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Uwe Boll’s ‘Rampage 3’ Campaign Failed Pretty Hard


After making $100 million features, German director Uwe Boll has crashed back to Earth, hard.

As reported back in December, Boll was utilizing Indiegogo to crowd-source Rampage 3: No Mercy. Brendan Fletcher would return to conclude the trilogy that would follow the 2010 Rampage and its sequel Rampage: Capital Punishment.

We thought the campaign was a hilarious joke as you would have to hawk over $100 before Boll would actually send you a copy on DVD or Blu-ray. Unsurprisingly, the campaign failed hard. When it was all said and done Rampage 3: No Mercy collected $6,375 of his request $100,000. Ouch.

Maybe a second time’s a charm? This time Boll has set up camp at Kickstarter, with an ask of $60,000. As of this writing he’s at $5,696.

In fact, unlike the previous campaign, he’ll ensure you get a digital copy of the film for $10, which I can get behind (I like the first two movies). For $20 you’ll get a signed copy. Yes, you can own a copy of a Uwe Boll signed DVD (if you’re old enough to have enjoyed Boll’s legendary path to becoming a modern Ed Wood, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to nab one of these).

The point it, Boll has come back to Earth. And I can get behind this campaign as it’s not only a reasonable request, but he’s offering even more reasonable rewards. Check out the full campaign on Kickstarter.

‘Rampage 3: No Mercy’ follows Brendan Fletcher as Bill Williamson, a politically motivated mass murderer who escaped death in the previous film, as he takes his fight to Washington to eliminate the ‘political class’. ‘Rampage 3: No Mercy’ will be a gritty, violent, explosive finale that won’t pull any punches. Not only is it an exciting action film, but it also will comment on current events within America, in the way that only Uwe Boll can.

In the first film, Bill went on a rampage in his hometown of Tenderville, Oregon that left 93 people dead. He disappeared soon after, leaving a video that promised he would rise again…

In ‘Rampage: Capital Punishment,’ Bill took over a TV station in Washington, D.C. Using a hostage camera crew, he let the world witness the carnage. As the police tried to intervene, he detonated explosives hidden within the station, killing everyone inside.

Bill however escaped, and has been waiting, biding his time until now, when he will bring the fight to the President of the United States of America in ‘Rampage 3: No Mercy.’

Fans can be a part of this sequence, by actually appearing as some of the police officers who are fighting, and then are killed by, Bill Williamson. They’ll even get to keep their blood-soaked costume! That’s not all though, with an amazing array of rewards from copies of the new film, posters, screenings, and even an actual speaking role in the final ‘Rampage 3: No Mercy’ movie! One lucky fan will even be able to get the full ‘Rampage’ armored costume from the film.



  • chirp chirp chirp chirp

  • marklola12 .

    I wouldn’t want it for free lol

  • John Palermo

    Only good movies Boll has made.

  • Natalie Elizabeth Boll

    I do agree that indiegogo was a fail! The Kickstarter campaign just started today so I would not say that it has failed! If anything it is starting out pretty strong! I produced Rampage 2 and hoping to produce Rampage 3 with the same action as Rampage 1 or more!

  • Daniel Anderson

    I really do enjoy Uwe Bolls movie, even if they blunder their topics. They’re off the wall and balls out fun nearly every time though. Just entertaining. Postal, Rampage series, attack on wall street, attack on darfur. Really fun movies that I enjoyed. In the name of the king was entertaining. Alone in teh dark I really liked when I was younger simply because blood/gore and a minigun. However I never played the game but I heard it it strayed far away from it (which I’m thinking along the lines of dungeon siege movies/games and postal).

    The biggest thing for me was him willing to laugh at himself. In postal stating he used Nazi gold to fund his movies and that he doesn’t care he screws adaptations up because he’ll just knock anyone out (Critic fight night reference) even having himself get shot in the dick. Just seems like he’s a fun person in general regardless if his movies are bad or not.

  • G.A. McGillivray

    I might do it…. He films all his movies in my city…. A chance to actually be gunned down (on film)… I am hoping with some sort of automatic machine gun, with squibs going off everywhere… and in a movie I like….

    That… would be something to show my children 🙂

  • undertaker78

    He’d have to pay me money to watch one of his God-awful films.

  • Maxime C

    Enjoyed the first two. But would not pay for a third one. We get it, you’re mad Fletcher. Get a job and smoke some pot, you’ll feel better.

  • Lucille

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  • Vincent Gaspar

    You are an @$$hole for comparing boll to ed wood. Uwe Boll is a great director, and is misunderstood by losers like you.

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