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Sega is Using Eels to Promote ‘Alien: Isolation’ in Japan

Sega is taking a page from every schoolyard bully’s handbook with their unique way of promoting the release of Alien: Isolation in Japan — yeah, they just got it — by having folks eat eels to win free copies of the game. “Free” has a radically different meaning here, as the mental trauma I might incur by eating a discount Chestburster would certainly exceed the game’s $60 price tag.

I have been known to be a picky eater, so if you reside in Tokyo and don’t immediately gag at the thought of having a deep sea creature slide down your throat, then Sega wants you.

Oh, and here’s a peek at what you’ll be seeing burst from your chest in 4-6 hours.


Thanks for giving me something icky to write about, Destructoid.




  • Sick_skwerl

    Ahhhh! That is truly horrifying!

  • I love the Japanese!

  • Jonathan Larsson


  • marklola12 .

    yeh because the need to sell the hell out of this game, because while its had great reviews it only sold 2 million which is crap when its a multiplatform game
    even sega was not happy with the number

    • The Fabulous Administrator

      2 Million is good for a niche horror game aimed at a niche market (Alien fans). SEGA just want COD style sales from it despite not realising… they’re not gonna get that from an Alien game.

  • Jonny_anonymous

    I prefer staplers tbh

    • Halloween_Vic

      OMG!!!!! lol this GIF made my life right now!!!

      • Jonny_anonymous

        I’ve had it about a week waiting for somewhere to use it lol

        • Halloween_Vic

          lol that’s awesome, I literally stared at it here at work for about 5 minutes and my reaction is the same every time! It’s just fucking awesome!

    • Collin Shaw

      Stays funny no matter how long you watch it

  • Halloween_Vic

    They are fucking crazy! I like it!

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