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‘Allison Road’ Aims to Make Up for ‘Silent Hills’

Unless Guillermo Del Toro can take a break from being awesome to slap some sense into Konami, Silent Hills is gone for good. As much as that sucks, if you’re okay with an indie alternative, I’d very much like to introduce you to Allison Road.

Remember when Slender: The Eight Pages went viral back in 2012, inspiring a legion of developers to ape Mark Hadley’s idea for their own games? Most of them were awful and unnecessary, sure, but a few were surprisingly great. I always expected the P.T. demo to have a similar impact on at least one developer, and now it has.

Developed by a team of six, Allison Road is a horror game that follows a man who wakes up in a house with a bad hangover and no idea where his wife and daughter are. When he tries to nurse his hangover with a nap, the poor guy is woken up in the middle of the night by the neighbors who live upstairs. Loud neighbors, murder, intrigue, freaky girls with blood-stained faces — what more could you possibly want from a game?

And here’s some older footage from a very early version of the game:

For more Allison Road, I suggest you follow the game on Facebook and IndieDB.




  • Se_7_eN

    While Allison Road does look good, the team is making a HUGE mistake in showing so much of what should be the “scare factor”.

    PT hit everyone so hard because we had no idea what to expect. Kojima didn’t show us Lisa, the boy, or the fetus before letting us play the demo… We had no idea what the story was, and just how much terror could fill that hallway.

    Showing so much of what is supposed to scare your audience this early on, the whole location, and the animations of your ‘scare factor’ is just an all around terrible idea… It will be more of a “Well, there she is” feeling when you see her now, instead of a “What the fuck is that”.

    • Fueltanker Mcsnappy

      I agree with you 100%, this day and age where everything is on the internet and everyone has to show you 500 videos of a new game or movie before it come out completely ruins any sort of suprises that may come about. You don’t even have to go see a movie anymore if you just watch all thr trailers that are put out.

  • La Molcajete

    Dat ass

  • MaryMaria

    The model looks good, the premise is interesting, and the level looks great- I’ll be following this game, for sure. That said, I agree with Se_7_en in that they’re shooting themselves in the foot by revealing the Lily character so fully. That’s the kind of material I wouldn’t expect to see until at least after the game’s been released for a while. I understand wanting to share work, especially when it’s so strong, but showing it all off right now before Lily even has a chance to surprise me is removing all mystique. It makes me think of Jeepers Creepers when you see the full monster and all terror is evaporated. (Though to be fair, Lily looks way better.) Also, there may be more “monsters” than Lily, so maybe even she’s just a glimpse of more to come.

    Also, who has a clear window right in their shower like that?! Is that going to be used for scares? I think a windowless bathroom would be scarier, no? And it’s an early build, but the mirror with no reflection in the bedroom… I guess I’m a vampire. What’d they do in P.T.- the bathroom mirror was all grungy so you couldn’t really see anything in it.

    …Just being nitpicky now, I’m still intrigued by Allison Road- thanks for sharing!

    • GinsuVictim

      Yes! Someone else who has Jeepers Creepers right! They should have NEVER shown the Creeper. Up until that reveal, I was with the movie. However, they felt the need to not only show him, but did late reshoots to add in a magical negro to explain it all. Ugh…

      • MaryMaria

        It was a pity, too, since it started out so promisingly.

  • Fantastic graphics, watched the video with the Oculus on, it could be a very immersive game.

  • Krueg518

    Here’s hoping this game is good and not just another shit Silent Hill sequel/ripoff.

  • This project looks amazing!

  • larry johnson

    Looks good, but why is there no artwork on the walls? Also some sad opera music or piano song should be playing from a record player or radio. Also if you do add artwork, look at Francis Bacon’s art pieces.

  • Era

    This looks like a beautiful game so far. However, we’ve seen this before where we’ve had gorgeous game with little to no storyline and just jump scares galore. I want this to be amazing.

  • Cat

    Well Im sold

  • huntermc

    OOoh, nip slip!

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