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Someone Cut ‘Alien’ and ‘Prometheus’ Into One Epic Film!


While the sci-fi and horror communities are quick to embrace the first two films in the Alien series, people were far more polarized by Prometheus, the 2012 sci-fi/thriller directed by Ridley Scott that took place in the same cinematic universe. That’s where Job Willins comes in.

Willins introduces Derelict, a 2 1/2 hour black & white experiment that splices together both Prometheus with Alien into one film. It’s actually an important edit for super fans (more on that in a second).

Derelict is an editing project for academic purposes,” explains Willins. “Prometheus wasn’t exactly an Alien prequel, but this treats it as such by intercutting the events of Alien with Prometheus in a dual narrative structure. The goal was to assemble the material to emphasize the strengths of Prometheus as well as its ties to Alien.”

Now, if you recall, Bloody Disgusting originally scooped the plot to Prometheus during the first week of filming. What was originally planned for the finale was to have Prometheus pass the baton to Alien in that, the ship that crashes at the end, is the same ship that the crew of the Nostromo explore in Alien (it was to be the same Space Jockey that leaves to destroy Earth). Being greedy, Fox, the writers and Scott changed Prometheus so that it took place on a different planet, thus making the crashed ship a different one. What was once a brilliant “bridge” between two great films was removed, thus breaking Prometheus off so it could become an unnecessary trilogy…

Willins imagines this original intension, only in black & white.

Derelict is also in black & white to better marry the visual quality of the two originals (and also because both films look great in black & white),” he explains. “Roughly 30 minutes has been cut from Prometheus and about an hour of Alien has been used in its place. Some content from the deleted scenes of Prometheus was also used.”

You can marvel at the full film below. I’ve watched most of it, and it’s quite spectacular.



  • amp69

    I know what I’m watching later!!!

    • homerlaughlin

      Same here.

    • James Allard

      I am going to run it through the Xbox … once I lay my hands on some giggle biscuits. Oh yes. Yes I am. I may just loop it….

  • Robin Jacobs

    My question is, what happened to the ‘Big Aliens’ after they went into the ‘Big Head’ room? Is there an exit or did they just die? If that is the case then why don’t they find their bodies or wouldn’t they still be ‘alive’. If the head that they did find looks like it did when it was ‘cut’ off wouldn’t there be more ‘evidece’ of the ‘Big Aliens’?

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Presumably their remains had rotted away over time and the big aliens had died and done the same. But the whole ship wasn’t thoroughly explored before the storm set in, I didn’t think anyway. The engineers also had 3 ships didn’t they ?… So they could have presumably escaped and left the ‘bioweapons’ to waste. Who knows, either way, they have a lot to tie up in the sequel.

  • Robin Jacobs

    You know as I watch this (which is really good so far) I have always wondered about the connection between AVP and the original. With most saying there is one and that AVP is just a different story. However, I think I figured it out (don’t bitch because it is ‘so’ duh) but if you think about what AVP was about and you look at Prometheus and what it was about. Couldn’t the ‘Predators’ be working for the ‘Engineers’? I mean think about it. The ‘Engineers’ creates this ‘goo’ stuff that can create almost anything. they come to earth and educate us to became what they wish to be. the ‘Predators’ are hired to ‘keep us in line’ when the ‘Engineers’ aren’t around. Then suddenly the ‘Engineers’ go missing and the ‘Predators’ take this ‘goo’ and use it on us like they normally would. However knowing what could happen if the ‘Aliens’ get out of hand the ‘Predators’ create a new ‘rite of adulthood’ for their young. Hence AVP 1 & 2.

    • Ablessi

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    • Theodore Trout

      ‘Prometheus’ establishes that there was no Alien-type creature extant prior to the voyage of the Prometheus in the late 21st century.
      Hence, the ‘AVP’ films, set in the present day, are rendered non-canon by Sir Ridley himself.
      AVP just ain’t part of his thing.

  • EvilWhiteMale

    This would be even better if they took all the Prometheus stuff out.

  • Collin Shaw

    Oh. Fuck.Yea. This is gonna be awesome

  • Jeff Barber

    As a project, its interesting, especially getting the quality of the two movies to intersect as well as they do, and as a direct comparison of scene by scene, its very good, but I’m not sure its successful in marrying the narrative of the two movies into a singular piece so well. I still see Prometheus as a problem that cant be solved without a do over. too many “issues” remain unsolved and this emphasises them. Its visually stunning, but the story just collapses under its own pomposity especially when compared to Alien. For some reason, Ridley has lost the art of storytelling. its like there were too many ideas all competing for screen time, whereas in Alien, the moments of normality were welcome before the sheer terror of confronting such an unknown and terrifying thing on a ship from which there is seemingly no escape.

    Lets hope P2 goes some way to correcting those problems

    • “but I’m not sure its successful in marrying the narrative of the two movies into a singular piece” I got the same impression. As 2 narratives and scene comparison the project succeeds.

      • Jeff Barber

        oh yeah, im not taking anything away from it. Its brilliantly done and Ive shared it around to my friends who love the Alien movies as much as I do. Doing it in black and white gives it an awesome look, but I think it highlights the problems with Prometheus script more than anything.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Not that I’m defending Ridley Scott, but I think a lot of the problems with the story were the result of Damon Lindeloff’s rewrite. While I like Prometheus, I don’t love it and I’d have much preferred to see Jon Spaihts version of the story.

      • Jeff Barber

        yeah, I can agree with that. Lindleoff is really becomming the new M.Night Shamylan in that respect

      • Derk73

        The pre-Lindeloff script was just as bad – the only real difference is that “Alien: Engineers” was an obvious direct prequel to Alien, whereas Lindeloff and Scott never could seem to decide if they were making a prequel or not, and so replaced obvious nods to the original with ambiguity, unneeded mystery, and WTF moments. “Engineers” was an obvious inferior clone of “Alien”, and was shockingly unoriginal, but it at least wasn’t as sloppy as “Prometheus”.

    • Adam Jorgensen

      Ugh. Prometheus. Such a turd.

  • Tigernan Quinn



  • It actually worked in a way. I’m impressed.

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    This is brilliant. I just watched the whole film and enjoyed it immensely. God Bless the editor for fixing the continuity fuck up brought to you courtesy of 20th Century Fox that should’ve been left alone to begin with.

  • Paul Littlefield

    I am most impressed. I have saved it and will watch it tonight with the lights out and enjoy. Only seen a few minutes but, yeah, wow. Very very well done. Thank you!

  • Gjk2012

    Is this legal? Is this really 2 full length films combined together? It will probably be taken down.

  • Thomas Townsend

    Gone. Anyone got a good link for it?

  • Ketil_E

    Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. claiming that this material is infringing: Derelict

    Removed on Monday, June 15, 2015 At 9:10 AM

    A public record of this claim is available at:

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