorphic face of the engineer who’s just a human latent vision of what expect human of the other intelligent life form, it means something without any real reflexion make for a goat.
            But if they where just really thinking of what could be these “engineer” and make something new, the product of an real geanius brain like Gigger, it would have to chance everything in the “movie”.

          • Stitches

            The engineer concept is pretty interesting because of ideas like the anunnaki. Soon as I found out the engineers had something to do with our origin, I was pretty excited. It’s a good idea and not a lot of movies have explored that. I’m also not remembering any moment when Ridley Scott mentioned that he set out to explain the entire origin of the Alien franchise as we know it. You saw an obvious mutation that resembled xenomorphs at the end of the movie, so… kinda not sure what the problem is there. Looks to me like Prometheus succeeded there.

          • John Bool

            of course it’s an interesting point to understand our origins.

            But with the stories of the Aliens, it’s a complete no-sense if you really see all the franchise a looks what the story talking about:
            the team, in a ship of the Weyland, discover the space jokey in the first one. Never know anything from that before, during the process of yield collect in some precise new planets, and intercept a distress signal on the way.
            Weyland doesn’t know that they where life form in here, and doesn’t know anything from it. And what prometheus say: It’s happening years beform the team exploration (totaly logic), that they found the satelite of THE space jockey life form. I could explain lots of things that doesn’t work with the Alien stories… But it’s not the subject. The problem is that Scott create a story completly without any logical sense and working structure.

            Just prometheus, without Alien, it would be an really good movie, but taking Alien to say something completely different and change 80% of the origin script ? WTF is in your brain Ridley. Don’t forget to proove what I write, that prometheus IS the sequal of Alien, even if Scott say that Prometheus 2 won’t gonna talk to Alien anymore….

          • Stitches

            Dude, I gotta tell ya. I’m completely lost here. Are you using a translator? Are you from Germany and is TRANSLATOR your thrash band?

          • John Bool

            lol sorry. My english is not so well…

          • Anthony DeRouen

            Trying to follow your post John, but its coming off as either poorly written or by use of a bad translator.

          • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

            welll prometheus script was provided by those idiots wich wrote the lost TV show….
            well, how dare they let such filthy kids even touch this kind of movies?

          • Marko Kraljevic

            Nonsense, ofc. Someone telling us an “origins” story – just making chit up as they go along… No thanks. With less bull, Prometheus might’ve been a bearable movie. (No chance, I know :))

  • godstrike

    “pressured into hiring him” Are you really so naive? This was all planned & just a clever part of marketing on behalf of Fox.

  • RawBeard

    I hope Alien 5 gets made, I would like see to what the further adventures of Ripley, Hicks and Newt would have been like if FOX hadn’t chosen the direction that 3 went in … also I would not care if Prometheus 2 was not made. First one looked good but overall I felt like it was a waste of time.

  • Captain Underpants

    So the guy who released Elysium and Chappie on the world said Alien 3 and Resurrection were “wrong”? What’s wrong is trying to make a movie that disregards two other directors’ visions while at the same time trying to associate your no-talent ass with two other master directors. I pray that Alien 5 sits in production hell until the end of time.

    • John Bool

      yes… The guy who’s asking to Ridley. Dad?
      Can I put this or this in the movie ?
      – No you dont want ?: Ok

      • Captain Underpants

        Pretty sure Ridley isn’t standing over Blomcrap’s shoulder as he writes. In fact, most of Blomcrap’s quotes in this article sound like B.S. You don’t want to reveal the title because it will give away too much? Is it “Alien: Ripley and Hicks get married”? What title could possibly give away too much when we already know how it ends? Ridley is telling you what to change? He’s got his own projects that he barely pays attention to; why would he bother with this crap?

        • John Bool

          I was so happy when I see than an Alien 5 gonna coming. But now… I fell that it’s gonna be like prometheus. an holly motherfuckingdumb shit.

          • Marko Kraljevic

            Almost certainly….

  • Ezra Albarran

    Alien 3 and 4 were complete and utter trash, awful plots and I am glad they are disregarding those directors “visions” It goes to show captain underpants doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about and is coming off as more of a heckler than someone who knows his stuff. Don’t like it… don’t watch the film simple as that…

    • Captain Underpants

      What shows that I don’t know what I’m talking about? Your opinion about two movies that others would argue you’re wrong about?

      • Ezra Albarran

        It is not just my opinion OR Blomkamps, it is a fact that even Fincher hated Alien 3. The films own director denounced his own film. Not to mention Alien 4 came off as a french quirky film that just made it ridiculous even in Sci fi standards. That is besides the point when someone starts insulting a director like Blomkamp that even though his last 2 films were not as well received as district 9, were still a hell of a lot better than 3 and 4, and any garbage that has been released of recent for that matter. For Peter Jackson himself to take him under his wing, well that just goes to show that you indeed do not know what you speak of, so instead of going around talking your shit about hardworking filmmakers, get a damn life dude.

        • Captain Underpants

          Elysium was better than Alien 3? Fincher didn’t denounce it; he kept his name on the film. He just walked away during post production because of studio interference. Sorry you think Alien 3 and resurrection were garbage (although your defense of Elysium, Chappie, and District 9 make me highly doubt your opinion when it comes to what garbage is), but many alien fans love those two movies. When a rip-off artist like Blomcrap (Tarantino has more originality in his scripts than this guy) can come along and just destroy a timeline that many cherish, it is a slap in the face to true fans. Let the movies stand as they are. Would you like it if Guy Ritchie decided he was going to make a sequel to Godfather 2? Or M. Night decided to make his own Twin Peaks movie about Laura Palmer? Throw your insults around, but you called me out on a comments message board because my opinion as a fan of the Alien franchise differs from your opinion.

          • Marko Kraljevic

            It doesn’t, it’s his opinion that differs from not being a lunatic.

        • brit1664

          Alien 3 is the best in the series, especially the extended cut. Yes no one likes aliens 4 but 3 has a huge following.

    • Anon

      David Fincher has gone on record numerous times stating that his “vision” for Alien 3 was scrapped in favor of what the studio execs wanted. He hates Alien 3 and makes no bones about it. I don’t think it’s fair to sum up the film as his vision alone. To do so is simply not accurate nor does it reflect the reality of how movies are made.

      • Ezra Albarran

        I used the word vision to what someone else said. I don’t mind other people’s opinions in the least. But when they start heckling and hating on directors when in reality they do not know what the hell they are talking about then yes I will say something. Captain underpants is just a silly person. He likes alien 3 cool… but don’t be cruel to a director that has a lot of potential to bring the franchise back to where fincher himself admits fucking up, purposefully I might add because of the studios pressure. That is just ignorance. But you do have a point Anon

        • Marko Kraljevic

          Who is this “director that has a lot of potential”, dafuq were you talking about, mang.

  • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

    my MAIN concern is my hope that it will erase 3 and 4

    • Ezra Albarran

      Yes Joey, I agree… It was time a fan with the resources came and saved the franchise.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    dont do alien 5 or predator 3, it is unnessesary, the best idea would be making a GOOD Aliens versus Predator movie, in the future, in space

  • Anthony DeRouen

    I’m excited for Alien 5 or 3 or whatever title they give it. As for Blomkamp, he went to the well too many times with apartheid sci-fi. Time to switch gears for Alien.

    • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

      togh I think I still get what u want to say here,…. but please, never say “time to twitch gears for alien”…. before crafting another neon-prometheus desaster, plz burry the franchise and never reboot it…..

  • horror-fiend

    I’m excited for whatever comes being a long time Alien fan, especially cause it’s my fave sci-fi creature. Fingers crossed they do justice to the franchise and I’ve always enjoyed Blomkamp’s artistic vision.Team Alien for life.

  • c-s-a78

    Aliens 2.0!!!

    • James Sunderland

      The Rise of the Aliens!

  • Victor

    I’m excited cause honestly the first 2 films are my favorite, even though Aliens takes the cake. What makes me more excited is that Blomkamp is a fan of the first 2 like an actual FAN. When you have someone passionate about the films like he is, usually ends with a pretty good result. So I’m ready to see what he can do which I’m sure will be EPIC! I have a good feeling about this!

    • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

      well this is the reason for me worring all shice out of my pants,
      as director, he should not even think about, declaring this his favorite or throwing half of the story away… cuz what? he´s a fan?…. well fans know and apprechiate all movies^^
      and honestly… aliens when u watch only aliens, without alien, alien 3 and resureection, then its just a spacey action movie like many others….
      the core part of alien, lies most in alien and alien3…. they dont need to add uncountable information to keep the movie interesting…. and honeslty, xenomorph are not oversiced ants wich wait to get shot^^
      …. alien 2 had added the most additional information tough, without this it would just been a booring sequel….
      if it needs more than one xenomorph to kill hundres of humans, then this is no actual alien movie…..

  • Sinfire

    Not really getting the whole gaps and unanswered questions between Aliens and Alien 3, it’s all explained in Alien 3 for the most part. Kinda feels like it’ll just be a movie about people in stasis with a facehugger running around

    • Marko Kraljevic

      Exactly, there’s nothing there to film – involving any of the known characters.

  • Tattooboy

    I think this is a great idea and perfect choice for director but i wonder how they will explain away the age of the cast?

    • DAVE

      Ripley’s might age faster as a side effect from her 57 year cryosleep like Mel Gibson in Forever Young, and Hicks face is just acid melted….hmmm maybe not

      • Anon

        And then she somehow miraculously loses that aged appearance just in time for the opening sequence of Alien 3? You didn’t think that reply through in it’s entirety, I think.

        • Marko Kraljevic

          Plus, she’s -just- been in space… Sleeping. If she’s in the movie, expect a lot of night-cream moisturizer sponsors.

  • Colin Bisson

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling this is going to be very creepy, intense and grim. I expect scares.

  • Gough Whitlam

    “It’s kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title.”

    Alien 5: Menopause

    • abyx34

      or… Alien V the Xenopause 😀

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I have high hopes that Blomkamps particular strengths and weaknesses could be well suited to an Alien movie.

    No one can deny that he’s a gifted visualist,
    its gonna look great.

    Hopefully working in a pre-established franchise/world will remove him from his biggest weakness as an original storyteller,
    his political horsesh1t.

    His script writing has always been weighed down by his ham handed politics IMO.

    On the one hand his particular political bend may have had a hand in him getting the okay from hollywood producers. Hoping that he’ll make a jj abrams style glossy propaganda piece that suits their agenda.

    But I hope that he’ll be too busy juggling horror, action and sticking to canon within the franchise universe to have time to shoehorn too much of that in.

    • Marko Kraljevic

      Let me just skip ahead, regarding your praise for the man with no future: I told you so.

  • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

    Well, I love district 9!
    the mixture of over-the-top-gamey-weapos and mechsuit, coupled with the documentary like intro, ending and contiously returning scenes, suggerating the relevance of a WW2 history movie (and this feeling of watching some classified facts while watching the shrimps using UnrealTournament weaponry ((and of course knowing its fiction)) )… is a unique genius movie!
    Action rate is perfect / Emotion rate is perfect / creature-gear-design is perfect / and the end wich makes you imagine for days how a sequel might end up, while its obvious there better never comes a sequel, is perfect!

    … yeah enough loveletters for D9, step on to Elysium, wich yeah, (hopefully not for all of us) made me leave the cinema within 45 minutes… wtf was this? ego-security-mercenary-is-showing-his-agressive-balls for no reason?… the station looked nice and so on, but what? dont mind…. what? yeah m.damon will save the poor ones, wait, what? who is this one? what? why does he? what?
    while the general idea/plot was allready brought to succes with multiple movies, this one turned out to be one of the most senseless things wich have been done to the genre…. (or lets better correct this, when I say genre I mean scifi, but Elysium doesnt deserve this description, in the best case its a technology-themed action blockbuster^^)

    …so its 1:1 on the scoreboard now…..

    lets continue with chappie…
    for me in person it lacks a little on the genius balance wich D9 made so shiny. Instead of targeting an typicaly harsh african mood, to highlight the advanced robottechnologies, it throws tuned hotwheels and decadent citzizens at one^^ and while its (luckily again) a fine movie and its not too hard to guess what thoughts its aming to suggerate, all the possible philosophic aspects it could have delivered have to suffer under the fact that the most involving thoughts while watching are all creations of allready experienced movies/storys and when ever it gets exciting it shares this succes with other movies u have seen before….
    It has also its really strong good elements like DieAntwoord as actors are freaking great to see, chappie is designed very nicely and adorable…. so lets say it this way: Its definitely one of those movies Im gonna buy as bluray, but not even close to be one of those movies wich I buy any collector or limited edition…. or like alien, own three different DVD-Sets, a bluray-collectors-box, and own each part as a seperate bluray^^

    well so much text, not a single word bout the topic^^ now lets approach alien….
    my general thougth is, a person stating Aliens(2) as favorite/best part (I dunno the exact phrase used in the interview^^) is not wrong for liking it for personal reasons, but actually has no idea of whats the essence of the xenomorph!
    And thats why I desperatly hope he will take way more time than he had between elysium and chappie to analyse the core of the alien-awesomess,…
    so dont get me wrong, he definitely has great talent, and he can hit the right nerves to encourage my emotions, and also his artworks are way more promising than ridleys scotts own prometheus has ever been… (while an alienqueen raging trough some nice green interior habitat, doesnt really look like the humans wich build the habitat and caught the queen have any brains)

    but well, just aknowledging that without sigourney weaver as ripley, its not even worth speaking of alien…well that needs no 36 year old nerdyness^^
    so after all what I read sofar, Im in nearly painfull in doubt, if he actually really understands aliens core….

    to be honest, this idea of alien 3 and 4 beeing cut out and the story continues after aliens is probly the easyest way to get a working skript managed capable to be placed between the puzzle of the endless differing videogames/comics/whatevermaterial he didnt decide to throw away….

    but while we all know how alien 3 was plagued by several issues…
    like fox beeing over attached in controling and curating davids scripts cuz its a worthy franchise meanwhile,
    or for example, judged from nowadays, the hell of CGI from this time was not mighty enough to be used without any models as skeleton for rendering… so the xeno-dog-morph looked really horrible…
    others even critzised that ripley had sex, or what ever u find what u can be bored by….

    but let me ask this one question, what are those reasons wich will never ever let us forget our first view of alien?

    -It was the first (non-man-dependant) woman hero in an horror/scifi-movie
    if they only had listened to her from beginning on not a single nostromo-member must have died!
    (the leading mother^^ lol
    …in pt3 she is the only ever known organism breeding a queen
    ….in pt4 the newborn-crossbreed calls her mother before its dead)

    -it was the first time that a monster had a sexy body, more gracefull than any human-meat-ball could ever be (or any antagoinist has ever been shaped like)

    -it was dirty-dark but extremly organic and still felt like a real space-journey,
    ….no high-res oversaturated-lensflare-enjoy-this-space-spezialeffects (wich for example Starwars those years got credited for)

    -the xenomorph is undenieably the most dangerous creature wich even when its taking potentially lifeending physical damage itself, will not stop causing more destruction than any human, weapon or spaceship could avoid or outrun in any way!

    finaly Im gettin closer to the point wich I think Blomkamp has to think about extremly well, before he continues with a alien(2) sequel….

    (((aliens might have been the most succesfull movie by its sales, but this is cuz it was the most accesable part even for not-hardcore-to-the-death-LV223-born-alien-fans (wich mostly think of part2 when u speak bout the franchise)….. )))

    besides having muchos alienos and featuring some background story,
    primary Aliens was an actionblockbuster with some dystropic strings wich loose ends have been succesfully hidden behind the visual stunning Xeno-Queen and loads of flames and explosions…..

    Dont interpret this (not-positive) arguments as I want to make those look bad, I freaking love the queeen! I loved bishop as android…. I totaly love all four parts! But If u want to get the core feelings an alien movie does deliver, but have only time for one single movie to analyse, Aliens is the only wich should not be picked, as if u seperate this from the other movies, this is definitely the one wich gives the most misconceptions bout the franchise!

    well u see where this is going? here are the premisses for my conclusion:

    -In alien (1) one single xeno is more than enough to probably kill the staff of 5 nostromos….

    -In alien3 one misbread dog-xenomorph needs an entire prison to go nuts and still isnt even in serious danger being killed, if there wasnt ripley with her royal-chestburster-belly to manipulate its movement….

    -Alien (4)…well this one Im sure could have been way better if it came 5 years earlyer or later,… typical 90s crapsyle to saturated colors to cool designed charakters like every single actor in the movie is planned to impresss like a princess^^ xD
    ….but even there, the xeno-race wich has no selfcontroled free breedspace this time, instead they are caged in pretty highend facilities, and even there they get back their superior place above any other lifeform
    (even utilizing the death of a mate, so its acid-blood helps the two others escape)

    -(thats the dangerous thing now!–>) Aliens (2) had eyecandy, good eyecandy tough!
    and added some basic story background
    (what in general is very apprechiated and its clearly nothing I think we dont want to be part of the story……
    but its been done typical cameron-way^^
    blame.humans = legit.story
    …and spice it with fire! if fire was used more than 10 times in the last minute, we can throw in some blueish-water-weesle-aliens… yeah look what nice muchos new content we created here!
    yeah, so now ripley got described as pretty effective mother(-ing beeing)
    wich from warrant officer insta upleveled to an supra thermo-ballistic-profesionall-egg-popper =)
    … they made dozens of death killingmachines from wich one movie before, a single one would have been enough to kill the entire marine-troop in the Colony….
    ….I repeat, I love them all! I dont want to blame part2….
    but, well the xenomorph used to be a unbelievable huge thread, even when sitting save in front of the TV u felt the thread…. this suddenly was dropped, just to be on the safe side to keep some average thrilllevel, while filling time with dialogues and humanevilness.

    If then a young director wich had three movies, where one was genius, another one was entertaining but obviously didnt make use of its potential, and one wich if u call it stupid, that would be an insult for the phrase “stupid”
    and further, all what this director has to show are a few psd with beautifull and unlogical stuff like alienqueens in human habitats^^ (where the human takes the efford to establish a closed biological-system, never ever will come a Queendelivery even passing this location)

    well i trust in blomkamp in the end so far, as his movies, good or bad result, are pretty integrity chosen genre and actors, and in space he just cant add hotweels and I doubt he invents tuningspaceships with colored paintjobs^^

    • Marko Kraljevic

      Looks good for notes, but just too long to read..;)

  • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

    yea thats why u never should post drunken in threads bout ur favorite cinegraphic art
    …especially not when ur deepest dedicated emotion is the fear of a second possibly failing re-boot…
    in a few words: Blomkamp has talent and I believe he is going to make some very memorable movies in future!

    but even a “bigplayer” like old mr scott, totaly screwed it up… while this one knows exaclty what he does, and knows where the essence of the franchise is….

    well and mr. blomkamp seemsto be influenced by the same ammount of talent as from luck…

    if he then relys on this one part of the series, wich if watched independent, would change the genre, and completely disarmes the favorite creature to oversized ants…
    I hope he meditates about this a lot, not that he gets caught in part2´s bombastic way of storytelling…
    prometheus allready added some unwanted neon-colored highresolution CGI Action flavor to the Alien-universe…

    keep it simple keep it black keep it lonely and keep it dangerous
    (note, AvP does never ever nononononever have any relevancy!!! dont even think about it!!!)

    • Marko Kraljevic

      Blomkamp has talent, to twiddle his thumbs maybe. One lucky movie, so far – and it doesn’t look like there’s another one coming.

  • GoryGus

    Aliens 3 ???


    I’ think they should squeeze another movie right after Alien and they should go to the original Alien planet where they come from and somehow discover another planet close by which is the home planet for Predators and the last piece is to connect to Paradise or Prometheus2

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