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‘It’ Clown Pennywise Will Terrorize New York This June!

1990 IT Movie Stephen King

The feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s It is finally entering pre-production, with plans on going behind cameras this June in New York, reports Production Weekly.

The first in what could be a new trilogy is to be helmed by “True Detective’s” Cary Fukunaga.

One of the delays was Fukunaga’s hunt to find the perfect Pennywise, otherwise known as the killer clown from the novel and television adaptation.

Based on the novel by Stephen King, the 1990 horror miniseries “It” originally starred Tim Curry as the hellish Pennywise. It took place in 1960 where seven outcast kids known as “The Loser Club” fight an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. 30 years later, they are called back to fight the same clown again…

Seth Grahame-Smith, David Kajganich and Chase Palmer penned the new feature for Warner Bros. Grahame-Smith previously said they brought back some of the viciousness from King’s book.

1990 IT Movie Stephen King



  • Jonathan Larsson

    Of course, finding the perfect Pennywise is vital.

    • James

      I can’t wait to find out who they end up choosing.

    • Krueg518

      Its going to be hard to if not impossible to fill Tim Curry’s shoes. I mean holy shit.

  • drmodem

    Is it just me or is it really weird that this is shooting in New York?

    • MrTorrance

      NYC? Yes.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Can’t wait for them to announce the casting.

  • Josh Boreson

    New York? Shoulda kept the story in Maine. They’re gonna ruin “IT” and we’ve all been waiting forever for a new movie.

    • al343806

      They’re probably just filming it in New York. Still takes place in Maine I’m sure. You can’t have a Stephen King story that doesn’t take place in Maine!

      • Daniel Baldwin

        I get that most of his stuff is Maine-set, but certainly not all of it. The Shining definitely comes to mind.

    • Satan’s Taint

      One of the characters lives in NYC as an adult.

      • Josh Boreson

        yeah but goes back to dairy where the story takes place past and present Bens in NY for a very short time in the story

  • Ress EZ

    Look at him! Tim was pure nightmare-looking! The new IT has to be light years scarier than Eli Roth’s Clown!

  • Andrew Flemming-Dunn

    Tilda Swinton or don’t bother.

    • PeedroPaula54


    • James

      I’d like to see her or maybe Michael Shannon do it.

  • Wolfgang Faustus

    well the nice thing about this movie…. it can only get better… there is no way it could be worse than the original adaptation

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Please make Part 1 Runtime: 170 Mins (Least) 190mins (For Faithful to Novel)
    Part 1 only for Childhood Storyline

    Please make Part 2 Runtime: 170 Mins (Least) 190mins (For Faithful to Novel)
    Part 1 only for Present Storyline

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Thank goodness you said please. We almost didn’t get those runtimes.

      • ChanandlerBong

        Haha – first comment that’s made me laugh in a while. Thanks!

  • ThunderDragoon

    So excited for this. I can’t wait for the flood of comments when the first picture gets released of the new Pennywise. It’s gonna be insane lol.

  • Beanis

    I can see why it is taking so long to find a new Pennywise. It’s next to impossible to improve on perfection.

  • retailemployee

    It’s going to take a lot to fill Curry’s shoes. Let’s face it: he was the best thing about the original miniseries and the main reason so many people like it. The adaptation was good, but a little too much was taken out of the source material (beyond the obvious pre-teen gang bang scene) and the main cast was OK but not overly stellar. Without Curry it likely would have mostly forgettable.

    Finding someone to fill his role will require a LOT.

    • James

      Tim curry was simply fantastic as pennywise. I thought most of the kids were good but where it fell short was more with the adult cast. That and how much they changed or cut out.

  • macguffin54

    When did this become a potential trilogy? I was under the impression it was a two-parter. Also, if the childhood part takes place in the 60s now I hope the adult part is in the 90s. If it is present day then there is a 50-year difference and the adults fighting IT will be 60-70 years old!

  • lostboy408

    I give Warner Bros. some credit here. they probably saw the commotion caused by the announcement of Batfleck that they decided to keep this one under wraps. I’m skeptical regardless.

    but who knows…maybe this could pull a Heath Ledger on us and deliver a strong performance

    ..Ok, that’s too optimistic

  • Anjospot

    I can’t wait. I saw it from the tv series and the actors were so bad but the child killer clown was awesome actor. This movie is going to be good, I hope. 🙂

  • Sly Fox

    Can’t think of a better place than the sewers of NYC for the Eater of Worlds !!


    finally re-making sumthing I wanna see ‘They all float…….’

  • Elizabeth Chisum

    The clown didn’t scare me in fact I think he really Would not be scary for the next girl in the big apple either. T.N.M.P. (Totally Not My Problem) I mean really who does pennywise the clown think he Is? what I heard about him he had his heart ripped out when he was still alive don’t who did it or why but it maybe from an audience or a few deliquents.

  • Art Vandelay

    I think Paul Giamatti would be a good Pennywise.

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