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George A. Romero Finds 9 Minutes of Lost ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Footage!

Night of the Living Dead

You don’t receive your horror badge of honor until you’ve seen George A. Romero’s seminal 1968 Night of the Living Dead, about a group of people who hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.

A few weeks back Romero attend the annual Monster Mania in Maryland where he revealed huge news to fans.

According to user ‘spawning blue’ on the forums, Romero allegedly has found a 16mm work print of Night of the Living Dead, which is said to include a roughly 9-minute long scene never before released on home media!

This was a scene that takes place at the jump cut in the basement, explains the user, including the largest zombie scene in the film!

This news is confirmed by users on the Monster Kid Classic Horror forums, who add that “Martin Scorsese is working on a new restoration from the original negatives.”

WOW. That’s all I can say at this moment. Talk about a Halloween treat to remember. And what a way to celebrate the film that started it all. Can you imagine seeing lost footage from 47 years ago? I’m so curious to learn why this scene was cut and what it means for the film’s original narrative. There’s seriously a lot to discover and learn here, and I anxiously await official news of its release.

Night of the Living Dead



  • Scifi_Fables 2014

    I’m still shocked that he had the wrong copyright thing on the originals. I mean he invented this version of the Zombie, imagine if he had the copyright for the original film it would give him a ton of cash every time a film was made that used his version of the monster.

  • PowerGloveKid

    George romero deserves all that royalty from night the living dead. seemed unfair. he needs to make another zombie flick

    • Rick-Taylor

      That’s why he made NOTLD 1990. Yes, he didn’t direct it… kinda, but he was behind it, the whole time.

      • Victor Gaspar

        The ‘inside’ rumor is Savini was fired for ‘over shooting’, and George actually directed NOTLD 1990.

  • zombie84_41

    Seems legit. He needs to come back and do another zombie film or horror movie in general.

  • Scotty James Savile

    Martin Scorsese? Seems legit. For April Fools Day.

    • The Acedian

      Actually, Romero and Scorsese not only know each other as filmmakers, but are friends. They used to trade a print of Powell and Pressburger’s “The Tales of Hoffmann” back and forth (back in the days when only the unrestored print was available… allegedly they had the best copy).

    • GinsuVictim

      Scorsese is a driving force in film restoration.

  • fannypack aficionado

    As much as I adore the first three films, after seeing the second three I can’t say I long for ol’ Georgie’s return to the zombie genre. He doesn’t get a workable budget from his company in Canada, and frankly just doesn’t seem to have his bite anymore.

    Pun intended.

  • Peter Kushing

    Sheeeeit,as cool as this is, watch how this footage is gonna get pimped through a thousand different dvd versions for the next 47 years.

  • Evan3

    If they put this footage on Blu-ray I’ll bite (pun… INTENDED).

  • James Allard

    A reason to spend money. As if I needed one… well, then, Marty, get off your ass and get to it. While you are at it, Marty, why not work with King George, get him a decent budget and turn him loose?

  • That’s amazing news, it’ll be nice to see some new footage that isn’t in any way related to the brain-meltingly shite 30th Anniversary Edition.

    • The 20th Anniversary edition, released on lazerdisk back in ’88 was the far superior version, both in movie quality, unmolested soundtrack as well as commentary tracks and extras… If you can still find it, it is well worth a collector’s price and I highly recommend it for any true fans of GAR and NotLD!

  • Let_there_be_rock

    according to co writer john russo, there’s more lost footage but no plans to release it

  • Rick-Taylor

    I’m all for seeing this lost footage, but could it have been cut, originally , because it was extraneous?

    • bd2999

      Maybe, he has mentioned a few of these before and that he wished that they remained. Given how many useless extras we get anymore on things some extended zombie shots in Night is pretty cool.

    • The original master print was lost when flooding hit the area and the Image Ten basement (where all of the original basement scenes were filmed) and all of it’s contents were destroyed. The footage cut was mostly from a scene covered the conversation between Harry and Helen in the basement and Tom at the basement door, prior to it being unlocked. Mr Romero lamented the story on one of the commentary tracks of the 1988 lazerdisk release of the 20th Anniversary Edition. Also recovered are a couple of his favorite zombie horde shots, which were cut-scenes during the deleted conversation.
      I SO can’t wait to see these!

  • George A. Romero

    I also like this alternate edit:

    Great reimagining of the original scenes!!


  • I missed something or don’t come here often enough: does Complex own Bloody-Disgusting or is that just an ad banner?

  • Quote from John Russo’s Facebook page in regards to this article: “This is absolutely a myth, and we don’t know how it got started. We used every usable scrap of footage that we shot. The budget was too low to do otherwise.”

    • Superherologist

      As the person to whom John said that, I can confirm what Johnny Martyr reports. John said that. As someone who knows John in real life (he wrote the foreword for The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead for me), I can further confirm that it is really is John’s personal Facebook page.

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